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Flash Player 9 failing to download

Can anyone help? Notwithstanding the issues that seem to be
surrounding Flash 9 (according to the Forum) I can't get it anyway.
I have v7 installed and was browsing the "Casino Royale" site
a few weeks ago which told me I needed Flash 8 - click to download.
This took me to the Adobe download page (for v9) which fails to
download every single time.
I also cannot now play 'winks' in Windows Live Messenger - I
assume that in the last day or two they have upgraded so that v9 is
needed. Their link also fails to download Flash 9. The 'emergency
link' then just takes me back to Adobe's download page which
doesn't work.
I keep leaving negative feedback on this page but they still
don't amend the page so it works.
How have those that have v9 got it? Is there an alternative
site that works? I can't find one anywhere that doesn't take me
back to Adobe's faulty non-functioning download page.

I am having the same issue. I purchased an ebook knowing I had adobe on my computer. The book needs the digital edition to run and for some unknown to me reason flash doesn't work on my internet explorer and I've tried on netscape where flash works but the download stalls and I don't know if its actually doing anything or not. No security warnings pop up or anything. I've been trying for hours to get it to work...and now thinking I wasted the money on my book. I run vista on a new computer and cannot download the Digital Edition and no clue how to make it work. Is there a way to download it manually onto my desktop where I can install it from there?? skipping flash and java and all that stuff totally? I've been looking and haven'tt found it.


1. Download & Run DLLEscort - Download Now

2. Click 'Start Scan' to analyze your System.

3. Click 'Fix Errors' and you're done!


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Could you please attempt to shed some light on why FLVs created with ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER CS6 do not display thumbnails in ADOBE BRIDGE CS6, yet apple finder is able to display thumbnails for these same FLVs without issue?
I'm running CS6 Production Premium with ALL updates installed on 10.6.8
I appreciate any input and help provided the input is provided by someone who either
A) knows the answer because they actually work for adobe
B) actually tried this themselves before attempting to provide a solution
If the conclusion is that it is a codec issue or a header issue with the FLVs You'd have to present a very strong case to back that claim up as it makes no sense whatsoever that CS6 is unable to generate thumbnails for media encoded using CS6, yet Apple finder can without issue. NOT to mention the FLVs in question are CREATED on the same machine with the same codecs installed that is trying to generate previews in Bridge.
Apologies if my frustration is showing, I've gotten and seen several... incompetent replies on this forum regarding this issue and it has never been actually addressed properly as far as I can tell by Adobe support.

Flash version: CS4
AS version: AS3
I'm currently trying to use the FLVPlayback component and pass a source FLV that's living on a cloudfront webserver. The problem is that the cloudfront requires authentication in the form of query strings in the source FLV. For example:
var mainMovie:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback();
mainMovie.source = "";
As soon as I take away the "dummyquery", it works fine. When I add a query string, it breaks (nothing loads).
Here is the error output I get:
[object FLVPlayback]
VideoError: 1005: Invalid xml: URL: "" No root node found; if url is for an flv it must have .flv extension and take no parameters
It adds on "&FLVPlaybackVersion=2.1" to the end.
I saw a different article that said I should add a dummy variable at the end like "&dummy=.flv" because I was told that Flash is basically looking for an .flv extension at the end and you can trick it, but it doesn't work because they add on additional code.
Does anyone know how to work around this?

Hi, I'm currently having a problem with FLVPlayback refusing to play a stream from a certain site. The flvplayback was playing streams from a different remote site fine, the stream that it is attempting to play work in other AS2 FLVPlayback components on different sites using the same skin, and the stream is pointing to the right file. When tracing the FLVPlayback streams, the streams that work show the states buffering, playing while the stream that doesn't work only hits the state "loading." During the entire process no errors are thrown. When I run the FLVPlayback locally it has no trouble loading from either remote rtmp site.

We've discovered an issue with Dreamweaver CS3 recently (running on Windows 7 Pro, 32bit) in our school, where embedded flv video files wont run when the file's UNC path appears in the address bar, but will if this is changed to the local drive letter, in our case N. This obviously makes it a little difficult for teachers to mark students' work.
I found a similar issue in another thread:
which had not been answered. Are there any known solutions for this please? I have spent a while browsing, but have so far not come back with much. I've tried enabling and disabling 'Remove run from start menu' which was suggested, but this didn't make any difference.
Thank you
Savos Aren

I am running into an issue where my FLV video is not playing correctly when my Captivate project is exported out and saved to the web. The FLV video is about 20 mins long (~100 MB) and it is being streamed from Kaltura. The FLV video is inputted into the Captivate project as a multi-slide synchronized video across 27 slides. The slides themselves are imported from Powerpoint. The problem that we are running into is that the Captivate project and the FLV video play correctly when viewed with decent bandwidth, but they do not appear to play correctly for users with slower bandwidth. However, if a user views the videos independently of Captivate, they can view the videos correctly, even at slower bandwidth. I have tried hosting the Captivate files on several different webservers, including an LMS. But the issue continues and I'm searching for any type of answers that might help.
Thanks for reading and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I recently created a PDF with an embedded FLV file. I'm using Acrobat X Pro, so embedding the file created a Rich Media Annotation (RMA). From what I've read, anyone using Acrobat or Reader version 9 or later should be able to play the file. However, one of my readers on a Mac can't play the file, and in fact, doesn't even see a preview of it on the page. He just sees a blank spot.
Can someone shed some light on this?

    I want to know one things, is there any other settings required to publish the swf file for playing mp4 file in mobile browser also. I am able to play ".FLV" in mobile browser but not able to play ".MP4" (H.264 encoded)  in my mobile browser.
MP4 file required Flash Player 10 to play video I know this,I can watch video from in mobile bowser also.
Please look at the following url which is not opening in Mobile browser but can open in computer broswer.
I want the above url to be play in both computer and mobile browser also as it calling  .mp4 file from Flash Media Server.
Sunil Kumar Sah

I'm uploading 2 flv files to our website. Both flv files were edited with Media Encoder to be changed into flv. This is not the first time I have uploaded flv files to our site. We add our tv ads via flv, on average, every 2 months or so. The procedure is always the same and I did nothing different with these new flv files. However, this time, the flv files are showing up as a white box on our site instead of loading the flv players as usual. The "live view" in Dreamweaver shows the videos correctly...the flv player loads and I can watch the tv ads.
I took both ads off the page and added an old tv ad, just to see if it would work and it worked beautifully. But when I put the 2 new tv ads back on, I get the white box again. I have revisited Media Encoder and redited the tv ads, added the reedited ads back to Dreamweaver, and reuploaded, but still I get the same white box. I compared the code from the old tv ad and the new ones and the code is exactly the same (except for filename, of course). I checked to see if the new tv ads were made differently from our old ones and they were not. The expressinstall and swfobject scripts are uploaded to our site already since we use various flash files on the site (don't know if this even matters!). And each time I upload, it is uploading the skin and progressive player as well.
I am at a loss! Nothing should have changed with our hosting company. I took an old, working tv ad off our website in order to put the new ones on. I have no idea where to go from here. The specific page on our site is I've tried uploading the new videos in all different sizes as well, thinking maybe it was a size issue. Please help!

Another day, another issue...
I have a flash movie that includes an flv player with previews and buttons. It reads the content from an xml file.
It works without problem when I test it locally. Trouble is when I upload it, everything displays correctly but the flv movie file doesn't play. Here's the test link:
XML file is
Flash file is
Anyone have any suggestions? I'm new to flash and this forum has been a tremendous help in resolving my (somewhat numerous) problems.

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