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Sound Blaster Live 24-bit PCI Sound Card and Creative Sound Blaster PCI Card not detect

Ok here is my problem. I bought a Creative Sound Blaster PCI sound card a while back and it was working fine but recently when I would boot up my computer and try to play music say off of Winamp it says Bad DirectSound Driver. When I check device manager it shows no sound card there and in sounds and audio devices it says no audio device. Now my brother believed this to be a card fault so we went to Frys and bought a Sound Blaster Li've 24-bit PCI card. I uninstalled the old drivers and installed this new one but yet it's the same problem. My assumption was that Windows XP had something conflicting so I reinstalled the OS. It found the card and I installed the latest drivers?off of this site but now it does the same thing yet again with a fresh install of Windows XP. The card has been in all 3 of my PCI slots and it will detect it for a moment but then acts like as if the card was never installed. Like I never installed a sound card into the computer. The onboard audio has been disabled for a while now but I do not know what the problem could be. I did Scan for hardware changes but it doesn't show up. Sometimes when the card is detected if I do scan for hardware changes and the card is there it will just magically disappear from the device manager as if it was never there. Even when I try to load music and I see the card is detected it will not play the music and ends up locking up Winamp to the point that sometimes will go BSOD. Now I would really like to find out what the issue is because I am planning this weekend to swap out my motherboard with a duplicate board to see if that will end up fixing the problem but I want to find out if there is any other way to fix this issue. Thank you.Message Edited by AuXoIs on 02-25-200808:28 PM

Hmm what other options is there for the bios on PCI slots?Also anything you connect to the motherboard can have oxidization (I think its that) build up on the connection. Check the connector on the card and get a eraser (Pen eraser is better) and give it a good cleaning. The connector might have alot of build-up on it and you can see it by a dark yellowy colour. I cleaned my graphics card and ram connectors after they got alot of the build-up on them. On a older computer my graphics stopped working and this fixed it. Also I went away for a while (like a month) and came back to see that my puter didn't display anything. Opened it up and saw that the graphic card had alot of corrosion? on the card connector and in the slot. Does that if you computer is turned of for a long time. Had a heck of time trying to clean the slot out. One other thing that it could be is the sound card is faulty. I had an audigy 2 and it died a while back . It picks it up and then try and use it computer freezes and the after restart it's not there anymore. Hope it's not that problem. Hope this gives you something to go by.


1. Download & Run DLLEscort - Download Now

2. Click 'Start Scan' to analyze your System.

3. Click 'Fix Errors' and you're done!


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Hi Gurus,
I find a problem after ECC upgrade with SO_OBJECT_SEND.
This was used in a zprog and was wroking fine in 4.6 C.
When this prog is executed it sends mails to the users thru SOST/SCOT.
But in ECC , upon execution I did not see the mails in SOST.
The prog passes the User id (  type B) to the receivers table.The mail
is sent to Business workplace but not to SOST/SCOT.
Pls help gurus.

I have an ABAP report that will send an email and attach the PDF file.
- convery spool to PDF     : CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF
- to send email          : SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1
How I execute SM36:
1. SM36
2. Job Name
3. Spool List Recipient : select my own address as internal user (I didn't tick any of the check box for the general attributes)
When I go to TCODE SO01(SAP Inbox)
The attachment I see is just a link to the output of my classic ABAP view report, it's not a PDF File.
But I in SO01, I create a mail and attach PDF file, receive it my SAP inbox and can also open the attached PDF directly by just double clicking it.

  We are using function module so_new_document_att_send_api1 for sending mail with text document. It was working fine 4.7 system but in ECC system it is sending blank attachement with mail. Program remain same and no changes in that. I have attached code. please advise how to resolve this issue.

I have searched the forum and found several examples and threads about function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.
I have used it before but am now having a specific problem and cannot find a solution.
The RECEIVERS table is being populated with multiple addresses. The intent is to send one single email to all the recipients listed. Instead, the email is being sent once per recipient.
The code below shows two addresses. It should send one email with a TO: and CC: address. Instead it sends it twice (with TO: and CC: populated in each email). "test1" and "test2" are incomplete email addresses for this example.
I assumed it was a simple coding error on my part. Anyone see it? This is on an ECC 6.0 system.
  CLEAR it_mailtxt-line.
  it_mailtxt-line = 'testing email with multiple recipients.'.
  APPEND it_mailtxt.
  DESCRIBE TABLE it_mailtxt LINES mailtxt_size.
  it_doc_att-obj_descr =  'Test email'.
  it_doc_att-sensitivty = 'F'.
  it_doc_att-doc_size = mailtxt_size * 255.
  CLEAR it_mailpack-transf_bin.
  it_mailpack-head_start = 1.
  it_mailpack-head_num = 0.
  it_mailpack-body_start = 1.
  it_mailpack-body_num = mailtxt_size.
  it_mailpack-doc_type = 'RAW'.
  APPEND it_mailpack.
  REFRESH it_reclist.
  CLEAR it_reclist.
  it_reclist-receiver = 'test1'.
  it_reclist-express = 'X'.
  it_reclist-rec_type = 'U'.
  it_reclist-com_type   = 'INT'.
  APPEND it_reclist.
  CLEAR it_reclist.
  it_reclist-copy   = 'X'.
  it_reclist-receiver = 'test2'.
  it_reclist-express = 'X'.
  it_reclist-rec_type = 'U'.
  it_reclist-com_type   = 'INT'.
  APPEND it_reclist.
      document_data                      = it_doc_att
      COMMIT_WORK                        = 'X'
      packing_list                       = it_mailpack
      object_header                   = it_mailhead
      contents_txt                      = it_mailtxt
      receivers                          = it_reclist
      too_many_receivers                 = 1
      document_not_sent                  = 2
      document_type_not_exist            = 3
      operation_no_authorizationfiltered = 4
      parameter_error                    = 5
      x_error                            = 6
      enqueue_error                      = 7
      OTHERS                             = 8.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

