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FRM-41211 Integration Error SSL - Oracle Forms 10g

Hi all.
I have FRM-41211 Integration Error SSL Failure Running Another Product error while calling a report from web form in oracleAS 10g.
I have problem with RUN_REPORT_OBJECT in web forms in this code:
repid := find_report_object('MODULE21');
v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
-- jobid := substr(v_rep, length('rep60_WS70004')+2, length(v_rep));
-- web.show_document('/reports/rwservlet/getjobid'||jobid||'?server=rep3945','_blank');
I have error: FRM-41211 SSL integration error .....
OracleAS 10g server began on Windows XP SP2.
Do you help me ?
Very thanks !!

Do you help me ?


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I ordered the 4s on 10/7 and received my confirmation email at 6:18 CST. Did not receive it on 10/14 as stated in the email. Have talked to three customer service reps last night and this morning with different answers. The first said that my order wasn't received until 5:30 on the 7th and I would be receiving it on the 21st......not good enough. I asked for her supervisor and after a 13 min hold, the sup said that there was nothing she could do. After some additional "conversation", she said that she would call around today and see if she could get me one locally. I called back this morning having no confidence that she would find one, the customer service rep said "you were told last night that you would be shipped one to be delivered Monday." She could give no tracking number. Which story do I believe? Verizon has always been great...till now. Do I believe that I will get one Monday or do I try find one locally? Is this a sign that the company is falling apart? Do I start dumping my stock?

After two frustrating weeks of trouble shooting, I would like to share with you my situation.
Two weeks ago I upgraded our living room HT to a new Onkyo TX-SR707 receiver and a new ATV (connected by HDI). The system includes a ComcastHD DVR (connected by HDMI) and an older DVD player (connected by component). The TV is a five year old Samsung RP DLP 1080i (also connected by HDMI to the new receiver).
The connections to the DVD player and the ComcastHD DVR have been flawless. When I first connected the ATV I went to the set up menu, connected to an AE base station (g) and uploaded a few hundred pics and homemade videos, no movies or music from iTunes. Since then, the receiver seems to have a great deal of trouble switching on to the ATV. I have made the following corrections:
All HDMI cables were unplugged and re-plugged.
All HDMi cables were upgraded to the Munster Cable "top of the line"
Switched the ComcastHD DVR and the ATV to other HDMI in connections in the back of the receiver
Re-setted the ATV to factory and uploaded only pics.
Made sure that the receiver was set to "Through" on the Monitor Out connection so that it would not do any upscaling.
Made sure that the HDMI option in the ATV was at AUTO. I also tried ALL the other options under HDMI
Changed the resolution on the ATV to all of the others, with the exception of 480P, no improvement.
None of the above worked. I then took the ATV to my main home theater in the basement. It has an older Onkyo TX-SR875 with an overhead JVC RS1 projector, Oppo Blu-Ray and a ComcastHD DVR. All the components were connected with HDMI, including the ATV. Guess what happen? The ATV worked in my basement like a charm!!
The problem is that I don't want the ATV in the basement HT, but upstairs so that the family can enjoy the pics and home made movies. After the ATV test in the basement, I took it back upstairs to the Onkyo 707 receiver. Guess what? Once again it could not switch from any components to the ATV except under these two circumstances:
1. If I selected ATV on the receiver and it did not connect, after turning the receiver off for 10 seconds it connected perfectly well. If I then switched to any other compoment, I could not switch back to the ATV unless I turned the receiver off again for ten seconds.
2. I turned the resolution of the ATV to 480P and guess what? The problem is gone!
It seems that there is an HDMI handshake or HDCP problem between the Onkyo 707 and the ATV. Given that the lower resolution doesn't uses HDCP that could be the issue, but this was not a problem at all in the basement HT with the Onkyo 875 receiver.
The one big difference between these two receivers is that the video processing CPU is a Faroudja for the 707 (where I can't get the ATV to work properly) and the 875 uses the Reon-HQV.
I would greatly appreciate any comments.
Regards and TIA,

Hi y'all. I have Windows Vista 64-bit OS and attempting to download Flash Player through Firefox. However, each time I make this attempt,
the "SAVE" box appears followed by the "DOWNLOAD" box that disappears after one second so that I cannot then Open or RUN the Player as requested.
This has happened repeatedly and attempts to do so have appeared on the download history (many of which I'v since erased). The trouble is, I don't know why. I have ceased operation of antivirus programs for this effort as well. What am I doing wrong?

