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Error message when installing quicktime/itunes

PLease help! I continue to get this error message when trying to install quicktime HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Quicktim e.
What should I do? In lamens terms please, not very computer literate.

an error message appears saying that a program required for the installation is missing
In the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you tried the following user tip with that one?
"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package ..." error messages when installing iTunes for Windows


1. Download & Run DLLEscort - Download Now

2. Click 'Start Scan' to analyze your System.

3. Click 'Fix Errors' and you're done!


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I am getting a error while creating a PO checked with ERS. The error "In case of evaluated receipt settlement, please enter tax code". I am creating these PO automatically from ME59N. Also I wont have Info Records for these Vendors so the tax code wont come. Can we default tax code(I0) in the PO somehow?
Thanks in advance!

I have maintained service entry sheet.
Accounting entry is generated.
When I run T code MRRL, it has generated document with zero value.
This is not a free goods PO.
Why this is happening?
Please guide on this issue.

hi gurus ,
we are using srm 5.0 , extended classic scenario
while creating a po in srm with ers vendor with account assignment wbs , the ers flag is not getting picked automatically.
while if i use the same vendor and use account assignment cost center , the ers flag is getting picked in the po.
so for wbs po , we are manually going to the follow -on tab in item data and ticking the ers indicator.
what could be the reason for this ? why is the ers flag not getting picked from the vendor master.

Hi there,
We have all the vendors in the vendor master set up with duplicate invoice check on. However this does not work during MRRL process.
Any sugegstions, information is greatly appreciated.

For ERS Automatic Settlement, the ERS flag has been acticvated on the Vendor master and BP records. The issue we now have is that for new PO's for this ERS supplier, the system gives the error message [Enter a tax code for automatic settlement].
I cannot find the drop down field on the SRM PO screen where the end user can enter in this tax code value (as end users do not enter this on Cart). How do I set this value? Up until now, all tax code selection & amount was entered in the SAP backend invoice screens with MIRO, therefore not part of SRM, but ERS will change this.
We have deployed SRM 5.0.
Thank you.

Hi guys,
We have following two problems in case of ERS vendors.
1) We have certain delivery costs also in purchase order.  The same vendor will receive material payment and freight related payments.  In MRRL transaction, we select "Selected goods items + Planned del costs"  and run MRRL.  But after this also, amount excluding freight amount is posted in the invoice and delivery cost is not being picked for invoice.  How to get material cost + delivery cost also in one invoice
2) In another scenario, we have different freight vendor.  For this we are configuring ERS for delivery costs also.  But the problem is in configuration we have to mention the vendor code in "Specify Automatic Settlement of Planned Delivery Costs".  Can we give vendor code as "  *  " here?  Or is there any other way of doing configuration without mentioning vendor code and it is applicable for all vendors ?
Please suggest the solution for the above two problems.

hi forum,
in a JDBC to XI scenario,
the sender JDBC channel, in rwb, shows error:
Status: RED
Short Log: Adapter has not provided any information for this channel
Error information:  Exception: Channel with status unknown or Not Registered
pls help, its in production system

HI All,
In our scenario we are using XSLT mapping with java enhancement.Its working fine in Stylus studio but when the same is imported into XI its throwing the below mentioned error:
                 javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Illegal number of arguments or types of arguments in a call of function 'Trans:Convert'.
Our requirement is that we are summing up the Field "Grant_Amount" which occurs multiple times in the source structure.PFB the XSL and the source XML:
      <xsl:value-of select="Trans:Convert(//Grant_Amount)"/>
Java Code:
  public class String2Number
      public static String Convert(String[] a)
                      double sum=0;
                      String[] temp = new String[100];
                     for(int i=0;i<a.length;i++)
                              temp<i> = (a<i>).replaceAll("[,
                        return sum+"";
Please guide me into the right solution.
Thanks and Regards,

Hello all,
I am trying to apply the B2B WSIL Browser patch and while running the ant file i got the following warning while backing out d3l.jar file
echo Backing out dl3l.jar to avoid conflicts with B2B...
move *Warning: Could not find file C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.ORACLE_HOME}\xqs\lib\d3l.jar to copy.*
and the following error when it was not able to find admin_client.jar file
*java Unable to access jarfile C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.ORACLE_HOME}\j2ee\home\admin_client.jar*
java Java Result: 1
echo Binding B2B WSIL Browser...
*java Unable to access jarfile C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.ORACLE_HOME}\j2ee\home\admin_client.jar*
*so i created the necessary folders in the newly generated folder manually in ${env.ORACLE_HOME} i.e xqs\lib & j2ee\home and pasted the d3l.jar and admin_client.jar in these folders respectively,and again ran the ant file,this time the error is first problem is cleared i.e it is not showing the warning that it could not find* d3l.jar_+ file and it is also converting this file as d3l.jar.hide_+ *, but this time in the place of second error a new error is generated i.e* +
Buildfile: build.xml
echo Prompting for B2B repository connection parameters...
input Please enter B2B repository hostname [] []
input Please enter B2B repository port 1521: 1521
input Please enter B2B repository sid ORCL: ORCL
input Please enter B2B password b2b: b2b
input Please enter oc4j instance name home: home
input Please enter oc4j admin password welcome1: welcome1
input Please enter opmn request port 6003: 6003
echo Copying b2b.jar and to appropriate locations...
copy Copying 1 file to C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.ORACLE_HOME}\lib
copy Copying 1 file to C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.OB_HOME}\system\classes
echo Backing out dl3l.jar to avoid conflicts with B2B...
move Moving 1 file to C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\${env.ORACLE_HOME}\xqs\lib
echo Deploying B2B WSIL Browser ...
echo OPMN Port is : 6003
echo Container is : home
echo Host is : ${env.HOSTNAME}
echo iasadminpassword is : welcome1
java java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/oc4j/admin/deploy/cmdline/Oc4jAdminCmdline
java Exception in thread "main"
java Java Result: 1
echo Binding B2B WSIL Browser...
java java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/oc4j/admin/deploy/cmdline/Oc4jAdminCmdline
java Exception in thread "main"
C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\build.xml:88: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\product\1013~1.1\ORACLE~1\bpel\samples\tmp\B2B-BPEL\build.xml:49: Java returned: 1
Total time: 31 seconds
i have set the classpath for the jdk and jre files correctly and also checked it with a sample program and the file is compiling and running with correct output.then why is it showing up java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception.Did anyone face the same problem or have a solution for this problem if they have then plzzz help me
Edited by: sunny kay on Jan 27, 2009 4:14 AM

Hi All,
When i am running dtp from dso to cube i get a error i.e :
1.  Data package processing terminated
     Message no. RSBK229
2.  'Processed with Errors'
     Message no. RSBK257
3. Error while updating to target 0FIGL_C10 (type INFOCUBE)
    Message no. RSBK241.
     So these are the errors i am getting , i am new to BI so how could i solve this errors....
     All the transformation are active with no errors.
Thanks in Advance
Edited by: montz2006 on Dec 7, 2009 8:45 AM