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G5 wont boot i get 2 error codes

Having read quite a few posts about a similar issue as mine it seems to be a few having the same issue
My G5 wont boot at all I have looked through a fair few posts & tried all ways pressing C/cmnd+opt ETC all ways i have found on startup nothing at all worked i just get the grey screen with the apple logo & then after a couple of minutes the fans start up
I then manually opened the Disc Drive & used the disk utility on the Tiger installation disc but here the options for repairing disc permissions were all greyed out the drives were found but I could do nothing with them
I then used the Apple hardware test disc here i got 2 error codes when it got to testing mass storage the first i ran with everything still plugged in & the code i got was this
Error Code 2STF/4/3:A (upper)
I then unplugged everything USB & firewire all i left plugged in was the keyboard with the mouse plugged into the back of the keyboard & i then got this error message
error Code 2STF/1/4:A(upper)
I'm probably jumping the gun here but i fear that my hard drive has died & needs replacing
Is there any way i can get it to start up without having to replace the startup disc hard drive

Hi Tom
You can see the HD in the disc util but the repair & verify permission buttons are greyed out
Still means its dead i suppose
Someone who knows what therye doing should be able to get the data from the HD I hope
Its all pretty much backed up as i do it once a month its the stuff new stuff i would like to get hold of
Good excuse to upgrade everything HD wise this would do the trick wouldnt it?


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Hello. I've got a Lenovo G585 that's about 4 months old. I've already had a few problems with it but they just seem to fix themselves.. But for about a month now, I go on youtube and try to stream a video, and my internet cuts off immediately! Literally. I can't go on any website after this, all I can do to fix this is turning my computer on and back on. I tried logging out but that doesn't change anything. It's very annoying because everytime this happens I have to drop everything I was doing to restart my computer. You could tell me "Just don't go on youtube" Buut I love youtube and I use it quite a lot. Please help! Thank you
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I bought this laptop about a month ago for my mother, she does not need a lot from a notebook. The notebook had Win 8 preinstalled and I was surprised how slow it was. It took me quite a while to download and install Win 8.1. Then I decided that it was about available RAM because out of 2 Gb RAM the video processor was using 384 Mb and what left is insufficient for a 64 bit OS. 
I put inside 8 Gb, 2x4Gb recommended Ramaxel modules, they are listed in the Hardware Maintenance Manual. No luck. I ran a Windows Experience Assessment - Microsoft excluded in from 8.1 but the opportunity is still out there, CPU rating is 3.5. The CPU is AMD E1-1200. 
Can anyone imagine a modern notebook with 8Gb RAM which lags playing Spider Solitaire? I got one. The system is naked, only stock MacAfee antivirus running and the game still lags. The notebbok is in mint condition, no dust deposits around the fan so no overheating, it just is not designed to perform at any acceptable rate. I can't believe Lenovo put it is the market with this CPU and Win 8 64 bit, they should have tested it before (and should recall the model with AMD CPUs worldwide now I think, that's about reputation).
Anyway I own it, does anybody know how I can improve the performance other than change the OS - it is way too costly? Thank you.

My problem with my G580 is that when I start up there is a sounds coming from the laptop and in the booting device list, the HDD with windows 7 on it which is the main HDD won't show. Pretty sure it is because the HDD somehow disconnected but how much will it cost if I send it in to lenovo to fix it?
Video of when I start it up...

Hello all,
I just purchased a Lenovo G580 laptop. There is a sticker near the keyboard about 'Smart Fan, Noise Control'. But so far I have not been able to find out how to use that feature. AFAIK, some earlier Lenovo models did have a separate touch button for this feature. Is the user supposed to be able to control it at all in G580? There isn't anything about this in the user manual.
Lenovo Energy Management software gives me some kind of control over the efficiency of the hardware. But to me it just seems to replicate the selections I make with Windows' own power management options. Fortunately the machine is relatively quiet in itself. But particularly when listening to music it would be nice to make the fan as quiet as possible - to my knowledge playing back FLAC files is not a very demanding task.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Go to Solution.

I had purchased G580 laptop in October & upgraded to windows 8. Since then, the wifi problem has been regular. After   updating the drivers the wifi is mostly. Once in a while I have to restart the router..  That's still OK, but the download speed is really pathetic.
I have another old Acer Laptop with windows 8 (upgraded) too. I have an 8 MBPS broadband connection. The Acer laptop has 1 Mbps download speed without any hindrance. But, the Lenovo G580 is giving 250kbps downloads, that too with regular stoppages. Another big issue - while.. this dead slow download happens, not even a single webpage opens.. Regular "error loading" messages.
Kindly help in rectifying the issue as I have updated all the drivers through windows update as well as lenovo site.
I'm using a bitdefender antivirus, will that have any problem with wifi speed ??
Kindly advice as the only other option is to discard the laptop.

