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998 Invalid

999 Error

995 (0x3e3)

996 (0x3e4)

9904 (0x26b0)


995 (0x3e3).

999 (0x3e7)

9999 Error Windows 7

99 Problems Download


88780078 Error


88780078 Error Code



887303 Mskb

888111 For Win 7

88780078 Realtek

8884 Error Code

771 (0x303)


777 Error Messesge

777 Error

779 Error

7760 Hp

775 Error

770 (0x302)

773 (0x305)

7748 Error

6601 (0x19c9)

6628 (0x19e4)


6644 (0x19f4)

6617 (0x19d9)

6610 (0x19d2)

6643 (0x19f3)

66 Dcvs Error

668 (0x29c)

669 (0x29d)

5505 Error

550 Outlook Error

554 5.7.1 Error Message

553 Elx

550 Error Email

554 Smtp Error

550 Server Error

554 Error Outlook


550 Files Unknown

443 Errors

445 Error

443 Error Http

448 Error

443 Http Error -port

443 Error Iis

442 Vpn

442 Errors On Cisco Vpn Client Xp


441 Thats An Error

3343 Unrecognized Database

3316 Error Scan

3380 Error

339 Error Windows 7

3371 Quickbooks

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

3300 Software Uninstall

339 Error

225 (0xe1)

222 (0xde)

221 (0xdd)

226 Ftp Error Code


2224 Error Code

2250 0x8ca

22 Code

226 (0xe2)

2252 Error

1135 Error

1120 (0x460)

1160 (0x488)

1152:error Extracting How To Fix

1158 Install Error Win 7

11708 Msiinstaller Error

1117 Error I O Device How To Resolve

1152 Error Extracting Xp

1155 (0x483)

1152 Error Extracting Windows 7 Solution

0070003 Windows Update

000014 Error

0010 Error Fix

00000008 Files

000000f4, Parameter1 00000003

00000024 Windows 2003

00000019 Bad Pool Header

00000074 Xp

0022 Error 360

00000008 Instruction

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I used to have my old work e mail address as my Apple ID but have now changed it to my new one, had all of the verification e mails and everything.  However, when I try to download or update my apps, my original ID comes up and I can't log in.  Can't remember my original passowrd and can't have a reminder sent to the original e mail as it no longer exists.....  help!

My phone sometimes wont show voice mail,sometimes wont ring just shows missed calls,and some text messages wont show received till next day. Can anyone help?

