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997 Error Message

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999 Error

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9904 (0x26b0)

993 Partition Contains Open Files


995 (0x3e3).

999 (0x3e7)

8804 Error Code Novell

8804 Error

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88780078 Direct Sound Error Free Fix

88780078 Error Code


887303 Mskb


88780078 Realtek

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779 Windows Hibakódok

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777 Error Messesge

777 Error

779 Error


6628 (0x19e4)

661 Area

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6644 (0x19f4)

6623 (0x19df)

6645 (0x19f5)

6615 (0x19d7)


6627 (0x19e3)

66 Dcvs Error

554 Mail Error

554 0x800ccc79

553 Outlook Error

550 Error Code In Ftp

550 Relay Cause

550 Error Ftp

551 (0x227)

5500 Error Repair


554 Error Code

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4450 Error


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443 Error Http

440 Errorcode Vpn

443 Error Code

448 Error

3302 Error

33 (0x21)

334 Error Code

3300c Error 2117

3380 Error

339 Error Windows 7

3356 Win Instalation Error

339 Component Comctl32 Ocx

3343 Error Message

3300 Software Uninstall

2250 (0x8ca) Error

2201 Errors

22 Error

227 Entering Passive Mode Error

223 (0xdf)

2224 Error Code

2250 0x8ca

22 Code

226 (0xe2)

227 Entering Passive Mode

1100 (0x44c)

1115 (0x45b)

1158 Error Xp

1141 Error, How To Fix

1152 Error Extracting Windows 7

1142 (0x476)

110 Error

1152 Error Extracting Windows 7 Solution


11018 (0x2b0a)

000000004 Error In Win 7


00000051 Registry7 Error

0070005 Error

00000002 Error

00000225 Windows 7





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I've moved to photos from iphoto and for a while all was good. And quite exciting. My entire 15k photos have migrated and are available on all my devices. 
Suddenly, I get this warning when I select or try to edit a photo: Cant Download Photo: An error occurred while downloading a larger version of this photo for editing. Please try again later.
There is an exclamation  mark and a warning triangle on the picture. I am only able to test on my ibook as my Imac is out of action.
If I log in to icloud in Safari, I can down load the full sized image no problem.  Any one got any ideas?

Hi folks,
I'm new to the OTN and have a short question regarding validations/report pagination.
We are using Apex
I have a page containing a report with three columns.
First column is a checkbox (f30), the second one a date picker and the third one is a value field (f34).
I'm trying to build a validation for the value field (should only allow numeric values, but is varchar2) and used a validation with "Function Returning Boolean".
The PL/SQL code is:
v_number FLOAT:=0;
vrow := APEX_APPLICATION.g_f30 (i);
v_number := to_number(APEX_APPLICATION.g_f34(vrow));
The validation works fine, but every time I enter a non numeric value and the validation fails (error message is displayed correctly as notification) I get a "report error: ORA-01403: no data found" in the pagination area of the report.
Tried to disable pagination completely, but the error still displays when the validation fails.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance and regards

