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I don't think I'm buying anther Lenovo product again

Let me preface this message by stating that I'm a bit agitated since I just got off the phone with a Lenovo customer service representative in Atlanta Georgia that basically called me a liar.
I am a IT MSP for a number of small companies in my area. I concentrate on small business with less than 50 users. Up until March of this year I always recommended that my customers buy Lenovo when they buy new laptops/desktop. Since 2010 I've probably bought about $20K worth of Lenovo equipment. Since I'm small it was usually through NewEgg or other retail outlets as I don't have the volume to be a reseller.
So anyway, in March one of my customers calls me and asks me to find him a decent laptop for a new employee. Sure, easy enough. I hop on NewEgg, as usually I pick Lenovo in the filters, select Windows 7 and find a decently priced e530c that will meet the customer's needs. The specifications clearly state the laptop is preloaded with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with the option to upgrade to Windows 8. We don't want to use Windows 8 so that's why this is the option I chose.
The laptop shows up a couple days later and when I turn it on it is preloaded with Windows 8. I call Lenovo to see how I can get Windows 7 on there which the specifications said it had. They said I can't as this isn't a Windows 7 laptop and I must take this issue up with NewEgg. Okay, fair enough. I call NewEgg and they have me return the laptop and say they'll send one that should have Windows 7 on it. A week later I get the laptop (e530c again), right out the gate the laptop won't get past the post screen. Comes up with a bios error. Call up Lenovo, same thing, they tell me to call NewEgg.
A little frustrated at this point I am asked by NewEgg to do another RMA but since  I'm running short on time I decide to buy another laptop so I didn't have to wait a week and just get credit for the bad one. Which I do and finally I get a fully functional e530c with Windows 7 Pro on it. I'm really happy about this, as I didn't want to ditch Lenovo at that point and it seemed everything was finally working as advertised.
So I load the laptop with our standard company programs, get it joined to the domain, and get it to the new employee. All is well...for a short while.
A couple months in to the user using this system he starts report weird issues with his computer coming to an absolute stall but the problem is intermittent and hard to reproduce. So I try to troubleshoot as best I can (disabling services, getting rid of any drivers that aren't strictly needed, even going as far as getting rid of the audio driver which really annoyed my user). Yet, still, I get the same complaints in addition to the user sometimes seeing CPU fan errors on the post screen (again intermittent). One day when I'm at their shop doing unrelated work the issue appears, and I finally see what the user sees. We decide the best course of action at this point is to buy an HP laptop to get the user going and I'll troubleshoot the issue with Lenovo support.
So last Thursday I spent about a total of 6 hours on the phone with support. They were friendly, but I felt like they weren't really doing anything that was meaningful in finding the issue (run a memory test and call back, run a hard drive test, and call back, etc). All tests passed, I even went to do a fresh Windows 7 installation after formatting the drive to verify it wasn't a driver issue (and saw the problem on the Windows 7 install screen which the support person agreed must be due to hardware). They finally said they would ship me a box to send the laptop back to them, the box would have a form for me to fill out detailing the issues and it would get the laptop back to Lenovo overnight.
Great! I get the box, fill out the form, pack everything, drop off at UPS and go on about my Friday. Today at 3am I get an email from Lenovo with nothing in the body of the message, just an excel sheet called PC DR Network Factory Final Tests.xls
This spreadsheet implies there is nothing wrong with the laptop so I call Lenovo in the hopes that they don't ship the laptop back yet as I clearly detailed there is something wrong with it. Apprently it's too late, they are already shipping it and there is nothing the support person can do. He tells me to call back when I get the laptop after I see if I get the same issue (which clearly I will since they didn't do anything). I then explain the situation to the support person about why this is very frustrating and why I can't be sitting here for the next month going through this same process. He got very rude, started calling me a liar since he didn't see the first 2 RMAs (which were done by NewEgg) and got mad at me when I told him it's clearly a hardware issue since the post screen comes up with CPU fan errors and Windows 7 installation issues (he said I never told them that, even though I am looking at a copy of the form I filled out for them which they got with the laptop).
So to make long story short: Lenovo, your support sucks. I was a loyal customer with you for a long time, but I'm never purchasing anything from you again. I will continue to sit here and try to get this laptop working even if it means I have to send it back to you 10 times (forcing you to pay for overnight shipping to and from each time). But I already replaced the laptop with an HP so that my user isn't affected. I don't know if the business I have done with you isn't big enough to put me on your list of people you give a crap about but even if I had only ever purchased on thing from you I would have expected better. By far the worst support experience I've ever had, and I've dealt with Dell, HP, and even Acer which all had better support than you did.

So just to give an update on this thread.
It has been absolute hell getting Lenovo to replace the laptop but they finally did it. And they did it from what they call their "entitlement department". What kind of insulting name is that?
Anyway, after the above post I got the run around for about another month. After the second return Lenovo suggested I take the laptop in to a certified repair center they had here in town. The lady there was absolutely awesome, she saw the issue, saw what I was talking about, but couldn't help me because she couldn't identify with certainty what was causing the problem and since she couldn't do that Lenovo would not authorize any parts to be sent to her (yes, seriously).
Once I finally got transferred to the entitlement department the first lady was nice, made sure I got in touch with a support person that would document my issue properly and escalate it. After this I sent the laptop back only to get it back again with the same issue.
So I called back, got the run around from a different person in entitlement. She told me to call sales. When I asked her why I would call sales when I didn't buy the laptop from Lenovo she had no good answer but insisted I do it. So I called sales and they laughed as to why they directed me to sales. So I called back entitlement and talked to a very helpful lady named Rosa. She finally did what she could do to get  this resolved for me, which was escalate it to a supervisor (a process that would take 48 hours).
The supervisor, Daryl, was also great. He didn't give me any kind of run around just asked for a receipt. Once I provided that he shipped me a brand new laptop (with better specs since they no longer made the 530c) and I had it within 2 days. I will be testing and setting up the laptop this weekend but from initial testing I did in the limited time I had the laptop seems to run great.
So my lesson from this is that Lenovo really needs to get their **bleep** together. They do have people there that care and are willing to help. But they also have far more people that are absolute clowns and have absolutely no willingness to help you. Many things I asked to have noted weren't noted, records of me shipping the laptop back to them were lost in some cases, and even the people that were trying the best they could to help me had their hands tied by Lenovo's policies.
Due to this I will still likely never buy another Lenovo again. But I am glad this issue was finally resolved. They are sending me a box to send back the bad laptop which I'm sure will be resold as refurbished unit to some poor soul that might not ever find a resolution due to the laptop losing it's warranty in April.
Another lesson as mentioned above is not to buy from sites like NewEgg for critical business computers. You have no idea what you are getting and it's much better to find a reputable local partner for a company like HP, Dell, or Lenovo that strictly does business sales as I'm sure they have far more resources to help you when you run in to the type of situation that I ran into.


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It would be media bliss... what would I pay for this? I would expect to pay about the same as a second-hand PS3 with PlayTV.
How would I expect Apple to achieve this? I would expect that an Apple TV with greater HDD capacity and the TV tuner as an option that, the Tuner could have separate model numbers for different regions and standards... so for the UK, there would be two modules, one for Freeview (DVB-T) and one for Freesat (DVB-S2). Plus a software update. The Tuner modules could even house hardware h.264 encoder so that what's recorded is in an iTunes friendly format (unlike the PS3 which records everything in MPEG2... useless for transferring to a portable device).
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