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339 Error

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2250 Error Code

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1117 Error I O Device How To Resolve

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My entire Library of songs (over 300) has suddenly disappeared from my iTunes. Only songs there are 5 I just purchased from iStore yesterday. Has never happened before.  Windows recently installed some updates.  I also recently renewed my Trend anti-virus.  I have no idea where the Library went. Have done a Search of computer and checked Recycle bin....the songs are gone.   WHAT happened?????   Can I get them back from Apple somehow?  Can I restore them from my Ipod?  (I am afraid to plug in the iPod because if it Syncs, am afraid it will also dump all my songs.  What can I do????

Hi all,
I've got a method that creates 3 dynamic viewobjects using this:
            ViewDefImpl Level1ViewDef = new ViewDefImpl("Level1View");
            ViewObject vo1 = createViewObject("Level1View",Level1ViewDef);I can create the view objects fine and create a single viewlink between two of them, however i'm getting problems with 2 view links.
This is how I'm creating a view link:
            ViewLink Level2Level1FKLink = createViewLinkBetweenViewObjects("Level2Level1FKLink1",
                                                    new AttributeDef[]{
                                                    new AttributeDef[]{
                                                    "LEVEL1 = :Bind_Level1");
            ViewLink Level3Level2FKLink = createViewLinkBetweenViewObjects("Level3Level2FKLink1",
                                                    new AttributeDef[]{
                                                    new AttributeDef[]{
                                                    "LEVEL2 = :Bind_Level2");I can get the data to display on an adf tree table if i'm only using a single view link, but when i try and implement 2 view link (for 3 levels on the adf tree table) i'm getting problems displaying the data.
I'm getting the following error:
Aug 10, 2007 2:44:39 PM oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.renderkit.core.xhtml.PanelPartialRootRenderer encodeAll
SEVERE: Error during partial-page rendering
oracle.jbo.NoDefException: JBO-25058: Definition Level3View of type Attribute not found in Level2View_Level2Level1FKLink1_Level2ViewThe thing is, Level3View isn't in the Level2Level1FKLink viewlink.
I've been reading about something similar here
BC4J Master-Detail-Detail
but I am still unsure of what the problem is.
Thanks in advance.

appstore wont open after update ios 6.0. my imessages undelivered too. ps help

hi sap gurus,
I want to understand how to update the marketing attributes in sap crm, basically I want the logic to update the marketing attributes in the system. which tables I should verify & then I need to write an abap program  to update/modify the marketing attributes.I know the beginning validations,  the bu_group =zul1-outlet master from but000 table , after that I am stuck up with the logic. I know the field which  I need to update: in table cabnt, atinn field.
Edited by: packframe2585 on Feb 23, 2012 7:47 AM

plz help me, i got following error when i run report through forms on application server 9i, forms run successfully, but report not. the error is
"FRM-41213: Unable to connect to the Reports server misdb"
thanks in advance.

I've done some searching for this, but it all seems to be fairly old (I found one decent thread from 2008, but it just seemed outdated).  I would like to get some updated info & suggestions on a process to follow for this task.
Here is some info about the current config:
I have an existing SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 system.  SID "XYZ"
Everything is currently running on Windows x64.
ABAP only config.
It is currently setup as a distributed system.
DB server is SQL, which is running on its own hardware as a dedicated DB server.  I don't need to touch this.
Uses logon groups to distribute the load between 3 App servers.
One of the App Servers is setup as the Message/CI server. This is what I am wanting to move to VM hardware.
The other two App Servers are setup just as Dialog Instances.  VM already.  I don't need to touch these.
What I am wanting to do:
I am wanting to migrate the existing Message/CI server to VM hardware to get the current Message/CI system off of very old hardware.
I need to keep the system with the same name & IP.
I do not need/want to mess with the DB server at all. 
Need to minimize downtime as much as possible.
I do NOT want to go to an HA environment.  That is a different project for the future.
Suggestions? I would like to hear what some of you have done.
Minimize downtime?  I have a short maintenance window of a few hours coming up in the next few months, and would like to do this changeover during that downtime.
How do I handle setting this up on the new hardware using the same name & IP, especially with the existing system still running.
What I think I need to do: (Some of these may be out of order, which is why I'm asking for suggestions)
Setup new Windows VM server, named differently than current Message/CI server (Done already).
Run SAPINST to run Global Host Preparation on the new Windows VM server.
Run SAPINST to setup ASCS Instance on the new Windows VM server.
Skip the Database Instance installation, since I already have one running.
Run SAPINST to setup Central Instance on the new Windows VM server.
Copy all of the appropriate profile parameters that were on the old server.
Start SAP and make sure everything is running and working correctly.
Copy all job, spool files, etc. from the old server.
What needs to be done in between those steps for the server rename & IP changes?
Which of these steps can I do in advance of my maintenance downtime window, without it affecting the currently running system?
I have a test environment that I am going to test this with.  I'm just trying to get a jump start on my instructions, so that I can hopefully do this quickly and easily.  I'm very comfortable doing the installs.  Just needing some guidance on how to handle this case.
I'm open to suggestions, and any links you can send my way that show some more recent success at doing this.  Everything I keep finding talks about doing the migration for the DB.  I am not migrating my DB.  It is staying where it is.  I'm just wanting to migrate my Message/Central Instance to a VM, without affecting the users, and hopefully them never noticing the changes.

