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I am having a problem opening my browser, the broswer is hanging up after slowly opening

Hello, I have been having trouble with my firefox browser for quite some time now, it just stopped working on me about 5 or 6 months ago. I have switched over to Internet Explorer which has still been working fine. I like using Firefox much more than Explorer these days, but I am unfortunately not good much with fixing computer problems and have pretty much extinguished all my available options for repairing it myself.
The problem with Firefox is now when I click on the shortcut link on my desktop, it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to open up the browser now. Once it does finally open, you cannot type or click on anything it is hung up and will not allow you to go to another site(the home page will still load, with current news and other information)
I cannot remember anything that would have caused it to crash or get hung up like this, but like I said I am not a computer expert by any means. I do know that I am ready to get Mozilla back to running smoothly as before, I had just gotten really used to it(I had been using internet explorer).
I also uninstalled Firefox completely and reinstalled it, I figured if nothing else I tried worked that usually is the best still did/does the same thing, hangs up everytime you try to run/open it.
I checked your online solution for what to do on a hanging first page, I saw something about pentium 4's running Windows Vista or computer runs Windows 7 (was actually purchased running the terribly bug ridden and error-prone Vista, and lucky I was able to obtain a free upgrade to 7). So I was thinking maybe that had something to do with it, I had some problem in the past, with what I cannot remember, but it traced back to something from when Vista was on my computer(even though it was no longer my operating system I'll be darn if it wasn't still causing me headaches! How fitting.)
My computer in question is a Dell Studio XPS 1640 which I bought new almost two years ago exactly)

Did you check what I would consider the first place to look:
If the site is still down (at least 12 hours) when you read this try [ Google's cache]
Link or url would make it easier to see which page you tried rather than "your online solution for ...".
* ([ cached version])
* ([ cached version])
* [ Firefox hangs | Troubleshooting | Firefox Help]


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I want to write 1 digital port from PXI-6536 with streaming to TDMS file.
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1.JPG ‏27 KB

I have one doubts if is preferable  work with mac book Pro all together with battery and to connect it when discharge or  work with the connected to CA cable.
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thaks for help could view/record Freeview or Freesat (UK).
At the moment I have the PS3 with PlayTV, which works well, but I find myself hardly ever playing games on it any more, and using it mostly for music, photos, videos and TV. At the moment, we are really missing the online movie rental side of things, typically my wife and I will decide to rent a movie on the evening we want to watch it, but by the time we get to the Blockbuster in town, they don't have what we want. At the moment, I'm renting on iTunes, transferring to my iPhone and playing on the device through the TV... however I would prefer a more convenient and HD solution.
Apple TV could be a huge hit in the UK, it would fill the gap between home-produced media (photos, home movies), Music playback, broadcast TV, HD viewing and on-demand Movie rentals without being location specific (a la Virgin) and without warranting huge subscription fees and horrible user interfaces (a la Sky). A Flash-supported browser would be sweet too for YouTube and iPlayer (don't know if this is already the case).
I like the idea of being able to search for a Movie/TV show using Apple TV, it checks the broadcast EPGs as well as iPlayer and the iTunes Store and presents the option of recording the broadcast, streaming from iPlayer or buying/renting the item. If I choose to record it, it would then be the icing on the cake if I could then transfer it back to my iTunes library on my Mac, or directly to an iPhone/iPod in h.264 format.
It would be media bliss... what would I pay for this? I would expect to pay about the same as a second-hand PS3 with PlayTV.
How would I expect Apple to achieve this? I would expect that an Apple TV with greater HDD capacity and the TV tuner as an option that, the Tuner could have separate model numbers for different regions and standards... so for the UK, there would be two modules, one for Freeview (DVB-T) and one for Freesat (DVB-S2). Plus a software update. The Tuner modules could even house hardware h.264 encoder so that what's recorded is in an iTunes friendly format (unlike the PS3 which records everything in MPEG2... useless for transferring to a portable device).
The Cherry on the icing would be the ability to rip my DVD collection into iTunes... but that's another discussion.
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After updating AVG anti-virus, I encountered a problem on Firefox. I would select a link from the drop down on the address bar but the page would not open after clicking on it. I would select it again, even double click, but the page does not open. I could only reach website by selecting google or yahoo from my dropdown on the most visited list and then click the website that I want to visit. I would like to do this in one step by just selecting a link from my history on the address bar and select a link instead of going to google and then writing the page I want to visit. What could be the problem? When going to the address bar to select a link to open, why does the site not open? Any help would be appreciated.

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Can this be done
Thanks for any and all help

I would like to use the windows explorer open dialog box instead of the adobe open dialog box. How can I change that?