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Upon completing data migration to a new macbook air, I restarted the laptop as a part of the process. However, the screen is stuck in the apple logo. Is this step supposed to take such a long time? Its been about 10 hours already.

I have tried forcing a restart and the safe boot start up but its still on the same screen!

Hi GreenchiliNM,
Welcome to the Apple Support Communities! I understand that your computer is only booting to the Apple logo after running migration. You have done a great couple of troubleshooting steps already by trying a restart and trying to start in safe boot. I suggest you continue with the steps in the following article starting with the Reset the NVRAM / PRAM section and working down.
Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup
Reset the NVRAM / PRAM
Shut down your Mac. If necessary, hold your Mac's power button for several seconds to force it to power down.
Reset the NVRAM / PRAM.
If the gray screen issue persists, go to the next section.
Thanks for reaching out, 


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Thanks in Advance,

Hi Friends,
I have to use Sender JDBC adapter in SAP PI 7.1, I need to use SELECT query only.
I have a SELECT query is around 2 pages. Is this will accepet in SENDER JDBC in PI 7.1
Thanks in advance.

When i turn the power on my computer it wont start properly.
I hear 4 "beeps" and my screen is still black.
I have to turn off and on my computer about five to ten times before it starts properly. :O
When it starts up it works fine ?( and i can use it as normal.
What is wrong and what can i do to fix it ?
Help Me ?(

Has anyone out there found a resolution to the upside down video after trying to create a video on Vado's software???
I am at wit's end with this company's software and so-called upgrades. Try to fix one problem caused by their software and you just get another, maybe worse, problem.
I followed Vado's directions exactly and got the Upside down video. Just read from another customer that there is no solution yet for this problem. And CL's tech, KokChoy is just confused and "guessing" his word at what could be a possible reason.

Help.  accidentally shot clips using my little go-pro cam upside down.  is there a way to correct in FCPX?

Hey guys,
I have a problem regarding printing an UPS Maxicode on a regular printer (HP Laserjet P3015) in Adobe Forms: It just won't print.
I'm using the "UPS Maxicode" object in the "barcode" library (LCD ES3, Version 10.4). After some research, I found this guide:
UPS maxicode on SAP Adobe forms - Contributor Corner - SCN Wiki
The scripting described there works great for printing the UPS Maxicode on a zebra printer - but the non-zebra printer scripting doesn't work for me.
There isn't much to find about this on google, so I hope you guys can help me. I experimented with printers, device types (i.e. PDF1) and such, but the result remains the same. What else can I try? Am I missing something?
Thanks for your time / help,

Yesterday, I finally received my new 17" HiDef 4G 250G HD Mac Book Pro after UPS lost it for 24 hours. They delivered it to another address and then insisted that they delivered it to my home! The next day it showed up with no explanation of where it had been.
I've run the machine for the past 24 hours with absolutely no problems. The transition is the easiest I've ever had, going all the way back to the Apple IIE. I opened it up and it immediately logged on to my wireless system.
I got it from MacMall this time to save state sales tax. Also MacMall offered an installation package of bootcamp and XP Pro for less than I could buy the XP Pro by itself. Additionally, they sell a warranty extention for about the same price as Apple Care that does everything Apple Care does AND includes damage protection. In the past, I've had Apple Care and almost never had to use it. The one time I tried to use it when paint boiled off the bezel on my Titanium Power Book from heat, they refused to do anything because it was "cosmetic".
The Hi Def non-glare display is absolutely stunning. It is so bright that it makes the display on my aluminum G4 Powerbook look dirty grey. The large format does do some funky things to some web sites, such as the opening pages here on Apple's discussion page. Even though the window is wide, the displayed page is narrow and forces some of the text to be displayed in columns.
The battery is HUGE, but the mag safe connection is brilliant.
The lighted key board is just right as opposed to the Powerbook where it was useless.
I bought a Targus back pack this time around instead of the brief case I have been using for ten years.
Despite the many compaints here of the new MBP running hot, it had been cooler than my Powerbook. I am going to install a fan utility on the Powerbook to make sure they are working right.
Using the migration utility, I was up and running within 15 minutes. The included software is very extensive. The only thing I added was an upgrade to the newest Photoshop from my existing one. I already had MS Office and removed the demo. iWorks is impressive and I will probably buy it. The only thing that took time after that was figuring out how to transfer bookmarks, my address book, and songs from iTunes.
After closely monitoring some of the problems people have had with the MBP, I have had a tremendous feeling of relief and elation at such a flawless transition.
powerbooks & powermac   Mac OS X (10.4)   MBP 17" Hi Def 4G 250G HD