Hi all,
I should pay more attention next time..
I received an App Store notification that an update to Yosemite was ready. I was tired enough that I did not focus on which version it was, but I assume it was  10.10.2 and that I was on 10.10.1. I just checked the system logs earlier today
Jan 29 02:30:25 Sams-MBA.local ReportCrash[23463]: Date/Time:             2015-01-29 01:30:15.978 +1300
Jan 29 02:30:25 Sams-MBA.local ReportCrash[23463]: OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.10.1 (14B25)
So I guess that confirms I am/was on 10.10.1, and received a notification for 10.10.2.
Unfortunately after the reboot I got a notification saying the install failed -- not all of the installation was completed successfully.
It asked if I want to retry or try later. I clicked on later. It asked if I wish to submit the crash logs to Apple, and I accepted.
Now, the problem is I go to the App Store, and it no longer shows me that I have an update to install.
I go to About Mac, and it shows I have Version "10.10.1 (14B25)" installed ?!?!
So I'm stuck in limbo with a half 10.10.1/2 install ?!
What's going on here? Is there any way I can download the official 10.10.2 update .dmg so that I can perform a manual reinstall? I tried the following URL
However when clicking on Download button, it gives me an error "We're Sorry, we can't find the article you're looking for".
I wouldn't mind pasting the upgrade logs for reference but can't find them - or don't know where they'd be..

Hi Friends,
I have created a schedule task to create a request and to add users to it and also to provision a resource to the user. It is creating a request and adding a user successfully.
But while adding resource to the request by using the correct request key and object key, I am getting a compilation error.
This is the statment I am giving "requestIntf.addRequestObject(reqkey,objkey);"
I am getting the compilation error as "addRequestObkect(reqkey, objkey) in Thor.API.Operations.tcRequestOperationsIntf has been deprecated"
Did research in google but did not find anything. Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong.

I want to create a report in crm 2013. When I report is run then filtered parameter fill record from database in dropdown form and when I select record from dropdown then generate report of selected record. Please tell me how to show record in filtered parameter
from database within crm. In below image paramter is text field. How to auto fill filtered parameter from database.

I use my PowerPC Quicksilver G4  (2.1), 867 MHz, 1.5 GB standart video card system 10.4.11 to scan (lack of driver for my Mac Pro 10.6.8)
The G4 has been running flawless, now I get kernel panics every time (shut down your computer). When it stays on I get blotched video
left-over spots, tearig and then shut down your computer...
I did all recommended software tests Diskutility, rebuild with DiskWarrior and Apples full Hardware test. Everything comes out fine!
I am at the end of my know how. Thank you for any help
I am attaching the latest crashreport:
Unresolved kernel trap(cpu 0): 0x300 - Data access DAR=0x0000000047AC834E PC=0x0000000000821D3C
Latest crash info for cpu 0:
   Exception state (sv=0x37D2EA00)
      PC=0x00821D3C; MSR=0x00009030; DAR=0x47AC834E; DSISR=0x40000000; LR=0x00821D24; R1=0x21E23B40; XCP=0x0000000C (0x300 - Data access)
0x00032E98 0x0081AB20 0x0080AC74 0x002E9A80 0x002EB94C 0x0008C248
         0x00029234 0x000233F8 0x000ABEAC 0x5038514E
      Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):
Proceeding back via exception chain:
   Exception state (sv=0x37D2EA00)
      previously dumped as "Latest" state. skipping...
   Exception state (sv=0x38A98780)
      PC=0x9000B348; MSR=0x0200F030; DAR=0x01785000; DSISR=0x42000000; LR=0x9000B29C; R1=0xF0202F20; XCP=0x00000030 (0xC00 - System call)
Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 8.11.0: Wed Oct 10 18:26:00 PDT 2007; root:xnu-792.24.17~1/RELEASE_PPC
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xFFFF0003): 0x300 - Data access
Latest stack backtrace for cpu 0:
         0x000954F8 0x00095A10 0x00026898 0x000A8204 0x000ABB80
Proceeding back via exception chain:
   Exception state (sv=0x37D2EA00)
      PC=0x00821D3C; MSR=0x00009030; DAR=0x47AC834E; DSISR=0x40000000; LR=0x00821D24; R1=0x21E23B40; XCP=0x0000000C (0x300 - Data access)
0x00032E98 0x0081AB20 0x0080AC74 0x002E9A80 0x002EB94C 0x0008C248
         0x00029234 0x000233F8 0x000ABEAC 0x5038514E
      Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):
   Exception state (sv=0x38A98780)
      PC=0x9000B348; MSR=0x0200F030; DAR=0x01785000; DSISR=0x42000000; LR=0x9000B29C; R1=0xF0202F20; XCP=0x00000030 (0xC00 - System call)
Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 8 Model: PowerMac3,5, BootROM 4.2.5f1, 1 processors, PowerPC G4  (2.1), 867 MHz, 1.5 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX, GeForce2 MX, AGP, 32 MB
Memory Module: DIMM0/J21, 512 MB, SDRAM, PC133-333
Memory Module: DIMM1/J22, 512 MB, SDRAM, PC133-333
Memory Module: DIMM2/J23, 512 MB, SDRAM, PC133-333
Modem: Spring, UCJ, V.90, 7.0F, á¸
Network Service: Built-in Ethernet, Ethernet, en0
Parallel ATA Device: WDC WD1200JB-00GVA0, 111.79 GB
Parallel ATA Device: ST3120814A, 111.79 GB
Parallel ATA Device: PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-103
USB Device: Hub in Apple Pro Keyboard, Mitsumi Electric, Up to 12 Mb/sec, 500 mA
USB Device: Apple Optical USB Mouse, Fujitsu Takamisawa Component, Up to 1.5 Mb/sec, 100 mA
USB Device: Apple Pro Keyboard, Mitsumi Electric, Up to 12 Mb/sec, 250 mA