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999 Yahoo Mail

994 (0x3e2)

9905 (0x26b1)

996 (0x3e4)

9998 Fix For Xp

993 Partition Contains Open Files


995 (0x3e3).

9999 Error Windows 7

99 Problems Download


8884 Error

88780078 Driver

88780078 Download

88780078 Solution

88780078 Direct Sound Error Free Fix

88780078 Error Code


888111 For Win 7


771 (0x303)

7777 Error

779 Windows Hibakódok

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775 (0x307)

777 Error Messesge

777 Error

770 (0x302)

773 (0x305)

7748 Error

6634 (0x19ea)

661 Area

6626 (0x19e2)

6632 (0x19e8)

6645 (0x19f5)

6615 (0x19d7)

6610 (0x19d2)

6646 (0x19f6)


668 (0x29c)

550, Error Number: 0x800ccc79

550 5.1.1

550 Error Number 0x800ccc79

554 Error Writing Message

550 Relay Cause

550 Error Ftp

550 Server Error

554 Error Outlook


550 5.7.1 Email Error Help

4450 Error

445 Error

443 Http Error

443 Error Http

440 Errorcode Vpn

448 Error

443 Error Iis

442 Vpn

441 Error


3343 Unrecognized Database

3316 Error Scan

33 (0x21)

339 Component Comctl32.ocx

3380 Error

3371 Quickbooks

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

3343 Error Message

3300 Software Uninstall

2201 Errors

22 Error



2211 Hata Kodu

227 Entering Passive Mode Error

2224 Error Code

2250 0x8ca

22 Code

226 (0xe2)

11001 (0x2af9)

1173 (0x495)

1135 Error


1123 (0x463)

1152:error Extracting How To Fix

11032 (0x2b18)

1158 Error Xp

1191 Px.dll

1178 (0x49a)

0000007b Vista

0000013 Error Message

000000027 Wireless Error Code

0000000a On Vista

00000024 Windows 2003

00000007a Error Windows 7

00000019 Bad Pool Header


0000004e Parameter1 00000099


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I'm hoping someone here can help me. I want to run a Mac box and a Windows box side by side using one Monitor, one Mouse and one Keyboard. I have a Mac Keyboard and Mouse (Mighty Mouse) and a 23" Apple Monitor. I found a KVM Switch that will take DVI but it only goes up to 1600 X 1200 resolution and of course I need the 1920 X 1200 of my Apple display.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have realised an alv grid with several fields that contain a dropdown-field as valuehelp.
Although the dropdown-table has e.g. 20 entries there are shown only six entries on the alv grid. The user has to scroll through the values to choose another one. Is it possible to increase the number of shown entries of a dropdown-field on an alv grid?
Thanks for help.
Sven Keller

I have a new 2012 iMac and Thunderbolt Display.  I use the Display Audio from time to time, but also use a set of high quality speakers plugged in to the headphone jack.
Some applications, like Chrome (Google Hangout, Gmail phone calls) will default to using the Display Audio as the speaker.  If I have the headphone jack in use (using the desk speakers), then the Audio System Preferences will NOT let me select the "Display Audio" device.  It will immediately highlight "Headphone" again.  The problem is if I want to change the "Display Audio" volume, I have to remove the cable from the headphone port, then change the audio, then plug it back in the headphone port.
It's quite annoying.
Is there any way to change this?
As a second request, is there an app that allows you to select which audio device applications will use?  Like, if I wanted to change Chrome from using the Display Audio (not sure why thats the default anyway), or another application to only use the headphone port...

My new MAC mini is connected to a new HD Samsung TV. Initially had problem showing HD movies because I had Mini connected via VGA. Purchased appropriate connection for HDMI and HD movies show great, for a while. Appears that sometimes zhen the mini sleeps, monitor doesn't see mini with HDMI connection. When I switch back to VGA, the monitor once again sees the mini. Recently HDMI was working great until I downloaded updated software, and now once again monitor doesn't see HDMI, only sees moni when I reconnect via VGA. I've checked all connections many times and can't find the issue. Looking for any assistance.

Hi Experts
I am having problem with download the data to Application Server and Network Drive in back ground. its working in foregorund but not in back ground.please suggest me . Thanks for advance.
Thanks & Regards

i have a compaq presario f750us runnin windows 7 ultimate 32-bit  when i first turn on the machine the sound and dvd drive work correctly but after about a hour of it being on both devices stop working an they dont appear in device manager.

I have Mac OSx version 10.5.8 with Safari 5.0.6. Am I able to upgrade to ICloud? If so, how do I do it?

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and I am now trying to install the 3.0 Boot Camp drivers in Windows. I booted up in Windows XP, inserted the SL-disc, and pushed the Boot Camp Drivers button. Shortly after this I get a message saying (translated from Danish):
"The installation has finished.
An error occured during the installation before Boot Camp was configured.
You can try performing these actions later by running installation again.
Click Done to end the installation."
I have tried running the installation numoures times but with the same result. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
Any help is much appreciated.

i am using WebUtil with Oracle Developer 10g(9.0.4)
i have got the problem
oracle.forms.webutil.file.FileFunctions bean not found
all configuration is very good ( formsweb.cfg, wenutill.pll...)
but i have got this problem
I am create a new form in C:\webutil_106 and webutil.olb and
webutil.pll in the same direction C:\webutil_106.
Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]
( C:\webutil_106 )
in default.env
Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]
( FORMS90_PATH=C:\Dev10g_old\forms90;C:\Dev10g_old\forms90\webutil; C:\webutil_106
CLASSPATH= C:\Dev10g_old\forms90\java\jacob.jar;
in formsweb.cfg
Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]
( archive_jini=f90all_jinit.jar;frmwebutil.jar;jacob.jar
and end of files
in webutil.cfg
Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]
and I am using The URL:
Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]
I am creating the webutil user and grant dba and execute
the create_webutil_db.sql successfully

When I open Contacts file in Applications a dialog box states "All Contacts (no cards)" My contacts are still located on the computer because I can still send emails as the contacts address is show as soon as I start to enter the name.
Therefore I am unabled to view the full contacts listing.
How do I restore this list?