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"No Sound Blaster card detected.." and other driver problem SOLUTION

Hi. I promised to myself that I wont give up and I looked for a solution to all SB Li've! 5. OEM (0220 and others) problem not detecting the card by the new drivers ! AND HERE IT IS !! I tested it and works almost PERFECTLY !!! Also for peaple who HAVE the original drivers but have problem with EAX in such games like GTA San Andreas THIS IS THE SOLUTION FOR YOU !! I hope creative doesn't mind me posting this: here and download the drivers !! TRY IT !! Any questions please write ! Sory but i think this is important inough to start a new topic.. Hell yeah now I can play San Andreas even when it's raining (in game ofkozz :P) ... Oh and PS. For Win XP users read this first : I used the second method (on the bottom of the page) Renaming the files and installing normally. You will be asked to insert the winXP CD couse it wont be able to find some files but you can just SEARCH for them on the system and you can find them (In c:\windows\system32 and system32\drivers). Then after reboot you go to Device Manager and update drivers for Sound Blaster Li've Series (or Multimedia audio device) mark "Don't look for drivers.." And choose KX from the list. Thats all I thinkPs 2 - set the mixer for your card couse basically it's set for 5. dolby surround. If you have 2 Speakers or headphones do this: run the KX mixer (tray) and click Speaker setting (the icon with "?") set it to 2. and in Surround set COPY. Then mark the "Use subwoofer output" and "Use bass redirection". Everything should work well. There I think I helped :PMessage Edited by Cubix on 07-09-2005 08:26 PM

Gee, I think it's catching on. I was VERY dissapointed when I wasted my money on the SB Li've! 24bit PCI. That card apparently isn't a Li've! card, it's got a different chipset. It performs horribly with games and there are no other drivers to use for it. Not even the Audigy 2 hack and the kX audo project will work with it. This is like the **bleep** child of all Sound Blasters. No support, no reasonable performance, and horrible drivers. I just joined this forum today and this is the 5th topic related to SB Li've! 24 bit issues that I've seen yet. And what does creative take into initiati've about it's Nothing. They ignore us and expect us to pay 20+ dollars US on an Audigy 2 ZS.Message Edited by BoRaiChu on -03-2005 07:33 PM


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Dear Apple Community,
my first question is: Apple, are you kiding me (us)?! The problem is, after 2 weeks, still there! Just swich that Emoji option "on" again. That's what you have switched "off" the last iCloud Server Problem, isn't it?
Well, since the "iCloud: Calendar and Reminders - 03/14/2012 17:00 PDT - 03/16/2012 15:30 PDT" ( server problem some Emoji icons aren't anymore supported by an iCloud calender.
F.ex.: If my girlfriend creates an event at her calender, which is open for me (via her iCloud account - I use my own iCloud/iTunes Account) with an Emoji icons in the title, I see this "�", instead of the Emoji Icons. This happens f.ex. with the "Fork & Knife"-Emoji Icon. The "Heart"-Emoji Icon is shown correctly.
I also found out that if iCloud pushes the new created event to my iCal (on my Mac) or to the iCal of my girlfriend (on her Mac) the Emoji icons are also replaces by this "�" sign. o.O
After all, the old events, who was created before that iCloud Server still have their Emoji icons. Only new created events are affected. (After a switch on/off of the iCal in the iCloud on my Mac, all the old events now have also the "�" sign.)
Note: The events are always shown correctely on the device on which they are created. F.ex. if I create the event (with an Emoji icon) on my iPhone, it's shown correclty on my iPhone, but on my girlfriends' iPhone or Mac and even on my own Mac it has this "�" sign. Really strange.
P.S.: I already feedbacked it to iCloud Feeback. (
If you have the same problem, it would be good to feedback it!
Other people have the same problem:
APPLE FIX THIS!!! It looks horrible!