Up until the weekend of November 23rd, I had nothing but praise for Nokia after choosing their Nokia Lumia 720 Windows 8 Phone. I was wary of going with WP8 as it was less supported by third party software for apps compared with iOS and Android, but its functionality impressed me for its entry range standing as a model.
That weekend, after a series of Application and a phone update, the screen started experiencing issues with random movements of the screen making it unusable. Both soft resetting and resetting to factory defaults failed to resolve the issue, so on Monday November 25th, I contacted Nokia Care LIVE Chat via the support website to see if there was anything they could suggest to resolve the problem.
They advised me to take it to my locla registered Nokia Care Point, which was right near the train station I use to go to and from work, which I did the next day. Left the phone with them and was told to come back in an hour. I returned and they had managed to fix that issue, they had reloaded the phone's firmware and software to an "in the box" level, and for good measure replaced the screen and the speaker inside. I could not have been more happy with the service, it was quick and more then I could have hoped for.
Then sadly, during setting up the phone to use as it had been wiped, I noticed that the command buttons at the bottom of the phone were no longer lighting up as they had done before. I then noticed that the camera was not working, front or back, it was not being recognised by the phone and all I had was a back screen. I called the Nokia Care point and told them, they said no problem just bring it back and they will sort it. I did the next day, same thing, left the phone with them for an hour but this time, returned to the shop to be told "there is lots wrong with the phone, we need to send it back to Nokia and it could take one to two weeks to come back.
So my phone went in with one issue, not fixed 100%, returned to me broken and told "its all good" then within 24 hours my phone is made even more broken, so broken the registered and certified Nokia Care Point are unabe to correct the faults they made, and need to send it off for a full repair or replacement under the warranty.
Sounds simple doesnt it?  I took in a faulty phone, whcih was then made even more faulty by the Nokia Care Point, so when I contacted Nokia Care by LIVE Chat to say that I was unhappy with losing my phone, which was under warranty, for up to two weeks because of a botched repair attempt by their own certified Care Point and asked if I could have a replacement.
Then it got really messy. Was told that even though its under warranty, no replacement could be issued until the main repair centre had assessed the phone, check to see if they coud repair it, now for a 3rd time in seven days, before a decision would be made about if a replacement was justified. Even though it was their own Care Point which broke the phone requiring them to look at it in the first place. I was told to give it 48hrs for them to recieve the phone, which I did and contacted them on the Friday only to be told that my phone had not reached them yet.
Monday comes and I get a phone call from the Nokia Care Complaints team, which my case and complaint had been forwarded onto, telling me that my phone has yet to be assessed by the engineers. So no work had been done on the phone at all, so no decision could be made about a replacement. Tuesday ( today ) I get another call and this time the phone has been looked at but apparantly they are now waiting for a part for the phone, with no eta of delivery time, I repeat my request to have a replacement phone, saying that it should not be me as the customer that has to keep being patient for Nokia Care to rectify an issue with my phone that they created in the first place and that the very least they can do is offer me a replacement so I can carry on as normal whilst they sort out how the repair went so wrong in the first place, aso that the compensation offer of a £10 Nokia Music voucher for a service that is already free to Lumia users and then the offer of a bluetooth headset which the 720 doesnt have was equally pointless and that they should do better. Was told they would put the request in but again cant make a promise it will happen.
An hour a go I took a phonecall from the Nokia Complaints team asking me, which is redundant as I have no choice in the matter, to give them 24-48 hrs for them to complete they investigation or review of my case, so thar brings it to the end of this week meaning any replacement or return of a refitted repaired phone wont happen till at least next week, taking it to two weeks of not having a working phone since taking it to them on the 26th November.
So far, I have never been made to feel more worthless and valueless as a customer by any company whose products or services I have used. From the point at which my phone was made even worse by a failed repair by a certified and registered Nokia Care point to the utter nonsense of endless Nokia Care Customer service which hides behind policies designed to protect Nokia rather then the customer when it comes to repairs and faults. 
I am left with no faith in any part of the Nokia Care system from the Care Points, to the service you receive via LIVE Chat on the Nokia Support site to using their Twitter support via @Nokiahelps to even speaking with their non UK Call centres. I have no faith that I will get a replacement phone even though the phone will have had so many new parts it might as well have just replaced instead of multiple repair and software reloads in the two weeks the phone will be out of my posession (factoring in the next week as I dont expect to see it returned or replaced)
I say to anyone looking to use Nokia Care, which your phone still in warranty, especially in the UK, is to go through the network provider your contract is with rather then direct with Nokia Care. I have encountered nothing but poor service and atrocious customer care in every regards for a problem that was originally a fault due to software updates but led to the Care Point taking the phone apart and creating new faults, something which Nokia Care still wont accept is a viable reason to replace the phone.
If you do have your phone repaired in a Nokia Care Point, make sure you test every aspect of the phone before you leave, but I suggest sending back via your contract provider. I hope what I have been through and continue to go through with this experience of Nokia's idea of Care, is enough warning to others and that no one else suffers similar issues.
A No longer happy with Nokia Customer

Our SAP Portal works with two languages, Spanish and English. The default language is Spanish, but since the company is becoming more international, we want to set the default language to English. Need to know if you can change the default language of an existing SAP Portal.
Specifically, it is the case of the standard UWL notifications, which are sent by mail in Spanish. For tasks defined in the application, the message is personalized and sent in two languages ​​at once. However, when the task is not defined, notifications arrive in the default language, which is now Spanish. Could anyone tell me if I change it?
Thanks for the help!

Hi ,
I am facing an issue with the BPM workspace. I deployed my BPM process in my SOA server. But I am not able to view the roles defined in my BPM application in BPM workspace. I can muanuaaly add the role under Application Roles in Fusion Middleware control by adding <composite_name>.<role_name> but I don't want to do this. I want the roles to be avaialable automatically when I deploy my BPM application. Can you please suggest me the cause of this issue and a probable solution?
Thanks in advance!

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and I am now trying to install the 3.0 Boot Camp drivers in Windows. I booted up in Windows XP, inserted the SL-disc, and pushed the Boot Camp Drivers button. Shortly after this I get a message saying (translated from Danish):
"The installation has finished.
An error occured during the installation before Boot Camp was configured.
You can try performing these actions later by running installation again.
Click Done to end the installation."
I have tried running the installation numoures times but with the same result. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
Any help is much appreciated.

Initial installation of Brige CC worked fine. Installed the Bridge CC Output Module with result that Bridge CC won't execute. Have uninstalled, used the Cleaner utility to reset the Creative Cloud App Tab, and then installed Bridge CC once again. Same result, doesn't execute. Spent about eight hours online while Adobe Tech-Rep tried to resolve the problem using screen and desktop sharing but his result was worse than mine because he uninstalled my Photoshop and Bridge CS6 applications without asking me and failed to fix Bridge CC.
Here's how I stand-
a. Bridge CC doesn't execute
b. I'll have to spend eight to twelve hours installing my PS 7.0 disk and all of the upgrade disks needed to get Photoshop CS6 and Bridge CS6 back on my deskop.
I'm a patience man and I realize that, so far, this misadventure has only cost me $9.99 for the first month of my Creative Cloud experience with Photoshop CC and Bridge CC,; not counting time lost serving my clients and reinstalling CS6 applications that didn't need to be uninstalled.
Come now, surely there's a corrective procedure that I can carry out that will resolve the problem and I don't mean "Uninstall Bridge CC and reinstall it."

