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Problem with adobe muse 7.2 in OSX Help Plase

Recientemente tengo un problema con el adobe muse 7.2 en el mac! 
cuando intento colocar un menu horizontal o vertical este no aparece completo, solo aparece un boton del menu y no me deja agragar mas,
Lo segundo que le pasa es que no funciona el estado activo para los anclajes, cuando lo previsualizo pareciera que no tuviese esta funcion activada.
ya instale y reinstale muchas veces pero el problema persiste a que se puede deber o que debo hacer para instalarlo en limpio de nuevo.
agraesco su ayuda
sea vertical u horizontal solo me aparece un boton del menu! y no me deja agregar mas..

1) En tu desarrollo has generado solo la pagina home? o tienes más páginas asociadas al sitio? Muse genera los items del menú de forma automática, si lo quieres hacer de forma manual, selecciona el menú y pulsa el triangulo azul que aparece luego de seleccionar, ahí esta la opción de crear el menú de forma manual!
2) Lo mismo de arriba, revisa si tienes la opción activada y en la paleta del menu de "states" revisa que el las propiedades del estado activo no sea el mismo que el de estado normal!
Estoy pendiente!


1. Download & Run DLLEscort - Download Now

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I can't capture screen images with PrtSc button on Lenovo T430. I tried every combination like using Alt+PrtSc, Ctrl+PrtSc and Fn+PrtSc.
Somebody suggested to use windows Snipping Tool to capture images but I dont want it as its very slow and need lots of keystrokes +mouse clicks to capture screen image.
Please help.

Hi All,
We are running EP 7.0 NWO4s on Windows 2003. When the user log on to the portal with the valid qualified URL geting an " 500 Internal Server error with  java.lang.null pointer exception message" Before the restart of the server every user able to access the portal properly. But after the restart of the server we are facing this problem. Few months back also we faced the same problem but it is fixed automitically in our next restart of our server. But this time even though how many times we are restarting of the server still the problem exists.
1. The Server is up and running
2. All the J2EE process are running properly
3. Oracle database is up and running
On the Defaulttrace file we noticed few exceptions The listener does not exist ! Servlet prt is currently unavailable.
Timeout Service Synchronous Internal Thread:
Processing HTTP request to servlet gateway finished with error.The error is: java.lang.NullPointerException: null
Caused by: javax.servlet.UnavailableException: Initialization of Dispatcher failed
Defaulttrace file Information:
a68a3f70e4d411dcc2e100188b874afd#Timeout Service Synchronous Internal Thread##0#0#Warning##Plain###,,j2eeType=SAP_ApplicationResourcePerNode,
SAP_J2EEClusterNode=18025994,SAP_J2EECluster=ANV not in repository
_105##0#0#Error#1#/System/Server#Java###An Error has been occured during PRTBridge operation
#1# The listener does not exist !
Processing HTTP request to servlet gateway finished with error.
The error is: java.lang.NullPointerException: null
Exception id: 00188B874AFD00350000002E000023E8000447700BC25C4C# Previous dispatcher initialization failed. Check logs for details.# at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.initDispatcher( at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.initDispatcher( at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.access$300( at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher$ at Method)# at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at at at at at at at at at at at Method)# at at
Processing HTTP request to servlet invoker finished with error.
The error is: Servlet prt is currently unavailable.
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
at Method)
Caused by: javax.servlet.UnavailableException: Initialization of Dispatcher failed
at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.initDispatcher(
at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.initDispatcher(
at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.access$300(
at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher$
at Method)
at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service(
Please help us to resolve this issue. Its a bit urgent for us. Your suggestions and views would be highly appreciable.

Whenever I open My PRS600 from complete shutdown it takes too much time to load all the files which are present in Memory card. Is anyone else facing same issue?

I tried to update the firmware, but failed when updating to version Tried to 2 times. The first time it failed I simply tried again. The second time, it took a lot longer to reach the failed to update message, but it did cause the ereader to reboot.
Now, it's stuck in an infinite reboot loop on the "Opening book" page. The progress bar on that page stays completely empty, lasts for about 30 seconds, and reboots again. This will go one until the battery is dead or indefinitely if plugged in. 
I have tried pressing the Home + Menu buttons, but they seem to have no effect.
Please advise if there is anything I can try to revive it?
Thanks in advanced.
Go to Solution.

prs-t1 is not properly rendering indic unicode fonts (Hindi, Telugu etc).  Same epub works fine in prs-t2 and it renders the fonts properly.
Go to Solution.

