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997 (0x3e5)

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9998 Fix For Xp

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999 Errors Yahoo

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88780078 Bad Directsound

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88780078 Direct Sound Error Free Fix

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887303 Mskb

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777 Error

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6617 (0x19d9)

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Before OS X Yosemite I had no problems. Now when I turn my IMAC on the screen goes white with no response from Keyboard or mouse after the vertical bar fills. I have to shut off the power and try again until it finally completes the start up and I have a screen.

I have a 2010 Mac Mini server running 10.8.4 (12E55).  I just bought a brand new copy of Windows 8 from micrsoft.  I have tried using boot camp and it will not recognize a burned DVD in my remote optical drive on my laptop running windows 7 or my macbook running Lion 10.7.5.   I have had Microsoft on both of my computers remoted in for about 8 hours and they tried just about everything that I've tried.
Microsofts tech support has made me a bootable DVD and a bootable Flash Drive through remote desktop (awsome good job microsoft tech support).  I have even tried formatting my mac mini's second 500GB hard drive to FAT32 using this whole disc as my windows partition.  I know that when I go to install windows 8 it is going to reformat the drive to NTFS but all the articles that I've found, say this is what you have to do to get the drive formatted properly to get the ball rolling and get windows will fix it when it goes to install by reformatting to NTFS. 
Ok so right now I have my second 500GB hdd on my mac mini formatted to FAT32 and I have tried to reboot holding my option key like I do on my mac book.  If I want to boot to a different hdd on my macbook all I do is hold the OPTION key during start up and you get prompted to choose one of the bootable disc that is on your computer.  Well if I put my USB drive which is bootable on my macbook into my macbook and do this right now its not showing up. 
Now I just put the DVD that they made me in my macbook and it shows up as bootable disc.  But the USB doesn't.  (1 hour later)  I just got microsft to remake the USB drive and am going to try that again so ta ta for now and I'll come back on to post to tell you if it works.

On my Nokia 5230 I'm using the Nokia e-mail client: . This works fine for me. Yesterday I encountered a little proplem which I cannot resolve so far. I want to remove an e-mail account from my account list and I cannot find a option to do that. Within the menu I can find an option where I can change the settings for the different e-mail accounts, but there is no menu option "remove account". If someone knows a solution please feel free to share it with me.
The workaround mentiond in this topic: /t5/Messaging-Email-and-Browsing/How-can-i-delete-​my-email-account-from-5230/td-p/685163 does not work sinc it would not find any mailboxes........

In older versions of Photoshop you could see two or more frames in the work area and cut an paste parts of one photo into another photo by using the "move" tool after the area to be moved was selected. I am having trouble discerning how to achieve this action in CC. Could someone in the forum with this experience give me some steps to take to complete this process? Thanks.

My MacBookPro (mid 2012) will not complete the boot process. Yosemite's progress widget gets about 1/3 to 1/2 way across when the logo disappears and the screen goes all white for 10-15 secs, then the machine shuts down and restarts. This sequence will repeat seemingly forever unless I shut it down manually.
I upgraded to Yosemite from Mountain Lion a couple months ago, skipping Maverick completely, and I've done any associated updates that Apple told me about. I don't recall which version of Yosemite I have, but I'm sure it is the "latest and greatest".
I've tried re-starting in Safe Mode / Safe Boot and that does the same thing as described above except without the endless restarts. Instead of restarting at some point, SafeBoot proceeds to the white screen and then it hangs until I restart it manually. (I've waited as long os 20-30 minutes with no response).
When I tried the option-command-p-r key combo I never get any chimes or other noises besides the original 1 time boot sound that you would expect to get when starting up a macbook pro.
I was using the mac quite normally (meaning I was doing work I normally do on it and there was no indication of anything wrong) immediately prior to this happening.
The machine is BootCamp(ed) with Windows 8.1 which I use from a VMWare virtual machine instead of natively so that I can have both OSes running at the same time. I also think this is unrelated to my problem. I have been using this setup for more than 2 years.
My upgrade to Yosemite was uneventful and I thought it went well and was very smooth. I don't want to lead attention away from Yosemite, but at this point my problem does not seem related to the upgrade.
Any help is appreciated.

i connected my iphone 3g to itunes which was in 4.1 firmware and itunes ask for an update which i downloaded an updated the phone to version 6.1.3 but my phone cannot start it shows no service my sim card is not getting network and i cannot use the phone. what should i do.?

