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IWork on iPad not syncing with iCloud Drive

iWork on my iPad – as well as iLife, I think – are refusing to sync to the iCloud Drive. I have tried logging in and out of my iCloud account. I have also ensured that "iCloud" is enabled on each app's individual settings (though the switch occasionally turns itself off). Can someone please assist me with this issue?

Just checked again on laptop and nothing is synching on there either now. Since iOS 6.0.1 it looks like.


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We have a Mac Pro running Lion Server and a few iMacs running Lion. We are trying to setup network home folders for our users. The server is the OD master, and each user is configured with the correct network home folder path. User can login with no problem, but the interesting thing is that when the users try to open any iWorks file (doesn't matter if it's Numbers, Pages, or Keynote), the application would hang and give out a spinning wheel of death. Same symptoms for Text Edit. I've tried my best to verify the permission, and everythign seems correct. If I login to a local user and connect to the server using that same user's credentials, I can open the exact same file with no problem. Does anyone have an idea what might've caused this?

I've just upgraded to Snow Leopard and now seem unable to use Page or Numbers.
When I open an existing document or spreadsheet the text seems to have turned white and the whole spreadsheet has a purple tint to it.
When I try to create a new document the text is white even though black is selected as a colour. If I change the colour it seems to be ok but if I switch back to black the text is white.
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Are there any PDF / iWork / OS X experts out there who can please help with this one?
I have three documents which were to be printed as A5 booklets. As a result I formatted them on A5 pages using small text (7 and 8 point). I know this sounds small but they look fine printed out and the photocopier does a a great job of making the 30 page booklets.
The problem I have is when I export to PDF for use of the documents on screen the 7 and 8 pt text is not antialiased, no matter what zoom setting is used to view the documents. 9 pt text seems to be the smallest text that is antialiased in OS X but at least in Pages when you zoom in the smoothing effect is applied for easy on-screen reading and editing. However, in Preview (or Quicklook) any sub-9 pt text looks awful at every zoom setting even though I have Preview set to 'smooth text and line art'.
The only potential workaround seems to be increasing the page size and scale in 'page setup…' in Pages but because the document is quite complex this leads to a lot of layout errors. I realise now I should have started with a larger page, reducing the scale when printing.
(Just to make things more confusing, Textedit shows unsmoothed sub-9 pt text at every zoom setting but DOES export PDFs with antialiased sub-9 pt text.)
Can anyone see another workaround? Thanks!

I upgraded to yosemite on my mid 2011 iMac...
Does anyone know if iWork is supposed to be included with this upgrade... because if it is, i don't have it anywhere on my system.
And what should i do to get it?

About two weeks ago, I noticed that my numbers documents stopped syncing with icloud. I would see the upload icon but nothing would actually happen. Edits I made on my phone wouldn't upload and documents I created on my mac wouldn't download. All other icloud functions work on my phone. My documents are making it to icloud without incident when I create or edit them on my mac.
I've tried reseting my phone, doing a software restore, removing then reinstalling Numbers and Pages and updating both apps. Most recently, I updated to iOS 6. Nothing has worked. Is there anything that I can do short of setting ym iphone up as a new phone. I really don't want to do that and loose my message history and call data.

I just purchased the new Macbook Pro with retina display and I am surprised there is no update for iWork. Text appears blurry and is very tough to use.

iWork on my iPad – as well as iLife, I think – are refusing to sync to the iCloud Drive. I have tried logging in and out of my iCloud account. I have also ensured that "iCloud" is enabled on each app's individual settings (though the switch occasionally turns itself off). Can someone please assist me with this issue?

I am trying to write a script that grabs some text from a Numbers spreadsheet based on the selected field. I just can't figure how to actually get the column and row in a way I can use. Here's my start:
tell application "Numbers"
tell document 1
set currentsheetindex to 0
repeat with i from 1 to the count of sheets
tell sheet i
set x to the count of (tables whose selection range is not missing value)
end tell
if x is not 0 then
set the currentsheetindex to i
exit repeat
end if
end repeat
if the currentsheetindex is 0 then error "No sheet has a selected table."
tell sheet currentsheetindex
set the current_table to the first table whose selection range is not missing value
tell the current_table
set the range_values to the value of every cell of the selection range
set therange to every cell of the selection range
set thecol to column of first item of therange
set therow to row of first item of therange
end tell
end tell
end tell
end tell
It gives me a result like
row "30" of table "table" of sheet "sheet 1" of document "Scheduler.numbers" of application "Numbers"
but what I need is just "30" so I can use it for my scripts. I can't figure how to convert this to a string or some other useful format.
Can anyone help? I like Numbers but I always run into little problems like this, something I can't figure how to do, compared with other scriptable programs.