I am facing the same problem with my new PRS-T1. It freezes within 20-30 sec of start. It does not freeze when connected to USB or music is played in background. I guess there is some bug in the power management module of the software which puts the CPU in sleep quickly in such a way that it never wakes up other than hard reset.
The problem remained the same even after upgrading to latest FW (v1.0.04.12210). Very poor user experience. never expected this from Sony. They must fix this issue in their next FW release.

Good afternoon.
I recently (about a month ago) bougth two PRS-T1 readers (one as a gift) and I was very happy. I wanted a reader since I first knew of them and a T1 since it came out. I got a job as an intern engineer for the summer and saved to finally buy my gadget of dreams. I actually wanted to wait a little to see if a promotion came up because I lost the "free Harry Potter book combo", but I wanted to use the Reader for my school books and when the "almost free cover" promotion came up I inmediately ordered it.
Fast-forward a few weeks and I'm more than satisfied with my reader. Tablets are very common now, but everyone that sees the e-Ink screen working is thrown back in amazement. I carry it with me at all times (I hold it under my arm because I know keeping it in a bag has the risk of braking the screen) and my reading rate has improved vastly.
I've had the chance to find some areas of improvement on the Reader in the few weeks that I've had it with me and some of those were: being able to post in Facebook my reading status and maybe cite a phrase; and a native Evernote app, because while using the mobile site with the browser to view notes is actually neat, navigation and finding notes isn't, and neither is creating new notes. I supposed these were just remote dreams, knowing that just because you hope for, it doesn't mean a company will implement those features.
Well, imagine my surprise. New reader (it looks very similar to the T2 so no regrets there) with specifically the two functions I spent a month thinking would be great to have. Maybe they were so obvious it was inevitable, but still. Additionally, it seems too soon to drop support of the T1 after less than a year into its lifecycle.
So this is my request to Sony from a true fanboy: Please release a firmware update for the PRS-T1 to add the Facebook and Evernote features. I'd also suggest to remove the Google Books button and change it for one of the above or even a Wikipedia dedicated button, since I discovered that using the Reader is the best device for hours-long Wiki reading sessions.
Please consider my humble request. Maybe it turns out to be very easy to get done. Maybe not. Either way I'll keep enjoying the best e-reading experience with the best e-reader in the market and for that I'm very thankful.

Hi all,
we have schedualiing agreemet in place for some of our consingment stock but we are fadng issue that every day system generates PR for some of those materials for no reason.Ithese materials are MRP relevant.
any suggestion.

Hi to all -
Our customer desires to see all postings to the general ledger accounts broken down by cost center.  For warranty projects, the settlement rule for WBS elements will be to a Warranty Accrual Account (liability account) and Warranty Expense Account (expense account).  These postings need to be by cost center.
In the WBS element, the coster center field (PRPS-KOSTL) is only available if the WBS element is checked as a statistical WBS.  I would like to use either Responsbile Cost Center, Requesting Cost Center or even a user field as an input field and then substitute this value to the PRPS-KOSTL.  When this is tested, we get the following message:
"Field WBS_CCTR_POSTED_ACTUAL/CCtr posted actual: Changing the contents of the field is not permitted
Message no. CJ727
Contents of field WBS_CCTR_POSTED_ACTUAL/CCtr posted actual are to be modified, either by substitution or batch input.
Because the system noted that a field was not ready for input no chnage was allowed.
System Response
Processing stopped.
Check the field attributes or the action."
My question is if there is a way to use PRPS-KOSTL with out defining the WBS as a statistical WBS.
On the FICO siide, we are using report FAGLL03 to view the G/L accounts.  On this report, KOSTL is available as a selection field to create the segmentation the customer desires.
A final issue we have not gotten to - is if we can get the Cost Center on the WBS and settle the WBS to the G/L accounts - will the Coster Center information come over to the CO tables for use in FAGLL03.

Hello everybody,
At first, I hope this is the correct thread for this posting.
I have a problem with processing the generated idocs.
I create Idocs for example for all Customers (message type DEBMAS) with the transaction bd12.
Afterwards I process the Idocs with the transaction WE14 (program RSEOUT00).
The parameters I set are for example the packages size (= 100) which is necessary to avoid a lock table overflow, the message type, receiver system and so on.
The jobs works fine and without errors and all Idocs will be process and receive a new Status.
I do this with a background job (sm36) and create for each programm a step.
The problem is, that if I start the transaction we14 inside the background job with this parameters the process use user dialog processes. This means that the process reserve all available user dialog process from the system.
I think it starts/reserve for each package which should be processed a new dialog process.
After a short time nobody can work longer with the system because no dialog processes are available.
Why use this process no background processes or why use this process dialog processes?
Is this possible to configure anywhere?