I am creating a program in Java which has a Database reference application.The Database I am using is MS Access.But whenever I am trying to run the program from DOS Prompt(ie executing the program:java <program name>) I am unable to connenct to the database.The compiling of the program doesn't show any error(ie javac <program name>) The following error is displayed at the DOS Prompt:
"[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in field definition."
Pls give me a detailed help report.If it is a Machine side problem do help me to solve it.Mine is a Compaq Presario Machine,OS:Windows 98,Database:MS Access(Office XP)
I request you to help me in this matter.Pls email ur responses to:
[email protected]
[email protected]

I am new user to Solaris 10, and learning to create a zone. Please
help me. I have done the following
I have configured a zone using the following commands
# zonecfg -z kooga-z
kooga-z: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:kooga-z> create
zonecfg:kooga-z> set autoboot = true
zonecfg:kooga-z> set zonepath = /export/home/kooga-z
zonecfg:kooga-z> add net
zonecfg:kooga-z:net> set physical = hme0
zonecfg:kooga-z:net> set address = 192.X.X.X
(for security reasons I have hacked the IP here)
zonecfg:kooga-z:net> end
zonecfg:bvmr2-1> verify
zonecfg:bvmr2-1> commit
zonecfg:bvmr2-1> ^D
When I run "zoneadm -z kooga-z install" I get this error message
Any idea why I am getting this error message?
could not verify net address=192.X.X.X physical=hme0: No such device or address
Thanks in adv,

I uploaded a video last night to YouTube. I can access it from the YouTube app on my phone only if I am signed in and go to "My Videos". But if I try to open it using a link to the video, I get a "Youtube not available" error. I've gotten 3 other people with iPhones to try it, with the same result. I made sure the option to play on mobile devices was checked within the video settings. What else can I do? I have no idea why this isn't working.

Recently, my iMac is displaying "Your video is turned off" when I try to videoconference with some other Skype users. I have Skype 6.3 installed. My wife is overseas for 6 months, and she is using a MacBook with Skype 2.8 installed. She refuses for personal reasons to upgrade to another version. Video doesn't work between us. Has the source of this problem been isolated yet, and is anyone trying to fix it?

Hello, this is my first time asking for support so I hope I provide all the information needed.
A while back my elder sister went into my computer and messed some settings up because iTunes was being wonky and not updating her new iPhone properly (turns out later the iPhone itself was having issues - not my computer nor iTunes). I used an older version of iTunes because I had an older iTouch and didn't need the newest version, but I didn't have any complaints when she updated it. I come back one day and iTunes isn't working alltogether, and when I plug in my iTouch it tells me there's an error and I need to re-install iTunes (or somewhere along that line, I was stupid and didn't screencap the message). (I asked her what she had done and said "Updated your computer! It hadn't been updated in so long, and then iTunes stopped working! Beats me!" and she can't tell me exactly WHAT she changed and downloaded.) So, I went through the uninstall process and went to the Apple website to download it again, but it kept giving me a "Your system has not been modified" error. This was a long time ago but I came back to my computer to try and solve it again and I've tried to redownload it off the website multiple times but it gives me the same error.
I went into my control panel and "add/remove progreams" to see if anything was left over from the uninstall process but I can't find any iTunes files. Any idea on how to get iTunes back onto my computer?
"iTunes Installer Completed
The installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured.
Errors occured during installation. Your system has not been modified.
Please run the installer again, or click Finish to exit."

"your system has not been modified error" will not let me install itunes on my computer(windows 7 64 bit) and it is so faustrating i need help please and thanks!

Can someone please help me? I'm trying to login using my usual login name but it says "Your skype name and password were not recignized". I used it few of days ago and it was fine until last Sunday (04-Dec). I've already contacted support team 2 days ago but they don't seem to care too much!
Can someone explain me what is going on?
Details for this account are:
login: sectoid1

"Your session has timed out, try again." is the message I get every time I try to purchase a song. My last purchase was june of this year, and nothing has changed since then.

Config info:
v490, 20k+users, JES 2005Q1,
Brief Description:
When users select the Corporate Directory under the Address Book tab in CE and click the ALL button (or do a wildcard search) they get the following error:
"Your server is not configured properly or your search query has
exceeded the limit. Please check server configuration."
Additional info:
Additionally this error shows up when a user chooses a View: letter and clicks next for the following page, and additionally if they have the Corporate Directory set as their default address book in options.
[11/Oct/2005:10:44:21 -0500] - WARNING<20805> - Backend Database - conn=161557 op=34 msgId=169 - search is not indexed
[11/Oct/2005:10:23:21 -0500] conn=161557 op=17 msgId=124 - SRCH base=",dc=mail,dc=ualr,dc=edu" scope=2
[11/Oct/2005:10:23:31 -0500] conn=161557 op=17 msgId=124 - RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=20540 etime=10 notes=U
Oct 11, 2005 10:52:20 AM com.sun.uwc.abclient.ABInitFilter doFilter WARNING: Address Book session already set!!
changes in /var/sun1/comexp/WEB-INF/config/corp-dir/
I have a ticket, just wondering if anyone else has this problem...