First of all, Im a paying CC customer of Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom, all 3 apps from Adobe CC. Last 2 years, no issue! But since last few months, Im really tired of this.
Premiere Pro CC stops completely and shows me EXPIRED screen and even I try to login to CREATIVE CLOUD, the Creative Cloud doesnt allow me to login. I had to find some fix , and delete some index files from adobe folders as per the last discussion here in the forum and that had fixed it once, now again the same thing has started and it just doesnt get solved.
Now, I see this.
Now, from where the heck, did this SERIAL NUMBER thing came from ?
Im a paying customer of CC and why do I get this serial number thing ?
Im not able to work on my client projects since last 2 days and really annoyed at this.
contacted Adobe support and they created a ticket, but when I reply to the ticket, it says, its a no reply email. WTF!!
The worst ever support I found is adobe. There is no one to fix your issues in real time. No proper helpdesk.
Now for god sake, can someone help me fix this issue so I can access my photoshop and premiere pro immediately ??I
If I dont find a solution in next 3 hours, I would be forced to terminate all accounts with Adobe and just go ahead and download from torrent. I think, thats what Adobe wants their customers to do.
Really really annoying product!

my n95 is on v21 but it doesn't play youtube videos instead browser crashes on trying to play but some other flash sites are working fine. I have reinstalled firmware but of no help. Is there anyone else out there with this weird problem. Please help
N95(08.01) RM-159 V21.0.016

I have nokia lumia 520....i use windows explorer on windows 7 to transfer music and vidoes to my sd the windows explorer the music and video files appear only once...but in the phone library the songs and vidoes are listed twice or even thrice.. :/ I have tried reformatting the sd card....but no use....this is really frustrating me.... :-(

This is the 2nd time this has happened in 4 months. iTunes is declining my valid credit card payments for purchases regardless of what I am using (my usual AMEX, my Visa, my Pay Pal) and I hate the fact that their is no live person I can speak or chat with regarding this issue. I have sent off an email request for help via their "express lane," and I feel that this has to do with the fact that I purchase via my iPad at times. Does anyone have experience with this problem and/or solutions.

