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999 Yahoo Mail

994 (0x3e2)

999 Error

9901 (0x26ad)

995 (0x3e3)

996 (0x3e4)

9998 Fix For Xp

993 Partition Contains Open Files

995 (0x3e3).

999 (0x3e7)

8804 Error

88780078 Driver

88780078 Download



88780078 Error Code


887303 Mskb

888111 For Win 7


774 (0x306)

779 Windows Hibakódok

775 (0x307)

779 Error

7760 Hp

775 Error

770 (0x302)

7748 Error

777 (0x309)

771 Directv Message

6645 (0x19f5)

6615 (0x19d7)

6637 (0x19ed)

6627 (0x19e3)

66 Dcvs Error

668 (0x29c)

669 (0x29d)

6620 (0x19dc)


6600 Update

552 Outlook Code

554 0x800ccc79

553 Ftp Delete

550 Relay Cause

554 554 Delivery Error

551 (0x227)

550 Server Error

550 5.7.1 Email Error Help

554 (0x22a)

554 Error Code

442 Error

448 Error

443 Error Iis

442 Vpn

442 Errors On Cisco Vpn Client Xp


441 Thats An Error

440 Error

442 Vista Error Code

3343 Visual Basic

3316 Error Scan

3302 Error

339 Component Comctl32.ocx

334 Error Code

3300c Error 2117

3380 Error

339 Error Windows 7

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

225 (0xe1)

2201 Errors

221 (0xdd)

226 Ftp Error Code


2211 Hata Kodu

227 Entering Passive Mode Error

223 (0xdf)

2250 0x8ca

226 (0xe2)

1135 Error

1158 Error Repair Tool

11019 (0x2b0b)

1103 Scan Error

1159 (0x487)

1117 Error I O Device How To Resolve

1142 (0x476)

110 Error

1178 (0x49a)

11708 Windows

0070003 Windows Update

00000050 When Installing Windows Xp Ntfs


0000008e Windows 7

000000f4 00000003 89


00000024 Blue Screen

00000225 Windows 7

00000067 Reboot

000000c2 00000007

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Hi friends,
We have one scenario SOAP to SOAP call. It is synchronous interface. We are calling the WSDL.
For some of the messages (not all), we are getting the error in SXMB_MONI invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 404 Not Found
In the sender & receiver SOAP communication channel also, same error : SOAP: call failed: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 404 Not Found
Friends, this error is not coming for all messages. For some of the messages it is coming. For example,
10:50 - Message Processed Successfully
10:54 - Message Processed Successfully
10:59 - Error
11:05 - Message Processed Successfully
By looking threads and blogs, I implemented MessagesTransformBean in the receiver CC and added the  parameter Transform.ContentType as 'text/xml;charset=utf-8'.
After implementing this also, error is coming for some of the messages.
Can you kindly clarify friends, what could be the problem?
Kind regards,
Jegathees P.

Hi All,
I am experiencing an issue downloading an XML File to the Application Server.
I'm using FM SAP_CONVERT_TO_XML_FORMAT to convert SAP data to XML Format.
After getting the XML data into XMLTAB, I'm using:
     LOOP AT xmltab INTO xmltab_w.
     TRANSFER xmltab_w TO pfile_fs.
      CLEAR xmltab_w.
   CLOSE DATASET pfile_fs.
The xml file is downloaded show an Error in 'XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
Invalid at the top level of the document. Error processing resource 'file:/shared/TEST/2009'
But when i download xml file using the FM  WS_Download , the XML page has no errors .
I am unable to figure out what could be the issue, If this issue is due to some characters like Chinese or Japanese then .. is there any solution for this .
Please, give me your valuable suggestions.
Thank you,

Why am I unable to update PhotoshopCS6? Error U44M1P7?

I'm new at this A64 stuff so bear with me.   As far as the cpu multipler and FSB speeds go I understand, but the HTT stuff thrown in the mix is confusing me.   When the HTT is set to 1x, 2x, etc what is it actually changing and why would I want to change it when it doesn't alter the cpu core speed at all?  I guess what I'm looking for is a guide on how to set it properly.

It keeps having me verify my billing won't let me download apps update apps nothing I don't want to purchase anything but it insist on me putting in credit card info please help

I purchased my 635 on eBay and the seller said it was an unlocked phone. When I put the Brightspot SIM card into the phone, it asks me which "Cellular Connection Profile" I want to use for the SIM card, and the only two options are T-Mobile or MetroPCS. I spoke to Brightspot customer service twice. One person told me to select MetroPCS. The other told me to select T-Mobile. I'm still waiting for my service activation to be completed, so I can't actually test whether either one will work, but I need a definitive answer ASAP since I have a number transfer in process and will lose my Verizon service shortly. And clearly Brightspot techs have no clue.
I was told that if the phone were locked, it would prompt me for an unlock code. This is not the case. The only thing it prompts me for is which Cellular Connection Profile to use. Does anybody know which profile I select for use with Brightspot? Or if I need to change a setting elsewhere? Or have I been misinformed and this phone is actually, in fact, locked? Please advise, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

does anyone have a problem with the new page software? I am currrently running into the same problem with the old pages software re-appearing and any document that I had used with the new update, will not open. The system requires me to attempt to download a new version of page, when the newiest version has aleady been download and has been in operation.
What can I do to fix this problem? I desire to use the new version at all times.
Please help

Is there a way to go back to Mountain Lion after updating to Yosemite?  Yosemite has caused nothing but problems in multiple programs.  Mountain Lion ran fine.  Not sure why I even updated.  I am NOT a computer guru so instructions I have read for the many Yosemite fixes blow my mind.  Should I be taking my MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store (2 hours away)?  I have been a Mac user and lover for many years and am SO frustrated and disappointed in all of it right now.  Please advise on what a non-tech frustrated Mac user can do.

I am updating a jar file using Runtime.exec() by passing a batch file in it.
While updating the jar file I am getting error like this: Error in writing existing jar file
The batch file (upgradejar.bat) is like this:
echo IQuinox NextGen Upgrade Management
cd shared/upgrade/upgrade/IQfullversion/classes
jar uf ../../../../../../jars/ng.jar ./qlc/postmaster/PMStartup.class ./qlc/postmaster/wpm/admin/scheduler/others/OthersScheduleServlet.class
The java code is like this:
Process p=Runtime.getRuntime.exec( "cmd /C start "+upgradejar.bat);
if (p.waitFor() != 0) {
System.err.println("exit value = " +p.exitValue());

I have created a dunning letter in Crystal Reports. I want to import this layout as a layout (not a report) in Business One.
Problem is that I don't know the parameters in the report so I can import the layout between the standard PLD layouts (like Dunning 1, dunning 2 dunning 3 dunning all etc). I tried a few but import fails everytime. You also don't get any errormessage when the layout cannot be imported.
Anybody knows what parameters to use in this report? Thanks.
Regards Thijs