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Restore saved iPhoto library after hard drive repair

My hard drive crashed and Apple were kind enough to repair it although it happened 1 week after the extended warranty expired. I was able to save the hard drive files to an external drive just before it died, but now when I try and import the iPhoto library back into the newly repaired computer one of 2 things happen: The photos begin to transfer and then the application (iPhoto) unexpectedly quits, or, the blue bar at the bottom says Working and nothing happens for as long as 10 minutes.
I would really appreciate some help as I no longer have covered support. One of the photo text files may be corrupted. How do I identify the problem file?
Thanks very much,
Colin Sieff

That's because importing from another iPhoto Library folder isn't the way to restore an iPhoto Library. I'm surprised you were able to do it without a bunch of warning dialogs.
If you still have the original iPhoto Library folder intact, the thing to do is restore it as I've described earlier. If you have sufficient disk space, quit iPhoto and drag the existing iPhoto Library folder from Pictures to the desktop. Then drag your backup iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, and the only thing left to do is to start iPhoto. If all's well, move the desktop copy of the iPhoto Library folder to the trash, then empty the trash.


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I am having a couple of issues that are really driving me nuts on my phone. The number 1 issue and it became an issue with the ICS upgrade is that when I am in a call, my screen goes dark, like normal, however I cannot for the life of me get back to the in call screen. The only button that does anything is the power button and when I push it, it takes me back to the in call screen and then promptly hangs the call up. Does anyone know of anything I can do to change this from happening?
The other issue and once again this started happening after the ICS upgrade, is that when I wake my phone up it arbitrarily picks a website to open to instead of opening directly to the home screen. Just infuriating!
The call issue is huge though because I am doing a lot of business calls from my phone and without a way to get my screen to turn on in call is not acceptable.

I need your advice. I have task - Сlear field XREF2_HD in table BKPF when FI document is posting  (FB01, for excemple).
I`m using BTE 1120 "Substitute header and items", belong you can see FM code which i use:
""Локальный интерфейс:
T_BKPF-XREF2_HD = '!!!!'.
But after execute this FM, all changes in T_BKPF are rollbacked (it`s OK, becouse after execute T_BKPF is rewrited from local table L_BKPF).
I think, i should i change data in T_BKPFSUB table, but field XREF2_HD is`t included into BKPF_SUBST structure. So, i have two questons:
1. How i can add field XREF2_HD into BKPF_SUBST?
2. What can i do?
The best regreades, DrAlex

I'm trying to do something, something more to utilize the image vhd file, not just leave it there as a pure backup file.
After the vhd gets attached, it can be accessed as a usual hard drive. Change anything like copy a random file into it, name it file A, then reboot the system, press F8 and call the image restore procedure.
15min or more, I get the restored system. However file A meant to be in there at the exactly location I copied to, as a matter of fact it's non there..
Isn't that possible to customize the vhd file created by sys creation program? I even would like to apply differencial VHD storage to customize the backup VHD and eventually customize the physical OS at a low risk.
In this case, it seems impossible to make it work.

Hi All,
I have a SharePoint site hosted in ports 1122 and I have configured alternate access mapping to "http://batman".
Now, I want if some body types "http://batman" then it should get redirected to some other site. For this I am using URL Rewrite module. My rule is 
<rule name="Redirect Batman" stopProcessing="true">
          <match url="(.*)" />
                     <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" negate="true" pattern="^http://batman$" />
                  <action type="Redirect" url="http://sedwdevrtm:11731/{R:1}" redirectType="Permanent" />
which is not working at all. Please suggest something.

Hi All,
Can you help me in the following issue.........?
I have Make to Order production scenario. After Production Order is confirmed material goes for QC inspection and some quantity get rejected ( need rework).
Since I have confirmed total quantity in order confirmation, if I create a rework order with reference to the sales order that will increase the production qty by the rework qty. But I need a rework order to rework on the rejected quantity.
Let me know how to resolve the issue.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi all,
There is sales return finished good in stock.
This FG is rejected by quality assurance due to some quality reasons.
Now, rework to be done on this FG to make it as per quality standards,
After rework the material code of FG will remain same and sales will dispatch this FG in the same code.
How to show this rework process and what r the steps.

Randomly, but not often, when I leave my G5 Power PC tower unattended (as in, go and eat), I come back to find the fans revving at loud, full speed continuously. Consequently, the PC is frozen and unresponsive to wake from a the "sleep mode" like lock-up. I have to cold shut down by holding in the power on the tower.
It seems to happen sometime between sitting unused and going into sleep mode. It's never happened when I've been actively using it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had their fans rev up and keep going. Anyone know of a fix?
Thanks! Chris

Hi Friends,
we have a requirement to implement Revolving Letter of Credit, where if a Payment is made for the particular customer it's value should be added to the existing open LC value .
we tested everything with Static LC and every thing is working fine. but now we have to implement revolving LC
LC duration is 1 JAN to 31 JAN
Initial LC Value = Rs. 1000
order raised     =  Rs.   800
LC Open value =  Rs . 200
so if the customer makes payment for Rs. 300
the open LC value should be Rs. 200(Earlier open LC value) + 300(payment) = Rs. 500
Thanks & Regards

Dear All,
Can anyone explain how can we handle the scenario of Revolving Letter of Credit/ Bank Gaurantee's?
Thanks in advance.

1.  I have an Revolve 810 G1
     Running Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit).
When I change the screen to Tablet Mode
  (Folding tablet over keyboard and using as tablet).
I lock my computer.
2.  What to know how to unlock without having to Open back up and use the CTL-Alt-DEL keys.
When Locked screen shows:  Press CTRL-ALT-DEL or use the Windows Security Button to unlock this computer.
I would like to use the Windows Button on the bottom of the screen
   (One Used in Windows 8 to change between Desktop and Metro) to Unlock screen And bring up on screen keyboard to put in my password.
This is probably how it should work, but it does not work.
Even bringing up the onscreen keyboard via the blue power button On the screen to Ease Of Access does not work.
The CLT-ALT-DEL on the on screen keyboard will not unlock the screen.
Where is that Windows Security Button when you need it?