So my hard drive has been having problems since November 2005, but the computer has been barely holding out, until now. The computers just dead. I got this message from
It happened at the most random time. Yesterday morning, I turned on my computer and opened Safari. Everything went just fine, and about 3/4 way through loading the apple startpage, the entire computer froze up.
I tried disk utility but it froze while verifying and repairing disk permissions (about 1/8 started and it froze) and when I did verify disk, it came up with a popup window stating:
Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
And then in the Disk Utility information window where it says the status that its at (Checking....) it said this:
Checking HFS Plus Volume
Checking Extents Overflow File
Checking Catalog File
Invalid Sibling Link
Volume Check Failed
The underlying task reported failure on exit.
1 HFS volume checked
1 volume could not be repaired because of an error
Then I ran fsck in single-user mode, and i got this:
#fsck -fy
disk0s3: I/O timeout
(4, 7808)
I'm not sure what the coordinates mean. I'm thinking they might be the coordinates to a bad sector that may be screwing EVERYTHING up because the computer failed to recognize the bad sector, and close it off of any further use.
After that I ran diskutility in single-user mode thinking maybe the GUI version was corrupted... but I let the diskutil verifyPermissions /dev/disk0s3 run for an hour and nothing showed up on the screen so i just decided to stop, shut down, and go to bed.
So now i've figured, my iMac has given me enough trouble as it is. ive had so many problems with it... ever since november 2005 (5 months into owning it) it has had the following hard drive error code show up in extended test for the Apple Hardware Test ever since... and about 1 hour ago, i retested it, and sure enough this came up:
2STF/8/3: S-ATA Bus O-Master
I'm really not happy with mac right now. I think their 1 year warranty is useless and they pretty much leave you screwed if you dont buy their applecare protection plan.
I have a windows 98 (upgraded from 95) that i bought way back in 1997, and its still functional... with the same hard drive... same everything... and it works just fine... except for the memory is small because back then 128 GB was the biggest it got) :P
so a 5 GB hard drive going on its 10th working years, and this 150 GB hard drive failed after 14 months... all i've gotta say is: Apple, thats pretty pathetic... especially after you mock PC in their commercials for "breaking down". Ive actually had less problems with all of my 3 PCs combined then I've had with this **** iMac.
So now heres what i'm trying to figure out. i'm wondering, what kind of hard drive i shuold buy to replace it... i tried the DIY hardware replacement ordering page but it says that the apple website couldnt find it (
I wasnt planning on buying from the apple DIY anyway, but I wanted to see if it would specify a type of hard drive. Where is the popular website to go to buy these things, and how expensive will it be for me to replace it with a hard drive about as big as my current one).
Or should I not throw my hard drive away yet, and invest hope in it somehow. I heard DiskWarrior could do the trick, but I dont want to have to spend $80 on a piece of software that might not even work out right. And all the free ones you have to download to your mac... but too bad for me, my mac wont even start up... (well it does but when it gets to the desktop, its pretty much unfunctional... just a moving mouse that wont do anything).
Is there some renouned website (as is for memory) among these forums that you might suggest?
I'm open and desperate for any input i can get. The sooner the better
Thanks in advance

How do you select a sub-set of cells from the entire document so you can print only those specific cells?

I used to be able to hold down the trackpad button to eject a cd at startup, but I don't see how to do that with this model.

i updated my iphone 3gs to ios 5.0.1 from ios 4 , now its saying that sim is not activated but the sim is still inside