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i have the Nokia 108 and the same happens. text message, sender and the first few words show up on screen even when phone is locked.  'display options-notifications' are turned OFF.  also under each sim, 'display info' is turned off.
obviously for security purposes it is not good to have your messages able to be read by anyone holding the phone.
any solutions?  also if i go to NoKIA support, there are no way to ask questions and there are no software updates for the Nokia 108. 
any advice is greatly appreciated.
(ps, i also had to reply since i cannot figure out how to POST a new issue. sorry)
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The printer keeps printing on paper instead of photo paper

Hello All,
When I try to send my report output to a file from my form(10g), I get 'FRM-41213: Unable to connect to report server'. I can sucessfully send my report to printer when I set the REPORT_DESTYPE to 'PRINTER'.Here is the code from my when-button-pressed trigger.
Am I missing something?
v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
rep_status VARCHAR2(20);
repid := find_report_object('PWRR_CTRL_TYP_MAINT');
v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
     rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' THEN
          msg_alert('Report print successfully', 'I', FALSE);
     msg_alert('Error when running report', 'I', FALSE);

I have an ipad mini 1st gen 64 gb (wifi only) and i have problem with some of my apps. These apps have lags when you play with them for a few seconds the apps are having lags are call of duty strike team, gta San Andreas and nfs most wanted.pleas help me

