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997 (0x3e5)

995 (0x3e3)

996 (0x3e4)

9998 Fix For Xp

9904 (0x26b0)

993 Partition Contains Open Files


999 (0x3e7)

9999 Error Windows 7

99 Problems Download

88780078 Driver



887303 Mskb

888111 For Win 7

88780078 Realtek

8884 Error Code

888 Error

774 (0x306)

772 (0x304)


7777 Error

777 Error Messesge

7760 Hp

775 Error

770 (0x302)

7748 Error

777 (0x309)

6609 (0x19d1)

6626 (0x19e2)

6623 (0x19df)

6615 (0x19d7)

6602 (0x19ca)

6637 (0x19ed)

6610 (0x19d2)

6643 (0x19f3)


6627 (0x19e3)

552 Transfer Failed

55 Error Code

554 Mail Error

551 Error Code

554 5.7.1 Error Message

554 Error Writing Message

554 554 Delivery Error

551 (0x227)

554 Smtp Error

550 Server Error

443 Errors

443 Http Error

443 Error Http

442 Vpn

441 Error

441 Thats An Error

440 Error

442 Vista Error Code

3316 Error Scan

334 Error Code

3343 Unrecognized Database Format

3380 Error

339 Error Windows 7

3371 Quickbooks

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

3343 Error Message

3300 Software Uninstall

2281 Hata Kodu

225 (0xe1)

222 (0xde)

2211 Hata Kodu

223 (0xdf)

2224 Error Code

2250 0x8ca

22 Code

226 (0xe2)

2252 Error

1155 Error Message

1101 Error Windows 7

1101 Error

1173 (0x495)

1135 Error

1158 Error Repair Tool

1111 Computer Code

1181 (0x49d)

1159 (0x487)

11007 (0x2aff)


00000051 Registry7 Error

000000027 Wireless Error Code

0070005 Error



000000f4 0000003

0000004e Parameter1 00000099



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iPhoto 5.04 displays "Loading photos ..." when started but nothing ever loads, have left it 15+ minutes. Activity Monitor shows it using cpu, does not appear to hang, responds to a Quit ok.
This is 10.4.3 on a 20" g5 imac, 2gb memory (pre-isight version). Had been working fine, nothing new attached or installed. Have recently done a lot of imovie/idvd work, that's about all that's different in usage.
Have removed the iphoto library folder, so it should simply create a new library when it opens.
Console log has this msg:
2005-12-14 07:48:57.242 iPhoto[144] Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: * -initForReadingWithData: nil argument
(Dont know what it means but doesnt look good.)
System log does not appear to have any pertinent messages.
There is no ~/Library/Cache file for iphoto. Have removed all user prefs for iphoto, idvd, and imovie.
Ditto on a Safe Boot.
Works fine for all other users on the system.
There's been a bit about this on MacFixit but nothing definitive.
Ideas? Thanks.
G5 imac (pre-isight)   Mac OS X (10.4.3)

Is there any nokia dual sim mobile which works with PC Suite ???

Hi ,
I am trying to create DFF in OAF page but i could not able to create it.
Here is the through explanation of the Requirement and Error.
We have migrated recently from 11.5.10 - R12.1.2 in 11i we have the Buyers Form which is a Template.FMB and for that we have attached a DFF
Name of DFF:PO_AGENTS Resp :PO Tittle Purchasing: Agents and attributes :attribute1 and Attribute2.
My manager want that same DFF to appear in the OAF page of the Buyers.
Navigation :Purchasing -> Setup -> Personal -> Buyers.
I tried creating DFF as per the documents I found online and in the OAF Documentation guide but I am not able to create the DFF.I dont know where I am doing it wrong.
Help would be highly appreciated.
Please find the steps below what is given.
Before you can add a descriptive flexfield to an OA Framework page, you must first setup the descriptive
flexfield in Oracle Applications. To start, review Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields") in
the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i.
When you have a clear plan for the descriptive flexfield you wish to set up, refer to the section titled
"Implementing Descriptive Flexfields" in Chapter 14 ("Flexfields") of the Oracle Applications Developer's Guide
Release 11i for instructions to the following general steps:
Step 1: Define descriptive flexfield columns in your database.
Step 2: Register your descriptive flexfield table with Oracle Application Object Library.
Step 3: Register your descriptive flexfield using the Descriptive Flexfields Window.
Next, refer to the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i for instructions to these general steps:
Step 4: Define your value sets in the Value Sets Window, as described in Chapter 5 ("Values and Value
Step 5: Define your descriptive flexfield structure using the Descriptive Flexfield Segments Window, as
described in the "Descriptive Flexfield Segments Window" section of Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining
Descriptive Flexfields").
Recall that the value of a descriptive flexfield context field determines the context of the descriptive flexfield
and the context-sensitive segments (if any) that are displayed. The section titled "Context Fields and
Reference Fields" in Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields") discusses context fields in
more detail.
Note: Reference fields for descriptive flexfields are supported by Forms-based Oracle Applications, but not
by OA Framework. A developer mode error occurs in JDeveloper if you try to implement this feature in OA
Framework. Refer to the "Reference Fields" section of Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive
Flexfields") in the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i for additional information about
reference fields.
Step 6: When you are ready to add the descriptive flexfield to an OA Framework page, follow the steps
outlined in the Declarative Implementation and Runtime Control sections below.
Declarative Implementation
The following steps describe how to add a descriptive flexfield item to a OA Framework region:
Step 1: Define an item of the item style flex in your region.
Note: You cannot create a flex item directly under a messageComponentLayout region, but you can create a
messageLayout region under the messageComponentLayout region and add the flex item under the
messageLayout region.
Step 2: Set the Read Only property to True or False, depending on whether you want the descriptive flexfield
to be read only.
Step 3: Specify a View Instance for your flexfield. The view instance should be the same as the view instance
(view object) specified for your region. When the view object is defined, it should include all the database
columns necessary for this descriptive flexfield. You should not change the database column names for this
flexfield because the OADescriptiveFlexBean uses the same naming convention that the view object
generation routine uses to find the corresponding attribute names from your view object.
Note: OA Framework supports multiple descriptive flexfields on the same view object.
Note: If a flexfield's view object does not return a row, an OAException will not be thrown so that the
controller's processRequest method can still execute and render the flexfield.
Step 4: Set the Appl Short Name property to the short name of the application to which the descriptive flexfield
is registered. (Step 3 of Setting Up a Descriptive Flexfield in Oracle Applications).
Step 5: Set the Name property to the name of the descriptive flexfield as it was registered.
Note: This differs from how Key Flexfields are defined by shorthand codes.
Step 6: Set the Type property to descriptive.
Step 7: Set the Segment List property as appropriate (see Descriptive Flexfield Segment List).
Step 8: Finally, you may set the Display Context Field to True or False, depending on whether you want to
hide or show the context for the descriptive flexfield.