I probably should ask this on another forum but I figure someone here can help me and I trust you all with my Mac! And of course it is the weekend so I can't call APC and I'd like to figure this out before Monday if posibble.
The APC UPS item BR1200 that I am considering says it has the following features among many others:
a. Audible Alarms: Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS conditions.
b. Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown: Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power.
a. Does anyong know if you can shut off the audible alarms on these products?
b. If the computer is OFF when the power goes off, will it still be restarted when utility power returns?
And, if I shut off the computer successfully when the power goes off and it is running on battery, will it still come ON when the power returns?
Most importantly - is there a way to change these settings?
Mrs H
Here's a link to what I'm looking at:

A search here has shown this topic come up before -- such as at and -- but I can't find a resolution, so I'm bringing it up again.
I have multiple FW drives connected to my MacBook Pro. The MBP is connected to an APC Back-UPS RS 1200. OSX does not make the UPS Energy Saver autoshutdown preferences available on the MBP, the reasoning being that a laptop shouldn't need UPS autoshutdown because it has its own battery which is likely to run for far longer than the UPS would.
That's all well and good for the MBP itself, but it doesn't account for the multiple FW drives which are attached to it for backups and other purposes. In the event of a power outage, without UPS autoshutdown, the UPS will run down, and the drives will abruptly power off, exposing them to potential data loss and damage.
It's also not a solution to suggest that I manually power things down once there's a power outage, because the power can go out while I'm away for more than the few minutes of UPS battery back up time. The only real solution is to have UPS autoshutdown available on all portable machines. Unless and until Apple offers a (surely very simple) OS update to make that happen, I'm still interested in a solution.
APC's own software for autoshutdown stopped being updated long ago, so there is no version compatible with Snow Leopard.
The only potential solution I've found so far is -- but its documentation is overwhelming and it appears that it may need other supporting software, a fair amount of Terminal usage, etc., all making it not very user-friendly for the very simple usage I'd want to make of it.
Does anyone know of any other solutions, software that can run on a MBP to add UPS autoshutdown functionality?
Re: Apcups, is anyone using it successfully on a MBP? If so, does anyone know if the version listed here -- -- is a simple application that I can easily install and configure like regular Mac apps? If yes, then I'll likely be very happy with no need for the following question. If no, can anyone provide simple instructions to set up Apcupsd to do what I want?

I have been doing a lot of work on upgrading two Mac Pro's over the last few days. I have one attached to an APC UPS 1300VA 780W rated. Normally this Mac Pro is under my desk, so I do not here it. During the process of one of the upgrades I had the Mac Pro sitting right in front of me on my desk. As soon as I powered it up, I could hear this disturbing "hum" or "buzz" coming from the power supply of the Mac Pro. However the Mac Pro seemed to operate fine.
I decided to unplug the Mac Pro from the APC UPS and into a regular Tripp-Lite wall surege protector with no UPS. The noise was significantly reduced. Therefore my question to you is:
1. Do you think the fact that the APC is creating the problem or introducing a different signal (maybe not true Sine Wave) than what is required by the Mac Pro?
2. For those that have a newer Nehalem Mac Pro and they have access to the back, how would you rate the "hum"? Is it what you would expect? Now that I have it off the APC UPS, it seems more normal (it is audible, but only with my ear close to it).
3. How well are the power supply units in the Mac Pro designed? Enough to handle immediate loss of power? What about cleaning the power coming in? Sometime the voltage drop across my AC outlet is 110V to 120 V.