I'm using FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 for sending a txt file attachment, but the format of data is wrong.
U s e r   :   T F R A N C O 
D a t e   :   1 8 / 0 5 / 2 0 1 0
clear objpack-transf_bin.
  objpack-transf_bin = 'X'.
  objpack-head_start = 1.
  objpack-head_num = 1.
  objpack-body_start = 1.
  objpack-body_num = tab_lines.
  objpack-doc_type = 'TXT'.
  objpack-obj_descr = 'Document'.
  objpack-doc_size = tab_lines * 255.
      Document_data              = doc_chng
      put_in_outbox              = 'X'
      commit_work                = 'X'
      Packing_list               = objpack
      object_header              = objhead
      contents_bin               = objbin
      contents_txt               = objtxt
      Receivers                  = reclist
      too_many_receivers         = 1
      Document_not_sent          = 2
      Document_type_not_exist    = 3
      Operation_no_authorization = 4
      others                     = 99.
Thanks in advance.

I have an Abap-List in an internal table and i want to sent this list via FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 to an e-mail adress. But I have no idea, how to convert the abaplist (raw with length 1000) to the content_hex table (raw with length 255) under unicode (unicode check is active). Who can help me?
Message was edited by: Hannes Zach

Hello gurus,
I'm using the FM SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 to send emails (massively) with a pdf file as attachment. Unfortunately, I can't see the email in the outbox of my business workplace . Nevertheless all the recipients get the emails without problems. The sy-subrc after calling the FM is 0. Everything seems to go fine except for the missing entries in my outbox .
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you,
P.D. This is the way how I'm calling the FM:
  call function 'SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1'
      document_data              = wa_doc_data
      put_in_outbox              = 'X'
      sender_address             = in_sender_address
      sender_address_type        = in_sender_addres_type
      commit_work                = 'X'
      sent_to_all                = w_sent_all
      packing_list               = it_packing_list
      contents_bin               = it_attachment_int
      contents_txt               = it_message_body_int
      receivers                  = it_email_receivers_int
      too_many_receivers         = 1
      document_not_sent          = 2
      document_type_not_exist    = 3
      operation_no_authorization = 4
      parameter_error            = 5
      x_error                    = 6
      enqueue_error              = 7
      others                     = 8.
  case sy-subrc.
    when 0.
*     Todo bien!
    when 1.
      raise too_many_receivers.
    when 2.
      raise document_not_sent.
    when 3.
      raise document_type_not_exist.
    when 4.
      raise operation_no_authorization.
    when 5.
      raise parameter_error.
    when 6.
      raise x_error.
    when 7.
      raise enqueue_error.
    when others.
      raise unknown_error.

I'm currently programming a payment program and I'm encountering an issue with my validation of BIC's. I have a giant list of all known BIC's but one seems to fail (I validate on it's ISO country code where is use the build in Locale API from Java.
But unfortunately it doesn't seem to know South Sudan (SS) as valid ISO country, but according to Wikipedia and Swift (=keeper of the BIC's) South Sudan is a valid country and ISO:
Also Java seems to follow the ISO 3166 standard and they also state that South Sudan SS exists:
I can work around this (but I don't like to create exceptions for this sort of things :p), but maybe someone can give me an explanation. Or should I submit a bug report ;)?
Thanks in advanced

Hi All,
Application: Sourcing
Responsibility : Sourcing Buyer
Concurrent Program : Generate and Store Sourcing response spreadsheet
I am trying to run
Java Concurrent Program : Generate and Store Sourcing response spreadsheet in SRS Window,
it completed with Error status.
Please let me know How can I run this Concurrent Program with Normal status and able to view/save the Output.
Please provide resolution on this.

Few of the shopping carts after deleting the follow-on PO doesn't appear back in the sourcing cockpit. Furthermore, I found the SOURCE_REL_IND set to blank in table BBP_PDIGP.
Since this is happening at random, not sure if I can forcefully push the cart into the sourcing cockpit using any FM.
Thank you.
PS  : I tried FM : BBP_PDIGP_DB_DIRECT_UPDATE, but the next run of BBP_GET_STATUS_2 is revoking it back to space.