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Signature in Mail does not open and page gets frozen?

Signature in Mail doesn't open and whenever I try to open it, the page gets frozen disallowing any movement. Re-setting has been done several times but withou success. I have iPad 2 with iOS 7 (updated).  I want to avoid Restoring the iPad as in this case I suspect all my data wiii get lost. Thanks for helping.

What signature in mail are you talking about? If you use the built in signatures in the settings, then I assume that you can't send mail at all if the page freezes every time that you try to write an email. When you tap the new email icon, and the window pop up, your signature is already at the bottom of the email screen.
So then you are saying that you cannot send emails correct? And you can restore an iPad without losing a thing, of you do it properly. I have restored several devices a few time and I never lost anything.


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I hav a scenario in which XI is picking up images form a database and is sending them to another database.
The JDBC sender adapter in use has a query like select image, file name, file size from table where file name starts with 'a', thus at times the adapter ends up picking multiple images in one go.
When we check the size of the a single XI message payload carrying images as a result of the above adapter, it has been observed to be of double the size of the image being carried. For instance, if the image picked is of size 1MB the size of the XI message payload is shown as 2MB; in the <SAPMessageSizePayload> tag when the message is opened in SXI_MONITOR.
I want to know the reason behind the XI message payload size being double that of the size of the image it carries.
Edited by: diptee s on Dec 18, 2010 11:10 AM
Edited by: diptee s on Dec 18, 2010 11:11 AM

I am using Nokia 5130 XpressMusic phone.
Previously I have used Nokia 5310 and 6303i and X3.
The problem is all these phones shows different messages sizes in (Kb):
Phone Model
160 Character Msg
765 Character Msg
906 Character Msg
Why there is difference in calculating the msg size..?

When I finished filling in the pdf - the text is too small when I printed out the form.

Does anyone know how the size of RAM will assist  CS4 performance - particularly for H264 file encoding?
I am running an i7-930 processor and 6GB of XMS3 Corsair RAM in a ASUS P6T motherboard - on Win 7 64 Bit
Would increasing RAM to a full 12GB have any significant effect - or would this be hardly noticeable?
Finally - for anyone that has upgraded to CS5 what are the practical benefits - any performance improvements noticeable?
In particular I find Encore CS4 slow.

First off, I'm new to BW so I apologize if I use the wrong terminology. I was wondering if there was any way to estimate the size of a flat file infocube export. For example, if I look up all the associated DB tables for a cube, let's call it TESTCUBE, would the total size of those tables be about the size of the TESTCUBE export to a flat file. This assumes that the cube is not compressed in any way. So if the the total DB table size is 100 MB then is the flat file about 100 MB? If not, is there a way to estimate this.

I try to obtain the free space disk of c:\ (under windows NT). I use the class File but i obtain a size of 0 for the drive C:\
I use :
private static boolean estSuperieurAuSeuil(String disque, long seuil) {
File lecteur = new File("c:\");
//File lecteur = new File(disque);
long volumeOccupe = lecteur.length();
     if (volumeOccupe >seuil) {
     return true;
     } else {
     return false;
but volumeOccupe is always equals to 0
Anyone can help me !

I have a report that has around 10000 rows and 5 columns. When I export to excel, the excel file is very big, around 15MB.
But If the file is opened, and saved again , the size reduces to around 13MB.
Any suggestions on how to reduce the file size of the exported Excel file. I would prefer to export it to excel rather than CSV format.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi All -
I have a JTable that displays a combobox in certain cells. I have a custom table model, renderer, and editor. All of that works fine. I render the combobox with the renderer, and then return the combobox as an editor in the editor so that it can drop down and actually be of use. My problem is - I set the size of the combobox with a setBounds call in the renderer, I add it to a panel, and return the panel - because I dont want the combobox to take up the entire space of the cell. This approach fails in the editor. The setBounds and setSize calls have no effect. As soon as you click the combobox, the editor takes over and all of a sudden the combobox resizes to the entire area of the cell. I assume this is because in the editor you arent actually placing anything - your simply returning the "editing form" of the component.
So - anybody know of a way to work around this? Worst case, I could just allow the combobox to use the entire area of the cell - but it makes it uglier so I figured I would run it by the forums.

I want to know the total size of my applet.
It contains the size when installing it and the memory used while processing it.
How should I calculate?
Do it become it as well as the size of "CAP file"?
When the package is installed from the JCOP shell, the following messages are output.
Load report:
  16030 bytes loaded in 64.9 seconds
  effective code size on card:
      + package AID       6
      + applet AIDs       17
      + classes           95
      + methods           13137
      + statics           125
      + exports           0
        overall           13380  bytes

Hello all,
i tried to import an image sequence into Compressor (20 Tiff files sequentially numbered with 1920x1080 aspect ratio) so i can export it to Apple ProRes. I want to do this through compressor so as to be able to use the batch option in the future...
Problem is, after i import the image sequence, in the inspector window under the A/V attributes tab i see encoded bounds: 68x40 and display bounds: 68x40 and the image appears to be 68x40 in pixel size. I tried to export the sequence to Apple Pro Res 1920x1080 to see if it was just the compressor preview that looked bad. Now i have an ugly 1920x1080 image that originates from a 68x40 image, You can imagine the pixel size!!!!!!
Am i doing something wrong here? Is there a limit to what size of images can compressor handle?