Hi ,
I am trying to create DFF in OAF page but i could not able to create it.
Here is the through explanation of the Requirement and Error.
We have migrated recently from 11.5.10 - R12.1.2 in 11i we have the Buyers Form which is a Template.FMB and for that we have attached a DFF
Name of DFF:PO_AGENTS Resp :PO Tittle Purchasing: Agents and attributes :attribute1 and Attribute2.
My manager want that same DFF to appear in the OAF page of the Buyers.
Navigation :Purchasing -> Setup -> Personal -> Buyers.
I tried creating DFF as per the documents I found online and in the OAF Documentation guide but I am not able to create the DFF.I dont know where I am doing it wrong.
Help would be highly appreciated.
Please find the steps below what is given.
Before you can add a descriptive flexfield to an OA Framework page, you must first setup the descriptive
flexfield in Oracle Applications. To start, review Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields") in
the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i.
When you have a clear plan for the descriptive flexfield you wish to set up, refer to the section titled
"Implementing Descriptive Flexfields" in Chapter 14 ("Flexfields") of the Oracle Applications Developer's Guide
Release 11i for instructions to the following general steps:
Step 1: Define descriptive flexfield columns in your database.
Step 2: Register your descriptive flexfield table with Oracle Application Object Library.
Step 3: Register your descriptive flexfield using the Descriptive Flexfields Window.
Next, refer to the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i for instructions to these general steps:
Step 4: Define your value sets in the Value Sets Window, as described in Chapter 5 ("Values and Value
Step 5: Define your descriptive flexfield structure using the Descriptive Flexfield Segments Window, as
described in the "Descriptive Flexfield Segments Window" section of Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining
Descriptive Flexfields").
Recall that the value of a descriptive flexfield context field determines the context of the descriptive flexfield
and the context-sensitive segments (if any) that are displayed. The section titled "Context Fields and
Reference Fields" in Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields") discusses context fields in
more detail.
Note: Reference fields for descriptive flexfields are supported by Forms-based Oracle Applications, but not
by OA Framework. A developer mode error occurs in JDeveloper if you try to implement this feature in OA
Framework. Refer to the "Reference Fields" section of Chapter 3 ("Planning and Defining Descriptive
Flexfields") in the Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide Release 11i for additional information about
reference fields.
Step 6: When you are ready to add the descriptive flexfield to an OA Framework page, follow the steps
outlined in the Declarative Implementation and Runtime Control sections below.
Declarative Implementation
The following steps describe how to add a descriptive flexfield item to a OA Framework region:
Step 1: Define an item of the item style flex in your region.
Note: You cannot create a flex item directly under a messageComponentLayout region, but you can create a
messageLayout region under the messageComponentLayout region and add the flex item under the
messageLayout region.
Step 2: Set the Read Only property to True or False, depending on whether you want the descriptive flexfield
to be read only.
Step 3: Specify a View Instance for your flexfield. The view instance should be the same as the view instance
(view object) specified for your region. When the view object is defined, it should include all the database
columns necessary for this descriptive flexfield. You should not change the database column names for this
flexfield because the OADescriptiveFlexBean uses the same naming convention that the view object
generation routine uses to find the corresponding attribute names from your view object.
Note: OA Framework supports multiple descriptive flexfields on the same view object.
Note: If a flexfield's view object does not return a row, an OAException will not be thrown so that the
controller's processRequest method can still execute and render the flexfield.
Step 4: Set the Appl Short Name property to the short name of the application to which the descriptive flexfield
is registered. (Step 3 of Setting Up a Descriptive Flexfield in Oracle Applications).
Step 5: Set the Name property to the name of the descriptive flexfield as it was registered.
Note: This differs from how Key Flexfields are defined by shorthand codes.
Step 6: Set the Type property to descriptive.
Step 7: Set the Segment List property as appropriate (see Descriptive Flexfield Segment List).
Step 8: Finally, you may set the Display Context Field to True or False, depending on whether you want to
hide or show the context for the descriptive flexfield.

I have a time capsule and have set it up so that my time machine back ups are saved on it, but I would also like to use it as an external hard drive. Is this possible?
I know nothing about computers so please tell me in very basic terms. thankyou!

When I was registering my new imac and created an apple id I didn't know what to put for my rescue email because I only currently use one email. I tried entering an old email but I think I typed it wrong because I can't get into it.
Is there a way to change a rescue email?

how do i use my 3TB airport time capsule as both time machine and hard drive? currently on Yosemite 10.10.1.....Many Thanks.