I'm wondering if anyone has had an experience like this before, and if so, how they resolved it? Also, does anyone have any sort of customer service phone number (not tech support), where I could reach a supervisor, or someone who deals with issues like this on a regular basis?
Let me start from the beginning, and give a quick run-down of my problems.
*First let me say that the first Apple Store I went to is almost two hours away from where I live, and the second store is just about two hours.*
I bought a 17" Macbook Pro (Unibody, 2.8ghz, 4GB, 500GB, antiglare display, etc.), in September of 2009. I had problems from the beginning, originally some problems with both the wireless card, and a general slowness of the machine, combined with a cosmetic defect in the screen. I made an appointment at the Apple Store. At the first appointment, they said they had to order a new display assembly to fix the cosmetic defect. So I drove home, got a call a few days later that the part was in. I called a few days later to say I wouldn't be down for another few weeks, and could they please hold the part for me. I was assured that they would. I drove down about a week and a half later, and was told the part was sent back; apparently the message the gentleman I spoke with on the phone had not gotten passed along adequately. I was a little miffed, but figured accidents do happen, so I'd give the benefit of the doubt.
When I returned to get the display put on, I reiterated the wireless issues I was having (the wireless signal strength was spotty, while my 3 yr old Macbook had perfect strength sitting in the same location [yes, I both alternated which one was on, to make sure there was no interference, as well as had them both on at once]). I was told that because they could not reproduce it there, they couldn't really do much. I also reminded them that the machine was still slow, and they recommended an OS re-install. They then took the machine in back and replaced the display assembly. When they brought it out a while later, the new display had the same problem. I mentioned this, and she said that all the ones that were in back seemed to have the same problem, so there's not much they could do at the store.
I went down again a few months later to let them know that the OS re-install hadn't helped, and that I really couldn't keep driving two hours each way to not get anything fixed. They apologized profusely, and said they could mail the machine to their depot center, where it would be repaired and mailed back to the store, upon which they'd mail it to me. They also ran some tests at this appointment, and discovered that the processor heatsink may be failing. They made a note, and sent it out. I got a call a week later from the technician at the depot location, quizzing me on the exact problems I was having, and spoke to him for almost twenty minutes while waiting for a doctors appointment. (We'd played phone tag for a few rounds before we finally spoke to each other). I described everything as best I could without having the machine in front of me, but I felt that I was a little ridiculed by the technician. The attitude I sensed was "our tests didn't find any hardware failures, so you must be wrong, or lying." He didn't use those words of course, but he didn't exactly hide it too well either. As I was called into my doctors appointment, (so had to hang up) I asked him over the phone to please do as many tests as possible, and use the machine if necessary to reproduce the effects. He said he'd try, and hung up. I received the machine a week later or so, with a sheet listing what had been done. The list reads:
Labor charge
Flat rate repair charge
Obviously, I wasn't actually charged for either of them, but absent a more detailed list of what they'd done, the only difference I could detect was that they finally replaced the defective display with a non-defective part.
After another month or so, I returned to the store to let them know I was still having problems, and to get advice. They told me that they'd have to reproduce the issue there in order to do anything. They proceeded to reproduce the issue, and told me that a CLEAN install should do the trick. I did a clean install, and copied things back on very slowly, a few things at a time. The problem persisted even before I'd put much back on.
About a month later, I made an appointment with the other Apple Store (I have two, both about two hours away), and took it down. They reproduced the issue, and said it could be due to a faulty hard drive. They took it in back and replaced the hard drive. I was a little unhappy how many appointments it had taken, but was hopeful that it had finally been fixed.
I got a survey in my email about my satisfaction with my last appointment, so I filled it out honestly: that I had been extremely frustrated and disappointed, but I hoped that the fix that was finally provided would be successful. I was contacted the next day by the Head Genius at the most recent Apple Store I'd visited. She was very nice, and spent some time quizzing me on approximate times of hangups and delays. I told her that it did seem like the problems were still there, but I wanted some more time to verify the specifics, and that they had in fact persisted through the HDD replacement, and that I'd call her back if they persisted.
After very carefully copying things back on (yet again), I realized that it still wasn't fixed. The slow opening of programs had been sped up considerably, but the actual running of the programs was slower than ever, rendering Aperture 3 nearly unusable. Almost every adjustment (and all brush adjustments) will result in a complete system hangup. The few times it occurred to me to open activity monitor BEFORE opening Aperture, I was able to nab a few screen shots using a mouse shortcut I programmed. They show sometimes Aperture uses up to 170% of the processor (!?!), and almost always over 100 when this happens. Other occasions, it's Finder that's eating it up. I ended up with 14 screenshots of about 7 or 8 separate incidents. (Each time, I had to force quit the program, and restart the computer. At NO point was any other program running besides Finder and Aperture 3).
I called her back about three weeks after the last call, and explained that the problems were still happening. She was very nice again, and quizzed me about the problems, and durations of delays and hangups. She said that she'd order a few parts that it could be, and if I brought it down, they'd keep it there until they fixed it. I explained that after six trips of two hours and 90 miles, I'd put a lot of time, energy, lost work, and gas money and tolls into this computer, only to have it still not be fixed. I told her I wasn't sure that I would be able to come down again, and asked if there was any other way we could arrange this, or any other available options. She was very nice, but asserted that this was the only option.
Today, I went down again, and explained to them that I really can't come down again. After $150+ in gas and tolls, plus 28 hours of driving, plus lost wages, I just couldn't do that any more. They were very friendly, and kept telling me they really wanted to help me, but theres not much they could do as far as me not having to come down and pick it up again. A few minutes later, we were discussing the specific issues, and it was actually working for once, and they said that they couldn't replace it without verifying the issue, because Apple would throw a fit. (Understandably). This combined with overheard conversation, and other snippets of things said directly to me, led me to believe that if the issue could be reproduced, the computer would be replaced, and I wouldn't have to drive down again.
A few minutes later, after showing them the screenshots taken previously, we reproduced the issue. Aperture caused a system hang bad enough to prevent showing the dock, quitting, or force quitting (including the keyboard shortcut). I then told them that I had to leave in ten minutes (My sister had a birthday party starting at noon, and they needed adult supervision by that time). They talked for a few minutes and after continually assuring me there was no way around me driving down again to pick it up, told me that they would mail me a box, I could mail it back to the store, and then once it was fixed, we could discuss how to get it back to me. Being in a huge hurry, I grudgingly accepted this, and left.
I guess I'm a little confused that they didn't replace it after reproducing the issue, which they seemed like they were willing to do until I reproduced it.
On a whole, I've been extremely disappointed in Apple Service on all ends, both depot and store, and I'd like to know if there's a number I can reach to get some sort of escalation to at least talk to someone, and maybe get some sort of explanation of how it's okay to have someone make seven (almost eight) four hour trips for one single computer problem with a computer that is under warranty.
At this point, I'm so frustrated, if I could get my money back, and never buy an Apple computer again, I would actually think seriously about it. I was a recent convert (bought a macbook for college in 2007), and thought I would never even think twice about going back, but after this... I'm really not so sure. The only thing that would really prevent me from doing so is probably the $1000's in software I'd have to re-buy for windows, especially since you can't get student discounts twice on one title from most companies.
I think it's pretty unreasonable to expect someone to spend that much money on a computer that is under warranty, even if it's just on gas and tolls. I frankly can't see the logic in that.
Do I have any recourse? Even though it's only been technically "repaired" twice for the same problem (this will be the third) It's been looked at and analyzed seven times. I don't know much about lemon laws or consumer protection/warranty laws, but it seems to me that this should qualify.
If anyone has a phone number or email address of someone a little higher up on the food chain than a head genius at a NH Apple Store, I'd love to get this taken care of. Even a non-tech support customer service number would be helpful.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long novel up there.