I am reposting this from my blog ("ColdFusion 11: <cfclient> in the context of the CFML language, not the tooling") at the suggestion of Adobe support:
@dacCfml @ColdFusion Can you post your queries at for all cfclient and mobile queries.— Anit Kumar Panda (@anitkumar85) April 29, 2014
I have edited this in places to remove language that will be deemed inappropriate by the censors here. Changes I have made are in [square brackets]. The forums software here has broken some of the styling, but so be it. There is worthwhile discussion in the comments of the article on my blog: perhaps go have a read.
This article could end up being a complete waste of space, as I am operating under more real-world re-interpretation of the raison d'être of <cfclient>, as described by Ram:
ColdFusion [11] has added support for client side CFML (<cfclient>) and this code is translated to JavaScript
Mike Henke has pointed out that the first part of this "CF11 has added support for client-side CFML" is actually ******** (my wording, not his):
"ColdFusion Splendor has added support for client side CFML" is probably phrased wrong and gave me flash backs to VBScript or CFML running in the client browser.
Maybe this is better verbiage. "ColdFusion Splendor has added support for CFML to generate JS".
Because... there's not such thing as "client-side CFML". That would imply CFML actually running on the client (ie: the browser, or the mobile device, as is the target of <cfclient> as a concept). This is absolutely not true. I know Ram went on to qualify what he meant there, but the messaging from Adobe on <cfclient> has been inaccurate. Possibly I think to the point of actual misrepresentation (in the legal sense, I mean).
What <cfclient> does is... convert CFML code to JavaScript. So let's look at that idea.
Why I say this article could be a complete waste of space is that I dunno if this is the intent of <cfclient>; because, really, the messaging from Adobe as to what <cfclient> is for is very muddied. In general the narrative about it is bundled-in with various features of ColdFusion Builder 3.0, in regards to mobile application creation and packaging (and debugging, and all sort of stuff that sounds quite nice but I don't care about as I don't use CFB).
However <cfclient> has to stand on its own merit in the CFML language, completely decoupled from CFB features. And as far as I can tell, Mike is right: as far as CFML goes, <cfclient> is a tag which tells ColdFusion to - instead of compiling to byte code - compiles the enclosed CFML code to JavaScript instead.
This of course just sets my alarm klaxons going.  Because Adobe are (I choose my words carefully) [not very good] at converting CFML to client-side code. This has been borne out by <cfform>, <cflayout>, <cfpod> etc. Back in the days of CFMX7 the "CFML-to-client-side" wizards had some merit, because the client-side arena was still immature, and the team at Macromedia actually had some exposure to the idea of "website development", so they knew where the pain points were that they could possible ameliorate. Times have changed, and the client-side of things is probably now more mature an environment than CFML is - Javascript is probably are more coherent language than CFML is, now - and it is very very very clear that the current Adobe ColdFusion Team don't know the first thing about web development (they can't even write decent CFML for their own documentation, before we get onto how they'd be doing web work!), so they are completely out of their depth when it comes to addressing pain points that web devs might have these days. Not only have they not walked a mile in a web dev's shoes, they don't even - as far as I can tell - know what shoes are, or why someone would be wearing them.
And <cfclient> is a far more "meta" solution than <cfform> or <cfpod> were... at least the CFML-to-client-side solution there had a tangible target in mind. <cfclient> has removed the targets, and is just a tag designed for converting general CFML to general JS. Yikes.
600-odd words in, here's some code. This is the first-ever code I have written using <cfclient>:
<cfclient> <cfset msg = "G'day World"> <cfoutput>#message#</cfoutput> </cfclient>
So I'm off to a false start: I admit I'm sitting in the pub and I've had a few pints (probably four, I guess; this is "having some drinks before deciding to actually drink this evening" sort of level for me), and I inadvertently [messed-up] my variable names here. And this did not yield a compile error. The error just fell through to JS, where it did error
Uncaught ReferenceError: message is not defined gdayWorld.cfm:4
If, in contrast, I tried this in CoffeeScript, I'd get this:
coffee> msg = "G'day world"
'G\'day world'
coffee> alert msg
alert message
ReferenceError: message is not defined
    at eval (eval at  (, :1:9)
Important note: I know nothing about CoffeeScript - it seems like a solution to a non-existent problem to me - so I just googled "hello world coffeescript" and REPLed the code on
The point is here is that ColdFusion, during the "compile" process should actually notice I am referencing a variable that doesn't exist. I'm OK with this being a runtime error in the normal CFML-compile process, because there could be many moving parts (and other files) involved in the runtime environment, but I don't think this is a valid notion with <cfclient>? Or maybe it is?
Update:As Ray points out and Aaron agrees with below: I was being unduly harsh here... it's entirely reasonable for variables to be declared in other JS code elsewhere in the response.
Anyway, once I actually write my code properly, I get this:
G'day World
On the screen. What CF actually sends back in the response is this:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/CFIDE/cfclient/cfclient_main.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/CFIDE/cfclient/cffunctions.js"></script> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> <script type='text/javascript'>globalDivStruct=null;var _$gdayWorld_func=function(){var self=this;var variables={};self.__init=function(){var localdivstruct=globalDivStruct;var __output_var="";var tmpVarArray={};message="G'day World";localdivstruct.outputvar+=message;return""}}; function __startPage__$gdayWorld(){document.write("\x3cdiv id\x3d'__cfclient_0'\x3e\x3c/div\x3e");window.ispgbuild=false;var clientDivStruct={divId:"__cfclient_0",outputvar:""};globalDivStruct=clientDivStruct;try{_$gdayWorld=new _$gdayWorld_func;_$gdayWorld.__init()}catch(__eArg){if(__eArg!=="$$$cfclient_abort$$$")throw __eArg;}__$cf.__flush(clientDivStruct)}__startPage__$gdayWorld(); </script>
[Blimey]. To output a string variable? Really? That's what you compile my CFML down to?
And [forget] emotive things like "gobsmacked"... if one looks at the size of the response, it's 128kB to represent "G'day World" on the screen. 128kB might not be a great deal these days when it comes to a web page, but when it comes to rendering "G'day world", it's lunacy. And on a mobile phone - which intrinsically might be in an area in which one is paying a premium for data - it's just irresponsible. This is before we get to the point that it seriously should not take 128kB of data to render 11 bytes.
Blimey. To be honest I was gonna try some more tricky CFML and see how it compiled, but I've run out of will to live (and I have to concede the beer is getting the better of me, and my laptop battery is almost dead). I'll continue this, but I will let this article stand or fall on its own merit; something <cfclient> certainly seems to be unable to do, thusfar.
I'll be back on the case with this tomorrow.

iTunes launches and plays by itself, which is very annoying, given that there is no discernable reason for it to do so.
Nothing in preferences should allow this. No device is connected. The library is not being shared.
Has anyone found a solution to this?

