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I am having trouble viewing iStore. It appears as if its a Flash issue, as several minutes after logging in to iStore I get a non-flash page of iStore in my iTunes window. I have re-installed everything and tried opening all ports in router, and used msconfig to bring up each service individually to see if there is an effect.Flash and iTunes have been re-installed  ...any ideas?

I have problem with here maps on my nokia asha 501. When i am trying to download here maps from nokia store, there is message "Sorry but this item is not available in your country".
How I can fix it pls. I brought phone in Great Britain, and its supported country.
thank you.
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I recently went on an incredibly moving trip to Poland and took many photos and videos. My Nokia Lumia 800 ran out of battery, so I charged it overnight. When I woke up to switch it on, the memory formatted, which meant I lost so many important photos and videos. I only pressed the on button so I am at a loss as to why this happened. I have arrived home and have researched the ways I could possibly recover these life-changing photos with recovery software (since I did not have access to the internet at the time, it did not sync with SkyDrive). Is there possibly a way I could reclaim these overwritten files? I have done the 'regedit' process, so my PC can recognise it as a device independent of Zune, though it only comes up as a 'Portable Device' in Computer, meaning the recovery software doesnt detect it as a memory store from which it can recover data (ie. Removable Storage Device) . Any thoughts as to how to fix that?
Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear a reply as soon as possible.
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First of all, I am really inexperienced about all these things. I have a MacBook from 2009 with OSX Lion and a PC Windows 7 x64. I have got a time capsule ( connected to my router
and then another router in my room (probably working as an acces point) to which I  wirelessly connect my Windows 7.
The thing is that I can see the printer (HP Laserjet P1005) from my Mac but I don't know how to add it to my windows. On a previous PC I added a printer to the time capsule's IP and printed with a considerable delay that way.
As you can see I don't understand how networks work, how IP's work, or how ports work in this matter.
Any help will be much appreciated!!

I have a system that has always displayed poor cursor redraw performance with certain adobe applications.   All rendering and other effects are fast, but basic mouse selections and button knobs are extremely unresponsive.   I have searched and searched and can not seem to find out what causes the mouse cursor speed issues.   Does anyone have any ideas as to why my mouse would slow for such basic Interface interactions?    Do I need to change my hardware, settings, displays, BIOS, etc?
Any insight into what the mouse redraw/refresh is called in terms of computing would help me search for a solution.  And if you have a solution as to why my mouse cursor acts drunk and sluggish when interacting with the Adobe UI's in premiere and after effects and sometimes Photoshop I would greatly appreciate the help.
Thank You.  I attached a screen shot of a very basic selection interaction that is dog slow.  The selection box redraws like there is a lag in some process associated with the square box overlay.
Computer Specs
Windows 7 64
dual xeon
64 gig ram
quadro 5000 (driving two 30 inch dell monitors of different models  One DVI-D and the other Display Port)
512 SSD main drive with windows Swap on 10k Raptor drive.
*All have been updated and the issue remains for over a year and a half.
Thank you so much.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-2C4 and wish to connect it to my Toshiba 32HV10E plazma
The tv have a hdmi input, so I bought VGA adaptor and connect it to the computer
Unfortunately it doesnt work.
The computer can recognise the tv but not the same with the plazma

Dear Experts,
Kindly suggest me how to print arabic characters in BI Publisher.

I am updating the OS on my MacBook Pro from 10.5.8.  I have installed 10.6.8 and the 10.6.8 combo v1.1.  I cannot open my older version of Preview and do not appear to have a newer version which i thought would be on the Snow Leopard dvd.  How can I get the correct version of Preview and is it advisable to upgrade to OS7 andOS8?

Hello. My original HDD for my Mac Mini died so I replaced it with a new one. I have downloaded Mavericks and 'burned' the image to a USB stick. When I turn the Mac Mini on and hold down 'Option' to get to the selection screen, I choose the Mavericks image and then this happens:
It won't allow safe boot, either.
Any clue as to what I can do to remedy this? I really need the machine back up and running as I do all of my development on there. Thank you in advance.