Hello, I have been having trouble with my firefox browser for quite some time now, it just stopped working on me about 5 or 6 months ago. I have switched over to Internet Explorer which has still been working fine. I like using Firefox much more than Explorer these days, but I am unfortunately not good much with fixing computer problems and have pretty much extinguished all my available options for repairing it myself.
The problem with Firefox is now when I click on the shortcut link on my desktop, it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to open up the browser now. Once it does finally open, you cannot type or click on anything it is hung up and will not allow you to go to another site(the home page will still load, with current news and other information)
I cannot remember anything that would have caused it to crash or get hung up like this, but like I said I am not a computer expert by any means. I do know that I am ready to get Mozilla back to running smoothly as before, I had just gotten really used to it(I had been using internet explorer).
I also uninstalled Firefox completely and reinstalled it, I figured if nothing else I tried worked that usually is the best still did/does the same thing, hangs up everytime you try to run/open it.
I checked your online solution for what to do on a hanging first page, I saw something about pentium 4's running Windows Vista or computer runs Windows 7 (was actually purchased running the terribly bug ridden and error-prone Vista, and lucky I was able to obtain a free upgrade to 7). So I was thinking maybe that had something to do with it, I had some problem in the past, with what I cannot remember, but it traced back to something from when Vista was on my computer(even though it was no longer my operating system I'll be darn if it wasn't still causing me headaches! How fitting.)
My computer in question is a Dell Studio XPS 1640 which I bought new almost two years ago exactly)

Hello everyone, I have been trying to setup a dual display with 2 flat panel monitors.
1. A WestingHouse Digital Electronics "17"
2. A Goldstar Company Ltd "23" (Main Display)
Im currently running the gnome desktop, what im trying to setup, is have both the gnome desktop show up on both monitors. For example if I wanted to move something from my main monitor to the smaller one to the left of me, I want to NOT be able to do that, and only have the mouse be able to move accross the 2. 2 Seperate desktops one 2 seperate screens. Im not quite sure what its called, Im thinking maybe its a clone Desktop? Anways, The graphics card Im using is an
Ati Radeon 5770, has 2 vga ports. I currently have the "video-ati" driver installed and works well with my main screen, but im unable to get my secondary screen (to the left of me) working. I tried going into System>>Preferences>>Monitors, and tried tinkering with the display, and tried enabling the 2 monitors and moving them from left to right, to see if that would possibly let it show up or start to function, but only the main screen works. I generated a new xorg.conf, since I didnt have one prior to installing Arch, I was following these to guides
both are very nice, but Im still not quite understanding yet. Defiantly am trying. I edited my xorg.conf a few times, but got the same results each time, just the screen going blank and X crashing.  I have here a copy of my xorg.conf, Xorg.conf.log, and xrandr output
Xorg-logs  (Im thinking the Vsync and Hsync have something that might help)
Thank you guys!

Dear all,
i am facing problem when uploading data from excel. i used KD_GET_FILENAME_ON_F4.i select the file and pass on to ALSM_EXCEL_INTO_INTERNAL_TABLE.and i get the ERROR....
  Illegal type when transferring an internal table to a FORM. this is my code .
types : begin of ty_mm01,
        matnr like rmmg1-matnr,
        mbrsh like rmmg1-mbrsh,
        mtart like rmmg1-mtart,
        maktx like makt-maktx,
        meins like mara-meins,
        matkl like mara-matkl,
        bismt like mara-bismt,
        spart like mara-spart,
        mtpos like mara-mtpos_mara,
        end of ty_mm01.
data :  tt_mm01 type standard table of ty_mm01,
        wa_mm01 like TT_MM01.
data : t_bdcdata like standard table of bdcdata,
       t_bdcmsgcoll like standard table of bdcmsgcoll.
constants:  begcol TYPE i value 1 ,
            begrow TYPE i value 1,
            endcol TYPE i value 100,
            endrow TYPE i value 32000.
selection-screen : begin of block bdc with frame.
parameter : tfile like rlgrap-filename obligatory.
selection-screen : end of block bdc.
at selection-screen on value-request for tfile.
   DYNPRO_NUMBER       = '1000'
   FIELD_NAME          = 'TFILE'
   STATIC              = 'X'
  MASK                = ',*.xls,'
    FILE_NAME           = tfile
    FILENAME                      = tfile
    I_BEGIN_COL                   = begcol
    I_BEGIN_ROW                   = begrow
    I_END_COL                     = endcol
    I_END_ROW                     = endrow
    INTERN                        = tt_mm01
  UPLOAD_OLE                    = 2
  OTHERS                        = 3
Thanks in advance