I am using a Mac Pro 3.1, 2x2.8 quad core Xeon, with OSX 10.6.7.  I recently upgraded to a ATI Radeon HD 5770 in slot 1 and put my original ATI Radeon 2660XT in Slot 4 to run an older DVI monitor.  It ran ok for a while, but my computer starting crashing more and more often--the black screen scrolls down and it says the computer needs to be restarted.  I am using a NEC PA271W on the 5770 and a NEC 2180UX on the 2660.  Removing the 2180UX seems to have  helped.  My computer has crashed only once since then.
The other odd bit is occassionaly the PA 271W doesn't pick up the signal from the 5770, and I have to restart.  This has happened since I first installed the card and monitor.  Different setting on the monitor don't seem to help.
Anybody have similar problems and have any recommendations about how to fix the problem?  I need to run two monitors.  Do I have to buy a new DVI-D monitor that can be run through the mini connector on the 5770 to replace the 2180UX?
Drew Harty

When I create a new file in Acrobat Pro 9, it automatically saves as version 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x). Much as I would love the whole world to have the latest reader version on their computer, the reality is that many of my website's users have older versions installed. As a consequence, I need to optimize all files as version 1.4, otherwise they won't be able to open the documents in their browsers.
Why isn't there a preference setting to optimize all new files as 1.4 by default? This would save having to run the optimizer every time. Also, if I start from a file that is already optimized as 1.4, I extract a page and save it, this saves as 1.6. Why? If I am starting from a 1.4 PDF, surely that's the version I want?
So every time I extract a page, tese are the steps I have to take:
1) Extract and save the page
2) Optimize it for 1.4
3) Save it again (after confirming that yes, I do indeed want to overwrite it).
I do this several times a day and it's an absolute pain in the neck, which could be avoided by implemeting any of these features:
1) A setting under Preferences> Default PDF Version for new files;
2) A PDF version selection box within the "Save As" dialog (I believe this feature has been requested by others);
3) Acrobat Pro realizing that you have extracted the page from a 1.4 file and therefore saving the new file with the same format;
4) Some sort of batch optimization option, so I only have to run the conversion once.
Frankly I'm surprised none of these features already exist.
Come on Adobe, is this really so hard to do?
Thank you.

Almost exactly a year ago, the Safari icon on my doc stopped opening. It bounces once or twice but I can't access Safari at all. The same has happened to the Mac Mail icon and a few others that were on the dock. I recall seeing something that looked like a little expoding cloud and hearing a "bang" and the app either disappeared from the dock completely or it just bounces but won't open. It happens so quickly that sometimes I don't know what I've lost. (Nothing appears in the trash, btw.)I checked the logs and here are just the first several lines of what is a very lengthy list of things in the log.
I hope someone might be able to decipher what went wrong and how to fix it.
Host Name: gretchen-cremer-brants-Computer.local
Date/Time: 2008-06-16 13:02:45 -0500
OS Version: 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2
Command: Safari
Path: /Applications/
Version: 1.3.2 (312.6)
PID: 930
Thread: 0
Exception: EXCBADACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERNPROTECTIONFAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000000
I also can't get Software Update to operate.
Please help. I feel like my ibook G4 is dying in bits and pieces.
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Specific Identification Cost method is used for serial and batch managed item. Using this method, the outbound cost of such items would be the original cost of specific goods, which can be determined according to the serial or batch number of that item.
Business One allows the user to receive batch managed items with a batch number that already exists in the DB. It’s possible that the received quantity is added to on-hand quantity in the warehouse. In such case, the quantity on-hand of that batch and the received quantity may have different costs.
What should be the system behavior in such case:
1. Block receipts to the same batch with different costs.
2. Write the difference to a price difference account, as done in Standard Cost method.
3. Manage the batch cost with Moving Average method.
This thread is continuation from 'Specific Identification Cost for batch managed Items' <a href="">discussion</a> in P2P SAP Business One Forum (Product Development Collaboration).
Previous discussion on P2P is summarized in the attached file.