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999 Error Yahoo

999 Error

996 (0x3e4)

9904 (0x26b0)

993 Partition Contains Open Files


995 (0x3e3).

999 (0x3e7)

9999 Error Windows 7

99 Problems Download

88 (0x58)




888111 For Win 7


88780078 Realtek

8884 Error Code

888 Error

776 (0x308)

774 (0x306)

770 Error

777 Error Code


773 (0x305)

777 (0x309)

772 Error

777 Error In Dial Up

771 Directv Message

6600 Softwer


6626 (0x19e2)

6623 (0x19df)

6632 (0x19e8)

6621 (0x19dd)

6615 (0x19d7)

66 Dcvs Error

668 (0x29c)

6641 (0x19f1)

55 Error Code

551 Error Code

554 Delivery Error Smtp

553 Elx

550 Relay Cause

554 554 Delivery Error

551 (0x227)

554 Smtp Error

554 Error Code

550 5.1.0 Windows 7 Fix


443 Errors

443 Error Solving Software In Windows 7

448 Error

443 Http Error -port

442 Vpn

442 Errors On Cisco Vpn Client Xp

441 Error


441 Thats An Error

334 Error Code

3300c Error 2117

3343 Unrecognized Database Format

3371 Quickbooks

3356 Win Instalation Error

3343 Error Message

339 Error

2200 Error Scan

225 (0xe1)

22 Error



224 (0xe0)

227 Entering Passive Mode Error

2224 Error Code

2250 0x8ca

22 Code

1173 (0x495)

1123 (0x463)

1153 (0x481)

11021 (0x2b0d)

1131 (0x46b)

1172 (0x494)

1117 Error I O Device How To Resolve

1142 (0x476)

1152 Error Extracting Xp

1178 (0x49a)

0075 Windows Xp

00652f30 Indir

0000221 Userenv.dll

0000008e Windows 7

00000007a Error Windows 7

000000ea Parameter1

0000009c Error




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My Lumia 520 takes at least 10 mnts to open up a video sent via WhatsApp. It is too long. I got dis phone via flipkart. Photo uploading to my profile in many sites wil not happen. Occasionally it uploads. What is the solution? (Someone said me phone sold by flipkart will b defective.)
Moderator's Note: We have changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.
November PDF files open OK. December shows boxes, not text.
I communicated with their tech person, who assures me that nothing changed on their end. I am able to view the files, normally, in IE, but I don't want to use IE.
Please help!

I had an iphone 4 and when I downloaded the IOS7 started having problems. Gone the phone keypad, could not type more names of my contacts in the phone search. I decided to buy the iphone 5S and since downloaded the IOS7.1.2 the search of your phone contacts it takes to open or write

After updated to mac os 10.4.6 everytime I use Photoshop CS2 I receive an error message "Could not complete your request because of a program error"
I did all the workarounds that were described in document 331627 from Adobe's website and nothing worked.
I also subscribe to support and someone suggested removing the legal.localized/Tien...file from the photoshop cs2/legal directory, but everytime I tried to select the directory "legal" from within the finder view, it disappeared and closed the finder window.

I cannot open my IPHOTO. What do I do? The circle just continues to spin on the IPHOTO screen but no pictures appear.

My DSL light has been blinking for 7 days.  A technician came out Monday and checked inside my house and outside.  He said the problem is outside, that there is an issue with the wires on the street.  He said that the "Home Office" needs to internally switch the wires.  The technician went to the "Home Office" which is right down the street but the technician was not at her desk so he put in a request for the wire to be switched.  In the meantime, he manually switched the wires to get the internet working but said the internet would go down for 5-10 minutes when the "Home Office" did the official switch.  When I got home from work, my internet was not working and my DSL light was blinking again.  I immediately called Verizon and was told that my ticket had been closed and that a technician would need to come out again.  Since the technician had already been in my house that morning and confirmed the issue was with the wires on the street and not my house, I told them no one would be home because I could not take another day off from work.  It was understood that the technician could reach me by cell phone if he needed to talk to me but he was coming to look at the wires on the street.  A visit was scheduled for the next day, Tuesday.  I received a voice mail from the technician that he would be at my house in 20 minutes and would call me when he arrived.  I never heard back from him and when I got home, my internet was still down.  I immediately called Verizon to check on the status of the ticket.  At first, the agent couldn't even locate my ticket but then informed me it was closed.  I questioned the closure of the ticket since the problem had not been resolved.  I then proceeded to be on hold for an HOUR while the agent tried to find out why the ticket had been closed.  After an hour, the response was he didn't know and that I would have to open another ticket for an agent to come out AGAIN.  The agent then insisted I needed to be home because the technician needed to check inside the house despite being told by me that the technician had already been in my house the day before and confirmed the problem was on the street.  The agent then told me I needed to be home so the technician could update me.  I told the agent the technician could call me on my cell phone since he clearly has the phone number since he called me on Monday AND Tuesday.  The agent agreed and I gave my cell phone number again for the technician to call me.  There are no appointments available until Thursday which will be 8 days since the internet went down.  At this point, after 3 tickets opened, two that were closed without the problem being solved and two site visits with a third scheduled and 60 minutes on the phone,I am doubtful the issue will be resolved Thursday.  I've reached the point where if the problem isn't fixed on Thursday, I am canceling my service with Verizon after six years.  I shouldn't be paying for service that Verizon can't even provide because their own technician can't fix an issue with the wires outside my house.
This experience has been frustrating and the worst customer service I've ever experienced. 

Hi gurus,
Please tell me the procedure how to print the superscript in middle of the text displaying?
when we are displaying the smartform its converted to some special character like & .
please let me know procedure at the earliest

Hello everybody
My question today is quite simple. I use one account for apps and tv shows, but inwant to use a different itunes account for purchasing itunes match. How can I use them both on my devices? Will it be asking for my user-pass each time i play a song? What other thing should i consider?
Thank you in advance

I have the following problem:
I installed WebLogic Server 10.3.5, Fusion Middleware (Forms/Reports) 11.1.2 and Oracle XE 11g.
My environment works correctly, when application don't uses webutil.
When I open an application that uses WebUtil, happens the following error: "FRM-40735: WHEN-CUSTOM-ITEM-EVENT trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06502."
Another error too occurs:
In the button "Browse" I use client_get_file_name, but the following error is displayed: "oracle.forms.webutil.file.FileFunctions bean not found. WEBUTIL_FILE.FILE_SELECTION_DIALOG_INT will not work".
To configuring the webutil, I used the book Oracle Forms Developer WebUtil User's Guide Release 1.0.6. My webutil is 1.0.6.
Any help is welcome

How do I share music on itunes between 2 users on 1 computer and get the music from the computer onto my ipod nano 7th generation?