I inadvertantly dropped my iphone 3 and now have a white screen with green vertical lines to the right of the screen.  It won't sync with itunes due to an error. What can I do?

while installing adobe creative cloud , getting the following error msg " There seems to be a problem with the download process. Error code:201"

Dear all
The Finnancial year end for my client was changed from 31/12/09 to 31/10/09. The financial periods
was created as 12 months in the fiscal year. This has now decreased to 10 months.
I can delete the last two periods and create a new fiscal year starting 01/11/09.
but there are two problems:
1)The last two periods can be deleted but in the Posting Periods window when drilling down into one
of the remaining periods the number of periods still shows as 12.
2)A new Fiscal year with 12 periods can be created starting 01/11/09 but in the Fixed assets module
when trying to change the fiscal year I get the Following message: "There is no subsequent fiscal
year for FY09" . Also on the asset master files the depreciation is calculated for 12 months and not for
te decreased 10 month fiscal year
Please advise
Erika Boshoff

What causes TV screen to freeze but sound continue on TV when using Air Play from I Phone 4?

So things went like this:
I received my Sound Blaster Zx today. Opened it up, found that it contained some very handy instructions, so I followed those to the letter.
During the installation of the drivers, after I was prompted to choose whether or not to install the drivers by my Windows 7 64 bit (which obviously I chose to install), it blue screened with an IO error.
Then, presumably because the drivers didn't install correctly, it blue screened due to cthdb.sys every time I booted up.
I had to boot in safe mode and remove the drivers.
Then, I started up normally again. Windows automatically installed the drivers, even though it is said to do NOTHING when it detects a new device - no updates, no driver installation, no nothing. It installed the SAME drivers and so I had the IO blue screen again, and then blue screened due to cthdb.sys every time I booted.
Again I had to remove the drivers using safe mode.
No drivers will install without the card being installed, and if the card installed then the dodgy, BSOD causing drivers get installed automatically.
What do I do?

I am trying to configure VS2013 so that IISExpress works in a similar way to the builtin web server (Cassini) in VS2010.
For the past year or so, I have worked with multiple local TFS workspaces for a web site which all map the same TFS branch. When running the web site, the solution sets a default port which is used if I only have one VS 2010 instance in use. If I use multiple
instances, a new random port is assigned, but the instance works fine and I can debug both sessions without problem.
Having installed VS2013, the 'internal' web server is no longer provided, so I have to use IISExpress. I cannot figure out how to configure this to work the same way as the server in VS2010.
As far a I can tell, IISExpress always uses the workspace folders on the first site specified in the applicationhost.config file. If I create a second site, it seems to be ignored and the second instance uses the files in the first set of folders!
Reading elsewhere, it seems it might be possible to get IISExpress to use a second workspace folder by editing the config file every time, but (a) this is tedious and (b) something, probably IISExpress, rewrites the file at various times, so it's not clear
whether changes would persist. 
I can't believe I'm the only developer using VS2013 who regularly will be working on a new feature for a website and want to bring up a second instance of in using either a workspace which does not have the changes made in the first or even another site
with a different set of changes and have them run smoothly in parallel! VS2010's internal web server just worked!

My Imac keeps freezing and then restarting, it will go to a grey screen saying there's a problem then will restart. This has happened around 3 or 4 times in the last few days, everytime it happened I was using Itunes, when it would freeze, the music would jam and then the computer would restart.
Any idea's how to fix this?
Is it a fan/ overheating problem?