Today, about 6 hours ago in fact, I came home with a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. It took me a while to get a grasp on how to connect it. I had no network port on the back of my PC, as far as I knew, and I had been connecting my Westell Wirespeed modem to my PC via USB for years. In the end I ended up spending an hour digging up the old Ethernet cable that came with the modem, and finally managed to do everything the Router setup program asked of me.
One hour after restarting multiple times, experimenting with different orders of plugging in things, and countless resettings of the Router AND the modem, it finally set up the network. It ran for an hour.
One of my cats ran behind my computer, jarring one of the cords and causing the PC to turn off. It happens twice or thrice a year when they get rowdy. When I jiggle all the plugs back into place and turn on my computer, the connection was dead! Gone! And there was nothing in my Program Files that said "Start Linksys Network" or anything convenient like that. I suppose that would be too easy, right? And my internet didn't work either! So with no other choice, I opened up the installation program again - there was no trace of any sort of folder or application on my PC linked to the router. In fact, as far as I can see, I still have no way to get into ANY sort of router-related application aside from the install CD.
So I stuck that back in there.
I've spent the last three hours grueling over this thing. I connect it all before turning the PC on. Nothing. I disconnect everything and plug it all back in meticulously step by step according to the program. Nothing. The install program always gets through the PC checking, and lets me fill in the PPOE (or whatever) information. As it tries to update the router configuration, though, it tells me one of two things.
1 ) If I have just done a reset of the router, it gets to 99% in the router configuration progress bar before telling me the 'router configuration failed'.
2 ) If I exit the setup program and reopen it, I get a generic "So and so has caused an error in 4746545x48345675 (or some other random number)," and asks me to either Cancel or Debug.
My hands are sore and I'm stressed to the limits. I bought a laptop a week ago for the sole purpose of alleviating the battles my kids have over the only source of internet in the house, but it's just been sitting there. I'm really at the end of my wits. Between the errors that don't tell you what went wrong and the perfectly-connected router that keeps pretending it's not connected, I'm just about ready to return the laptop.