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Is it possible to post the Excise invoice previous month date.

Dear All,
We want to post a excise invoice with previous month date. Is that possible?
We have created a billing document (VF01) last month (October) and not created Excise Invoice (J1IIN).
Now our finance people requirement is to create the excise invoice with last month date.
Kindly let me know whether it is possible.

Yes quite possible provided your FI period is still open.  Once you execute J1IIN and clicked the tab "Billing", you can see a field Posting Date where you maintain the billing document date itself if FI period is open.
But from excise point of view, this is wrong due to the fact that excise returns should be submitted on or before 3rd of every month in which case, the excise team would have submitted the returns for October.
G. Lakshmipathi


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Unlike apples adressbook, my cellphone (Sony Ericsson 750i) does not have different fields for "first name" and "surname", which means, that all my contacts are sorted by first name.
How can I change this?

I'm not sure when it started, but all of a sudden my ical stopped being able to sync with my Palm z22. It always used to give me an error message at sync, but I ignored it because it always transferred over 100% of the information I was using anyway (I only use calendar and address book).
First it stopped syncing my contacts, and then finally it stopped syncing the main parts of my Ical. As far as I can tell it still brings over events but places them in the "undefined" tag at 7am that day, without any notes: totally useless.
I tried everything I could think of last night after googling for four hours and eventually an Isyncing caused a fatal error on my Palm which lost my entire contact list. Which now renders the thing useless until I can restore it. I run a business and work out of it!
The error I'm getting says this (I bolded the part I think is the problem, after multiple searches):
"HotSync 3.2.1 started 8/17/08 9:01:14 AM
Local Synchronization
OK Install
iSync Conduit starting 8/17/08 9:01:15 AM
User heather configured for Palm Address Book conduit and corresponding iSync data class, skipping iSync to avoid conflicting modifications 8/17/08 9:01:16 AM
iSync Conduit: Sending Error Response 6: User heather configured for Palm Address Book conduit and corresponding iSync data class 8/17/08 9:01:16 AM
*iSync Conduit: received NULL message, disconnecting...* 8/17/08 9:01:16 AM
OK iSync Conduit
OK Voice Memo
To Do List did nothing
OK Tasks
Unable to sync the file '1.jpg' on desktop. Error code: -8850.
Unable to sync the file '2.jpg' on desktop. Error code: -8850.
Unable to sync the file '3.jpg' on desktop. Error code: -8850.
Unable to sync the file '4.jpg' on desktop. Error code: -8850.
OK Media with 4 message(s)
OK Note Pad
OK Memos
Memo Pad did nothing
Date Book did nothing
OK Contacts
OK Calendar
Address Book did nothing
OK Install
Backed up Saved Preferences.prc
OK Backup
Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
HotSync Complete 8/17/08 9:01:21 AM"
Please help - as I said I run my business out of Ical, address book and the ability to sync with my palm.

Another lost soul. Can anybody suggest where I should start looking for the problem.
I've just successfully modified my iSync so that it sees my brand new Nokia 6300. I have got the phone and my iMac to sync my calendar, but absolutely zero activity on the contacts front.
Looking at the message on my Nokia, the Synchronisation Info message records changes to the Calendar but makes no mention of the Contacts. It is as if I've switched off the requirement to sync these somewhere.
Any ideas for where to look?

HI can anyone help me please!
I'm running OSX 10.4.10 on a Macbook pro.
I have downloaded the N95 plug in. - and run it first.
Paired the two (deleted previous pairing)
Ran iSync (2.4(501.2))to add device which sees the N95 and reports that iSync cannot connect to this device.
What am I doing wrong?
PLEASE help this is frustrating - Ive tried pairing both ways with still no joy!

I have recently bought a new Nokia Asha 503 phone, and when I got it home, tried to sync it to my Mac.  iSync tells me "this device is not supported".  Is there a plug-in I can install, or should I carry on entering contacts onto the phone by hand?

