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998 Invalid

999 Error

996 (0x3e4)

9998 Fix For Xp

9904 (0x26b0)

993 Partition Contains Open Files


995 (0x3e3).

9999 Error Windows 7

99 Problems Download

8804 Error

88780078 Download

88780078 Solution

88780078 Error Code



887303 Mskb

888111 For Win 7


88780078 Realtek

776 (0x308)

7777 Error

775 (0x307)

777 Error

779 Error

7760 Hp

770 (0x302)

773 (0x305)

7748 Error

777 (0x309)


6632 (0x19e8)

6615 (0x19d7)

6610 (0x19d2)

6646 (0x19f6)

6627 (0x19e3)

66 Dcvs Error

6619 (0x19db)

6600 Update

6631 (0x19e7)

554 Error Writing Message

550 Error Ftp

551 (0x227)

5500 Error Repair

550 Server Error

554 Error Outlook


554 (0x22a)

552 Error Content Rejected

553 553 5.3.0

443 Error

4450 Error


443 Errors

442 Error

440 Errorcode Vpn

443 Error Code

443 Http Error -port

443 Error Iis

442 Vpn

33 (0x21)

3300c Error 2117

3343 Unrecognized Database Format

3380 Error

339 Error Windows 7

3371 Quickbooks

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

3300 Software Uninstall

339 Error

22003 [sqlstate] > 22003 [1]

2254 Error

226 Error Code Ftp

222 (0xde)

22 Error


2211 Hata Kodu

224 (0xe0)

223 (0xdf)

2250 0x8ca

1171 (0x493)

1158 Error Repair Tool

11019 (0x2b0b)

1120 (0x460)

1100 (0x44c)

1152:error Extracting How To Fix

11032 (0x2b18)

1142 (0x476)

1178 (0x49a)


0021 Error Code

00652f30 Indir

000014 Error

0022 Error


00000007a Error Windows 7

00000019 Bad Pool Header

000000078 Error While Installing Op System


0000009c Error

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I have a remote database and local database both are oracle 10gR2.Now i have written the below mentioned query in my local database and is working fine,but in case remote database it is throughing error ora:00904 invalid indentifier.
I had export the dump from remote db and import it on my local db and i tried the same and it is working fine on local after that also.
As i believe that this error usually come for column name not exist or column name or it's length or for any special character in column name of the table.But as i said it is working fine on local db but not in remote db though i am using the same dump for local and remote.
Though when i am querying the table i can able to fetch data for the any record but when i am using the below mentioned query for the same i am getting the error.As i am doing this to fecth the data for child parent related relationship.
Can any one suggest is there anything related to configaration or something else.
Please do let me know if you do want some more information on the query what i am doing inside of it.
Edited by: Anit A. on Sep 1, 2008 2:32 AM
Edited by: Anit A. on Sep 1, 2008 2:33 AM

Post Author: ltkin
CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting
How to build a report in web Intelligence using Store procedure under Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ?

I've recently had my Lumia 800 in for "repair" as the auto-update switch did not appear on the menu. 
The phone has come back (from carphone warehouse) with OS version 7.10.8858.136 and Firmware 1750.0823.8858.12460, both of which seem more up-to-date than the versions currently listed as the most recent. 
[How can that happen?]
The auto-update switch is still not available to me, and I am told that the "newer software does not support this function"
REALLY? Or are they just fobbing me off?

Hi ,
I am using web ui .
I have a requirement of converting an internal table to xml file & download it to application server .
I have converted the file to xml but not able to save the file to application server  .I am currently using CL_CRM_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GUI_DOWNLOAD method to download on application server  , but it is throwing an exception of "flush" but at the same time if i am calling this method from a report through SE38, it is working fine .
Is there any other method that is to be used for CRM WEB UI to download a file on desktop / application server .

Hi guys if any one can help me much appreciated. I have read alot of the forums and have tried creatives advice. I installed the drivers for my audogy 2 zs soundcard fine. It sees it in device manager as creative audigy audio processor wdm and i can see creative game port. My specs are
amd 64 3400
asues k8n-e deluxe motherboard onboard sound disabled in bios
ati 9800 pro video card
gig of corsair ram
logitech z680 5. surround
The problem i am having is installing the software for the card. When ever i click on the exe all it says is no soundblaster has been found on your computer. I am a IT guy for a phone company so i am not a noob when it comes to computers. This is the first exe i have ever clicked on and got errors over and over. After reading the forums with people that have the same problem why havnt creative put the software installs on there website so we can dl them since were having issues. I have tried all the steps on the forums and creatives tech support. If you can post the software standalone along with your updates it would be much appreciated. I get sound now utilizing my z680 speakers to there full potential. If any one can help me it would be appreciated thx.

I have been studied portal for a while but I still dont know how to solve this problem. Actually, I need to provide an api for my partner's program which is running on the iplanet application server. Therefore I tried to write a servlet which would invoke the AddComponent class which is the core part of ipsadmin tool. If I write a standalone java application, it works fine but once I changed it to servlet and deployed to portal server it could not work properly.
Then, I tried to use Java JNI to add a domain to directory server directly but I can not find the webtopdomain this object in the schema. Therefore the second approache failed either. Please could any of you can help me or give me some insight? Thank you very much

I have jdbc to rfc scenario. I have no problem with the small size data (about 10 mb ). if resultset is very large ( about 80 -120 mb ) , i received resultset and proceess it  but when PI try to send these data to RFC it stucks status Scheduled in sxmb_moni , and in rwb is  to be delivered and doesn't send to rfc.
What can i do ?

I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the Q Player a couple times but I still cannot get the player to run. This is the error message that pops up:
Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library
Buffer overrun detected
Program: C:\Program Files\Quicktime\QuickTimePlayer.exe
A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program’s internal state.
The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated
Thank you in advance for any help you might have for me.

My itunes library had been fine.  I had been using an older ipod nano to sync with my itunes library and had been doing manual syncs, with the preferences in itunes set for not allowing "ipods or iphones" to sync automatically.  I found out that apple had a program to replace the battery on this older ipod nano, so I sent it in.  It was great, they didn't have an exact replacement and sent me a later ipod nano.  However, this ipod nano is so new - I will have to get a newer computer with a later operating system to use it.
So, I thought I'd use my old iphone to listen to my old playlists.  I thought the preferences were set for not automatically syncing iphone to itunes.
I've had problems in the past with the syncs with this iphone and my computer because of the USB port (1.1).  I'm thinking this was the problem.
The apple store did something to update the software on my iphone when it wasn't working one day. I think that when I tried to sync the iphone to the g4 cube via the old port (1.1) it basically wiped out everything on my itunes.  Whatever was my selected playlist for my iphone - that was the only music
that remained on my computer and the iphone.  I only had about 20 songs purchased on my library, but alot of music that had been downloaded, I gave away those original cds.  I did have a back up on my external drive, but that thing died a few weeks ago from some random power outtages we had this fall.
I'm not looking to purchase retrieval software or have some outside third party to retrieve it for me.  It's not that much music lost.  I just wanted confirmation that this is what happened: that my old iphone sync is what erased the music.

I am an affiliate marketer. I have produced a video  Inspro Program: personal development planned and achieved - YouTube and I would like to know if there are ways to create videos within maybe 10 minutes with Adobe products. Please suggest a quick method.