Currently, we are using crystal report to all of our reporting applications, but since I/users have encountered some issues about CR's speed to load only a simple report, maybe it is now time for us to adopt a new reporting environment in which I think SSRS
can fill this problem.
To start with, I have here a sample code, that uses the crystal report to print the report directly without previewing:
csCashInvoiceCal csCashCal; --Crystal report name .rpt
dsCsReceipt dsCs; --created dataset
DataTable u;
DataRow s;
private System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument printDocument1;
private System.Windows.Forms.PrintDialog printDialog1;
ParameterValues paramValue;
ParameterDiscreteValue discreteValue;
ParameterFieldDefinition fieldDefinition;
private void btnPrint_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor;
this.Cursor = Cursors.Default;
private void loadReceipt2()
dsCs = new dsCsReceipt(); --created dataset
u = dsCs.Tables.Add("DtCsReceipt");
u.Columns.Add("Qty", Type.GetType("System.String"));
u.Columns.Add("UOM", Type.GetType("System.String"));
u.Columns.Add("Description", Type.GetType("System.String"));
u.Columns.Add("UnitPrice", Type.GetType("System.String"));
u.Columns.Add("Discount", Type.GetType("System.String"));
u.Columns.Add("Amount", Type.GetType("System.String"));
for (int i = 0; i < dgvDesc.Rows.Count - 1; i++)
s = u.NewRow(); double.TryParse(dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Discount2.Name].Value.ToString(), out discount);
s["Qty"] = double.Parse(dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Qty.Name].Value.ToString());
s["UOM"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Uom2.Name].Value.ToString();
s["Description"] = invcode + dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Description.Name].Value.ToString();
s["UnitPrice"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[UnitPrice.Name].Value.ToString();
if (discount != 0)
s["Discount"] = "(" + string.Format("{0:0.##}", discount) + "%)";
s["Discount"] = "";
s["Amount"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Amount2.Name].Value.ToString();
catch (Exception) { }
csCashCal = new csCashInvoiceCal();
private void loadParameter2()
ParameterFieldDefinitions paramFieldDefinitions;
paramValue = new ParameterValues();
discreteValue = new ParameterDiscreteValue();
paramFieldDefinitions = csCashCal.DataDefinition.ParameterFields;
discreteValue.Value = date;
fieldDefinition = paramFieldDefinitions["Date"];
discreteValue.Value = txtcsno.Text;
fieldDefinition = paramFieldDefinitions["InvoiceNo"];
discreteValue.Value = txtNameTo.Text;
fieldDefinition = paramFieldDefinitions["CustomerName"];
discreteValue.Value = txtAdd.Text;
fieldDefinition = paramFieldDefinitions["CustomerAddress"];
------other parameters----
private void commonParam()
private void print2()
using (printDocument1 = new System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument())
using (this.printDialog1 = new PrintDialog())
//this.printDialog1.UseEXDialog = true;
this.printDialog1.Document = this.printDocument1;
DialogResult dr = this.printDialog1.ShowDialog();
if (dr == DialogResult.OK)
int nCopy = this.printDocument1.PrinterSettings.Copies;
int sPage = this.printDocument1.PrinterSettings.FromPage;
int ePage = this.printDocument1.PrinterSettings.ToPage;
string PrinterName = this.printDocument1.PrinterSettings.PrinterName;
csCashCal.PrintOptions.PrinterName = PrinterName;
csCashCal.PrintToPrinter(nCopy, false, sPage, ePage);
catch (Exception err)
This is only a simple sales receipt application that uses dgv and textboxes to push its data to dataset to the crystal report, a simple one but there are instances that it is very slow.
But I'm having trouble implementing this using SSRS, since I'm only new to this one, wherein I created the report using report wizard, with two button options inside the form for print preview or direct print selection. Actually, it is very easy to implement
with print preview because it uses reportviewer. My problem is that how can I print the report directly without using a reportviewer?
So here is my code so far which I don't know what's next:
private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor;
this.Cursor = Cursors.Default;
ReportParameter[] parameter = new ReportParameter[11];
private void loadParameter3()
parameter[0] = new ReportParameter("InvoiceNo", txtcsno.Text);
parameter[1] = new ReportParameter("Date", date);
parameter[2] = new ReportParameter("CustomerTin", txtTin.Text);
parameter[3] = new ReportParameter("CustomerName", txtNameTo.Text);
parameter[4] = new ReportParameter("CustomerAddress", txtAdd.Text);
parameter[5] = new ReportParameter("Agent", agent);
parameter[6] = new ReportParameter("Discount", "Discount: ");
parameter[7] = new ReportParameter("TotalDiscount", lblDiscount.Text + "%");
parameter[8] = new ReportParameter("TotalSales", rdtotal);
parameter[9] = new ReportParameter("Tax", rdtax);
parameter[10] = new ReportParameter("TotalAmount", rdnet);
private void loadReceipt3()
DataSet dsrs = new DataSet();
DataTable dtrs = new DataTable();
DataRow drs;
dtrs.Columns.Add("Qty", Type.GetType("System.String"));
dtrs.Columns.Add("UOM", Type.GetType("System.String"));
dtrs.Columns.Add("Description", Type.GetType("System.String"));
dtrs.Columns.Add("UnitPrice", Type.GetType("System.String"));
dtrs.Columns.Add("Discount", Type.GetType("System.String"));
dtrs.Columns.Add("Amount", Type.GetType("System.String"));
for (int i = 0; i < dgvDesc.Rows.Count - 1; i++)
drs = dtrs.NewRow();
drs["Qty"] = double.Parse(dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Qty.Name].Value.ToString());
drs["UOM"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Uom2.Name].Value.ToString();
drs["Description"] = invcode + dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Description.Name].Value.ToString();
drs["UnitPrice"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[UnitPrice.Name].Value.ToString();
if (discount != 0)
drs["Discount"] = "(" + string.Format("{0:0.##}", discount) + "%)";
drs["Discount"] = "";
drs["Amount"] = dgvDesc.Rows[i].Cells[Amount2.Name].Value.ToString();
catch (Exception) { }
int addtlRow = 7;
if (addtlRow > (count - 1))
addtlRow = addtlRow - (count - 1);
for (int i = 0; i < addtlRow; i++)
LocalReport localreport = new LocalReport();
localreport.DataSources.Add(new ReportDataSource("dsSalesReceiptSsrs", dtrs));
//what's next....
So what's next after local..refresh()? Actually, I have googled a lot but I didn't found the exact solution that I'm looking for which confuses me a lot.
Anyway I'm using VS 2010 with sql server 2012 express.
You're help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I'm using nokia 5233. In this mobile in nokia store app the download button became not clickable. So pls help me to recover.

I know, you can have multiple email accounts. i have 3 on my iphone 4. But if my wife, daughter, and I all use the ipad. Can you set up email to ask for what account to load?
Again, i know you can switch after the fact. I am trying to avoid the scenario where I may see my daughter email, or my wife may see mine. Not that we have anything to hide. But if i order flowers or something, i wouldn't want here to inadvertently see the conf email because ipad defaulted to my account.

Does it matter if we have one account for my two sons and I? How do we manage purchases so that we each have only the songs we want on our nanos?