This is a bug I've encountered with iSync running on Tiger.
I use iSync to sync my AddressBook contacts with my Motorola Razor.
I have many contacts, but I only need a few of them synced with my phone, so I created a Group called "Phone" in, and have set my sync preferences in iSync to sync only those contacts in the contacts group "Phone".
When I create a new contact in the phone, and then sync with iSync, the new contact does NOT appear in my designated Group "Phone", but instead in the "All" contacts category. This didn't happen in Leopard.
What this means is that if I ever need to restore my contacts on my phone, none of the contacts that I created on the phone will be synced b/c they are NOT in the "phone" group, but in the All contacts category.
If my iSync preferences are set to sync with a particular AddressBook Group, then NEW CONTACTS created in the PHONE should update to that designated GROUP, and not be considered non-categorized in the

My Palm m500 was syncing fine with my PowerBook G4 running Mac OS 10.4
I recently got a spiffy new MacBook Pro (Penryn) with 10.5, and although the Palm does communicate and sync via Palm Desktop, it no longer syncs via iSync with iCal & Address Book. I keep getting the following in the hotsync log:
< snip >
OK Install
iSync Conduit starting 3/13/08 10:38:34 PM
iSync Conduit: received NULL message, disconnecting...
OK iSync Conduit
</ snip >
Other info:
I imported the user info for my main user from the old 10.4 installation using Migration Assistant.
• Deleted old Palm HotSync & Desktop files from the username:Library:Application Support, as palm preference files from username:Library:Preferences
• Copied the old user folder to an alternate location, and removed the Palm folder from username:Documents:
• Re-installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 under main user (authorized as an "administrator" temporarily)
• Sync worked (no data on Palm Desktop, but everything backed up ok), HotSync even recovers and creates a new user based on the data on the device, and even backs up all the programs.
• Enabled Palm Os Syncing from within iSync (works fine, so long as the account being used has read/write permissions to HD:Library:Application Support:Palm HotSync:Conduits)
• "Enable iSync for this palm device" from the iSync conduit within HotSync Manager.
During a sync, iSync kicks in and "connects", but can't get past AddressBook syncing, and never actually sends info to the Palm device. Presumably, this is where the "NULL message" is received and syncing stops. When I specify "Erase data on device then sync" in iSync (for first syncronization), it does indeed erase address book data on the device, but never sends anything to replace it, but also does not touch the calendar data on the palm device.
Furthermore, I tried the same procedure when logged in as another administrator account (what is normally the main administrator account on this computer), and synced first without iSync, then enabling "iSync for this Palm device". Under this other account, the syncing works. I can add events to iCal, and contacts to address book, and they are transferred sucessfully and synced with the palm device. But it still does not work when logged in as the main user (even when administrator privileges are enabled, which I normally don't want), which actually has all my iCal and Address book data (which syncs successfully through .Mac with my computer at work).
There should be plenty of free space on the device for all my calendar & contact data (3MB).
Given that syncing DOES work for one administrator user (which was never before set-up for this), but not for the user that was imported from 10.4 and was syncing successfully before, I have a suspicion that there's either some leftover files that I missed, or a permissions conflict within the user's home folder that I am missing. Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue, or have any suggestions based on this information?
Much appreciated.

I have a Motorola Razr V3i that I'd like to sync with my Mac address book. I'm running Leopard 10.5.1. I keep the Address Book as the reference for all my contacts. When I connect my Razr to the Mac, I want to replace all the contacts on the phone with the entries in the Address Book. I have set options in iSync to sync all contacts with phone numbers. I am facing two problems with this:
1) During the sync, the application tries to replace data on my Mac with data from the phone. Is there an option that I can set by which the information on the Mac is never overwritten by the information from the phone? I want information to go one way all time - from my Mac to the phone.
2) After the sync, I discovered that not all the contacts had been imported. A few random contacts are not transferred from the Mac to the phone. I thought that this might have something to do with the fact that the phone used to be synced to my earlier install of Tiger. So I did a "master clear" and a "master reset" on the phone. But even after doing that, some of the contacts (different ones this time) were not synced. And due to the problem described in #1, iSync tried to replace all my existing contacts on the Mac with blank information on the phone.
What's the point of iSync if I have to check whether all contacts have been imported, and manually enter the ones left out. I checked for a software update on the phone, but there was none available.
I'd be happy to provide additional information to get this problem fixed.

Mu first sync betweem my cellphone and my macbook was fine and I transfer all my contacts from the phone to Adress Book. In the second time that I tried, I lost all the contacts in both Address Booka dn cellphone. How recover that?

Good afternoon (at least in my country),
I am not a Mac nor a cell phone wizzard and therefor i hope that one of you can help me out. I bought a mobile phone: Nokia 6120. I have a Mac G5 (old version without blue tooth). So far i managed (with the USB cable) to tranfer multimedia to my Nokia.
The problem is the Syncing. I have iSync 2.4 and it seems that this Nokia 6120 is not suported by iSync. I have read in this forum that using other plugins is risky.
*Is there another solution to sync agenda and contacts from my Mac to my Nokia 6120?*
If i understand it well Apple wants me to open a .mac account to enable syncing?
I don't want to pay just for syncing.
Please anyone here who can help me?
Thanks in advance,