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Ituns wont instal

ok i removed everything that has to do with the ipod and reinstalled it all but now itunes wont even open it says a porblem has occured and has to close
what do i do?

Try these...
iTunes Does Not Open
iTunes for Windows doesn't open after upgrading
Also, you may want to post in the iTunes forums.


1. Download & Run DLLEscort - Download Now

2. Click 'Start Scan' to analyze your System.

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We have two laptops – the first one is an HP and works OK in Firefox for all TV Channels
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Ok it's way late for me but I've been messing with this for the past 41/2 hours. I just want my music
I had my motherboard replaced. Got the computer back and it removed my downloaded songs. Finally figured out how to get approval back after it requested that I upgrade. Now Itunes opens works fine until I try to update my ipod. Then a few moments after it starts the update it says 'Itunes had encountered an error and must close' click ok and the thing closes.
I have done the following:
Removed and reinstalled Itunes/Quicktime
updated Ipod
Turned off Norton / Asked it to accept itunes
Used Windows cleanup
went to and deleted all the malware
Installed quick time stand alone
Restarted computer after each thing i did.
Any ideas on how to get this to work???

ok i removed everything that has to do with the ipod and reinstalled it all but now itunes wont even open it says a porblem has occured and has to close
what do i do?

I just have gone to Mac from IBM clone this month. Best thing I ever did. Now for my question.
I have crated too user's and have a music file on lacie fire wire drive and both users acsess the same music files. If I run any other prog wile listining to music the songs keep skipping. Is there any way to dedicate ram for Itunes only or does any one have any segestions? My nerves are getting shot
Thanks so much

Hi guys!
my problem is just as the subject says!
Itunes keeps opening itself
I tried everything but can't get around this. NOTE: didn't have ituneshelpper to open at login in the first place.
First i tried deleting itunes preference files - didn't work
Tried removing every app i could think of that could be interfering with iTunes - didn't work
Tried to trash ituneshelpper app from itunes package contents - nothing changed
At this time i think i had itunes 10.7 installed for a while i.e. i think it wasn't since upgrading that this problem began
then i tried uninstalling iTunes and do a fresh install - kept opening itself at login and periodically if i closed it
tired removing itunes preference files again to no success
tried to remove itunes helper at this time because it appeared at login items - no luck! even tough i removed it from login items several times it kept appearing there and even at exhaust (a login items app) all this after trashed the itunesHelper from itunes package contents again!!
At this time decided to re-install Lion again form HD recovery drive!
After this iTunes stopped opening at login only to find that i had to install the latest version (10.7) because the library was created by a newer version and as such it wouldn't open!!
after updating iTunes it started all over again!!!
And now for a little side problem - might mouse center and side buttons stopped working as well as secondary button!!! can't get around that also!!!
Help, please!!!
i'm running lion 10.7.5
Sorry fort the long post and thanks!!!

So i open my computer and says it has to update. I press ok and it updates. When I come back, i reopen Itunes and it has the message saying Windows is configuring this thing or whatever. After awhile, it says i do not have permission to do this action. I find the next reasonable solution. To delete and re install. So i go to uninstall programs and I try to uninstall it. It then says The installer has insufficent privileges to modify this file: and then states the file called Acknowledgements.rtf. This is when I start to get annoyed. I then find next reasonable action. I redownload the installer and when it starts running, there are to options. Repair or Uninstall. I choose uninstall and it shows me the same message earlier. I then press repair and then it gives me the same message again. I now have nothing to do and can't open Itunes nor uninstall or install. So basically now my itouch can only recharge and can't get new music . HELP. IM RIPPING MY HAIR OUT>

Even after both updating the Preview photos in the Aperture 3 Smart Album and waiting for several hours, my iTunes photo link to the Apple TV 2  still shows the OLD pictures (and the photo count) from when I first linked the album. The link is off by scores of photos that have since been added.
In attempting to remedy the out-of-date Album link, I have:
closed all programs,
restarted the computer,
linked and unlinked the photo album.
The photos on the Apple TV still show old versions of the pix, since revised. I don't know where these are coming from since they have been updated. They must reside in the ATV's memory. I'd like to flush that out and replace with the new versions!
--> Is there a way to get iTunes to see the updated Smart Album that resides in Aperture 3?
--> Can I force an update of the Smart Album photos to the Apple TV?
Perhaps there is a secret incantation and dance?
Thanks for your help!

I'm having a problem playing some ItunesU videos, some play okay, some just show black screen and don't play, others show a still image but then doesn't play when trying to view them from itunes store. The audio files play with no issues.
I am using windows 7.
However, if I download the videos that don't play to the laptop's drive and run them from the windows directory they play okay. I don't want to have to download videos to see if they are something I'd like to watch.
Just for reference, an example of a video that plays okay is by UC Berkeley Math 16A 001, Fall 2011. Another is Introduction to Robotics by MIT.
An example that just shows blank screen is Stanford's Iphone & Ipad development, Fall 2011, both HD and SD versions.
While an example of a video that just shows the initial image but doesn't play is Harvard's Statistics 110. If you adjust the time of the video, the video moves to that part of the video but only shows the image at that time, ex. at 13:02, but doesn't play.
I've tried reinstalling quicktime first, then itunes. I've also tried putting directdraw in safe mode, but the problem videos still won't play.
Could it be some setting, since it plays when the file is downloaded but won't play straight from itunes store online (ie. pressing the play button beside the video in the itunes list).
Help pls.