I have bought the G575 a month ago for my parents and everything was fine but yesterday i looked at the laptop and the camera was not working and the windows was not activated. I tried to activate it online by providing the windows key at the bottom of the laptop but it didn't work. Later i saw that the camera was not working and i tried to install the driver for it from the lenovo website and the installation failed saying that the device can't be discovered. I opened the device manager and tried to install the drivers trough the windows update and it failed saying that the drivers are found but the file is not found for the usb composite device. Any suggestions how the problems can be resolved?

Good morning,
I have a nice Lenovo G570 with Windows 7 that has been running perfectly for quite a while.  I have some old audio tracks (multi-track recordings) that I have done using Audacity on an ancient Windows XP desktop.
I installed a new version of Audacity (64 bit) for Windows 7 from their website and it is fine.  It opened up, displayed, and played the old audio tracks without a problem.  It even allowed me to remix them as well.
My main problem is using the microphone and wanting to do some musical recordings and multi-track recordings on the Lenovo G570.  I plug a Shure microphone (using a 1/8" adapter) into the mic jack on the side of the G570 and start to record.  It works fine and allows me to record the first track (keyboards).  But yet when I go to record the second track, while listening to the 1st track (i.e. multi-track), the microphone input dies out, gets choppy, fades back in to normal level, fades back out, etc...
I ran a test on the microphone jack and the drivers (Conexant SmartAudio HD)...  I plugged my MP3 player into the mic jack using a stereo 1/8" cable and clicked "Listen to this device" and then clicked Apply.  One of my MP3 tunes started playing, but was so awful and so choppy, I instantly knew I had a problem.
I downloaded the latest Conexant SmartAudio HD driver from your website - - and installed it and rebooted.  I still have the same problem with choppy audio when using the microphone for recording.
What gives?  I performed the same test on my wife's Dell laptop (as seen above with my MP3 player), and a Beatles tune came through beautifully.  You could hear Paul McCartney clearly singing, "Yesterday...  All my troubles seemed so far away..." and it was not choppy at all.  Then again, my wife's Dell laptop does not use Conexant SmartAudio HD for sound drivers.
Can you provide any help with this strange issue with using the microphone for recording so it won't come across all choppy?
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The problem will be explained lower but let me tell you how this was.
So I've had this problem like 1,5 years ago, after I bought the laptop. So I bought a cheap mouse for it back then, and I noticed that the laptop had problems with the USB mouse, fine, I thought it was the poor mouse, so I bought another cheap one, and it worked fine. Then I bought a gamepad, and again, this problem.
Today I bought a gaming mouse, and the problem re-appeared. I've been searching through the internet all day long.
Basically, the mouse cursor freezes constantly, also with that "plugged-unplugged" sound, but the touchpad works.
I've been looking all around, tried the mouse on another laptop and it works fine.
I've tried:
- Starting the laptop in safe mode.
- Uninstalling/reinstalling the realtek USB reader or w/e its name is.
- The device manager trick (I think you know what I'm talking about)
- Been changing the OS many times after I bought the laptop, that problem persisted with the gamepad.
- Tried different ports around the laptop.
None of them helped. BUT, I saw that actually it hangs when the CPU is throttling. I've changed my power plan to energy saver and the problem went away. I've changed the maximum/minimum CPU power, the problem went away.
But the frequency sets constantly at 800 MHz. What can I do to keep it at 2200 MHz (i3-2330M clock speed) and also keep the mouse working well?

Hi all, my 1st post so hope someone can help me as i need to get this sorted before i throw the laptop through a window!
Basically i use my G570 for work (graphic designer) and i have had problems with the display when i have a couple of programs working ie Adobe photoshop, email then i go online and look at some hi-res images my screen goes pixelated, then all pink and black and freezes my whole laptop so i have to pull the plug and reboot but this is happening like 4-5 times a day, i have tried graphics drivers update and all the usual stuff but to no avail.
Hope someone can shed some light on it

Hi I'm currently having a few issues with my laptop All drivers are up to date
They all seem to happen at the same time so I believe its a internal issue
A lot of the time lately randomly my sound will get really choppy a static sound right when that happens the computer will have terrible performance doing anything ive run system restore to factory setting  but that seems to only fix temporary.   Also i have alot of trouble restarting the system a lot of the time It gets stuck on starting windows 7...
Not sure if relevant but month after buying it the keyboard went out completely but i was able to fix with restoring to factory settings...
I hope someone can find the problem :/ I will be unable to respond until later tonight will be going to work soon thx for help
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