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Start up problems after Safari 3.1 and Security update

Updated safari and security update last night.
Safari downloaded and installed but there was an error downloading or installing the security update, I forgot.
After I restarted everything booted up fine, but was stuck on "Starting Mac OS X" screen.
Did a fsck and zap the pram, still stuck.
Today I tried booting up in safe mode, stuck on the gray screen with the apple logo.
Then I tried booting up from an external firewire dvd drive. Repaired permissions, repaired the disk, but it is still stuck on "Starting Mac OS X" screen. Help please...
Thank you

Ok i had a similar problem, with all the recent updates for Leopard, including the 10.5.2 combo update... the 12" PowerBook G4 kept getting stuck on the grey apple and spinning wheel... if it managed to get past this it would get stuck on the blue screen!!!
The way i got around this, after trying all these other tips was: Archived & Installed 10.5; restarted, waited; downloaded 10.5.2 Combo update, installed; restarted, waited; waited; waited; after getting back to desktop, restarted, waited; then ran Software Update only installing one at a time, and after each install, restarted, waited; when all Software updates completed, proceeded with iLife updates etc... It took a while (still quicker than the 3 days of failed installs and updates) with a lot of waiting on the blue screen (5-20mins) but we got there in the end. Disks where checked with Leopard Disk Utility before and after, permissions where checked before and after completing all installs, also with a DW 4.1 optimization. Also note worthy is the RAM was upgraded from the initial 256Mb (!!!) with an extra Gb.


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Hello people,
I'm doin a project which involves creating a drawing pad on which a user can draw..How can i do with Sun Java Wireless Toolkit??..any classes for stylus??..or any mouse events/classes??..or any other means??
Thanx in advance

I have been trying to make a transformation and seem to be having a problem in that javax.xml.transform can not be found while using jdk1.3....If I use jdk1.4, there is no problem....
Does anyone know how I can get things to work using jdk1.3???
(Description of what I am doing...1) Building XML Source 2) Setting up the XSLT File 3) Building Source Object 4) Build Result Object 5) Transforming the Data.....MY RESULT SHOULD BE AN HTML PAGE)
I have tried putting xerces.jar and xalan.jar in my CLASSPATH....but this still doesn't work....onyl thing that has worked is using jdk1.4 as my JAVA_HOME....

On linux we cannot use radio buttons switch from foundation zurb. Look at this issue:

I am using RoboHelp 8 and I am trying to produce printed documentation from a WebHelp project. I have chosen to use styles from a Microsoft Word template. I have a RoboHelp paragraph style named NumberedProcedure mapped to a Word paragraph style named numbered list. When the document is created the procedures are correctly numbered, but the style is listed as Normal and the formatting is not correct. I have the same problem with bulleted lists - they appear OK, but the wrong Microsoft Word style is selected even though I mapped it correctly in RoboHelp. Is this problem occurring because I am not using list styles? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for correcting the issue?

I am editing a document created with Pages 09. The doc has probably 40 paragraph styles: certainly more than can be viewed in the new styles dropdown list without scrolling. When I attempt to scroll this dropdown list it "disappears" from the pane. See two screen grabs: #1 taken after clicking the down arrow to open the styles dropdown; #2 taken after trying to scroll down within the dropdown pane. Once I have tried to scroll, there is no way to recover the styles display other than closing the pane by clicking ourside of it.
I don't see a way around this, save reverting to using Pages 09 to edit my document. Any ideas?

RH8/Tech Comm Suite 2
WebHelp Pro
Brand, spanking new RH8 project and new CSS that I'm trying to create using RH Styles tool - not an upgrade issue
Hi All,
First time creating a CSS in RH8 (and I'm pretty novice when it comes to CSS). After reading everything I can find about Styles & Formatting in RH8 ( included - thank you, Peter!), I still can't figure out something really basic: I built a List Style called "Numbered", it's definitely there in my CSS (shows up in the Styles & Formatting pod and Styles editor where I created it), and it seems to be applying correctly when I select text and then the Numbered list style. But, if I later go back to a topic and want to make sure it was tagged appropriately, when I click the text (none) is what's selected in both the Styles & Formatting pod and the Formatting toolbar. When I look at the HTML, it's applied correctly:
<ol type="1">
<li class="Numbered">First step of procedure here.</li>
<li class="Numbered">Here's the next step</li>
<li class="Numbered">Here's the next step</li>
<li class="Numbered">&#160;</li>
I saw an old post re: a display issue with styles in RH7. Is this still a bug in RH8? Is there anything I can do to display the currently applied style somewhere on the Design side? (I have novice RH users working with me on this project...I can't make them go look at the HTML to see if the right style is applied!)
Second to that, how do I get the Formatting toolbar to show List Styles (seems to be showing Paragraph styles only)? Basically I'd like that box on the Formatting toolbar to show only what I want it to show... about 6 styles total, but some are Paragraph and some are List.
Katie Carver
Docs-to-You, LLC
Phoenix, AZ

Okay, this is probably the most ridiculous interface question I've posed in years, BUT...
I prefer to have my styles listed on the side of my screen. Somehow the style tab has been removed, and I can't seem to get it to return to the screen. If I click Format > Styles, neither the detached style window nor the tab shows up. I've no idea if I closed the tab or hid it somehow, but this is getting frustrating. Anyone know if there's a workflow reset button anywhere?

I am trying to parse a HTML file. I am able to extract context of various tags like Tag.SPAN,Tag.DIV and so...
I want to extract the text content of Tag.Style. What to do? The problem is that HTML Parser right now doesnot support this tag along with 5 more tags which are Tag.META,Tag.PARAM and so..
Please help me out.

Hello wonderful INDD community!
I have learned so much since my last visit here, and I want to say Thank you! You've helped me "up my game" with nested style sheets and grep!
Working on the same catalog project as I was discussing before, and I've run into this quandary:
This catalog has quite a lot of numbered lists, most of which were already numbered when I got them. I'm wanting to differentiate the numbers from the titles (which I've further differentiated from the descriptions using Nested Styles), but am having trouble deciding the best way to do it.
The reason I bring my woes here is because this group, I know, members here will help me find the BEST way to do it! Not just any ole way.
I sort of see two ways of approaching it:
Using GREP Styles to identify the item numbers and also to insert a second tab to allow me to right-align the numbers. The 1st part, I think I can do, the 2nd part kind of makes my head spin.
Converting these hand-typed numbered lists to INDD auto-numbered lists. The hurdle here, to me, is how to get rid of the debris of the hand-typed numbers in some easy automated way? This concept is kind of the reverse of INDD's "Convert Bullets and Numbering to Text" feature. A "Convert Text to Numbering" command.
Now, it's easy for me to believe that somebody here in this forum has a better idea. I just wanted to prove to you that I've done my homework. Hours of it, in fact.
Can peoples take a look at the attached image which attempts to illustrate what I'm after?
Thanks SO MUCH,

Style sheets created and used previously are no longer working (properly). What's up with that?