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E71 keeps giving out of memory error; I can't find...

My Nokia E71 (it's black so it may be an E71x, I guess) keeps giving me out of memory errors. I use my phone for nothing but voice calls, text messages, and emails. I have cleared all call logs, deleted all emails except 5 (they have no attachments) and cleared deleted emails, and deleted all text messages. I went into file manager and made sure there are no images, videos, etc. on the phone. I set up options to use memory card for emails. I've turned the phone off, waited 15 or 20 seconds, and turned it back on.
I did all this a couple weeks ago. Ever since then. every couple days I get these out of memory errors, and the phone memory shows me 119 MB used and something like 300K free. I'm at the point where every few emails that come in, I have to delete all emails, erase all text messages, etc. or the phone is just too low on memory to operate.
What else can I try? I don't have any additional applications installed. I've even tried to delete built-in apps such as RealPlayer but it didn't seem like that was possible.
This is getting really annoying. Please help!

Although all user data would be deleted, have you tried resetting device to "Out of box" state by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by user)?
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I have recently purchased an E75 and at first glance it looks to be very nice. However, now i have run into the problem that messaging is not working properly. The message indicator is telling me that I have 6 new messages. When I try to go menu>>messages the application tries to open but immediately crashes. Also when I try to open the messages directly by clicking on them from the message indicator the same behavior seems to happen.
Has anybody experienced the same? How do I get rid of these messages if I can't open them?
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Message Edited by porthos on 13-Oct-2009 02:54 PM

E75 has some serious issues if you haven’t noticed (in the forum there are some posted), 
After the phone has been released, the following problems were existed
1. The phone lags badly when you put the animation mode on and you use it regularly
Solution: Turn off animation.
2. "Turn to Silence" and “Tap to Silence” don’t work properly!!
Solution: Turn off those features (one frameware –and the only one- update came and Nokia disabled those features). Or get a third party application
3. Serious Bluetooth connectivity issue with some well known car kits, Like my Mercedes Kompressor kit (and its not just me search it up in the forum and you will find how much troubles that caused Nokia Customers!!)
Solution: buy a Nokia car kit or change your car or your phone [?] :s
4. Calendar entries lags badly when I insert multiple entries in same day and try to navigate through them quickly (Maybe its just me, but it should be a business phone and I expect it to handle calendar entries pretty well)
Solution: I wish I could turn off the animation of the Calendar but I cant!!!
One update came from nokia for that phone, and the only major thing about it is that they “Disabled” the turn to silence and tap to silence features!
Are we gonna get those features back “officially”, and will they be working properly?
Are we gonna get our Bluetooth to work properly with our car kits without turning our phone off and on again and delete all the entries in the Bluetooth to reconnect to the car kit and wish it works?
Are we gonna be able to enjoy the smooth animation of the phone (even with heavy usage)?
We want major software update for the E75 to fix all those mentioned problems!!!!

  I've setup nokia email without any problem using my WiFi and it was synchronizing without a problem. Since then I've I'm unable to change the Access Point to my Mobile provider. I keep getting "Server not found", even though the server name is still properly configured ( Can anyone help?

My phone has just developed the following problem: about every 5 seconds, the display goes blank (the backlight keeps on, if it was on), but I can see the flashing with backlight off. With the power save mode on, the display flashes quickly.
The phone does this continuously. I have already tried removing the battery and also backup and factory reset, with no result.
Has anyone experienced this? Is it a hardware issue? The phone is not under warranty, so if the repair is expensive, I would probably go for  new phone.
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this week i missed the pop-up when i received a SMS on my E75 using Pc_Suite (last Build) on my Vista machine.
I decided to remove all Nokia software and reinstall them.
Since reinstalling, My E75 is not connectable with the cable (only Bluetooth works) despite my E52 and E71 connects without any problem.
This is what i Did.
- Uninstall al Nokia products (as described in the support page of pc-suite).
- Run Pc-Suite Cleaner.
- Reboot
- Install Pc-Suite
- Reboot
- Connect the E75 with the cable
--> The Drivers were successfully installed but no connection is possible with Pc-Suite software despite the PC has access to the Nokia contents.
- Unplug E75
- Install Nokia-Suite
- Connect E75
--> Drivers installed update but still no connection neither with Pc-Suite, nor with Nokia-Suite
- uninstall Nokia Cable Connectivity
- Download latest one
- Install latest one
- reboot
- Start Nokia-Suite
- Connect E75
--> Not seen !!!! Holly Sh.....
My E52 and E71 connect without any problem.
I've for the moment connected my E75 with BlueTooth but i don't like that.
What could be the problem.
Do i have to Factory Reset my E75 and retry ? If yes, do i have to once again uninstall the software on my pc ?
I'm slowly turning mad, because the way i proceed is normally safe (i allways do like that and it works always).
Any suggestion is hardly welcome.
Remark : I've teh last Software installed on my E75, but i do'nt have tried to reinstall that yet.
Thanks in advance.
[email protected]

Hello. My E75 110.48.125 does not want to work with my beloved BH-703 headset. I had no problem with E65. 
I can authorize both E75 and the headset but after a while my handy shows only "cannot establish bluetooth connection". I find it annoying, and at the same time I do not understand why BH-703 is a "dedicated accessory" to E75 (in line with 
Any ideas? 
PS. E75 bluetooth connection with my hp pavilion works fine. 
Message Edited by barti_g on 11-Nov-2009 06:58 PM

sooo i just downloaded the maps for my e73 and it seems that "my position" is inaccurate.
its not too far off like others i've known but mine is like 1 state away.
anyone know the cure to this problem?
currently running ovi maps 3.04 on my nokia e73
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All of a sudden, i got this error just now when trying to launch opera mini application. I tried other apps like youtube, skype, forecaweather a couple more which was already on my phone- same thing. All those apps i've used with no problems over the last month or so. I didn't download any new apps or do anything out of ordinary with my e72 prior to the error. All the apps are broken, except for ebuddy. Also, all the themes, along with the broken apps does not show up on 'app manager', but they can still be seen on the phone itself.
I've tried removing it, but as the removing bar progresses like a couple seconds, it says "unable to remove". I've rebooted it, tried too install it from ovistore again, all failed. Before the error, all i did was send a video file (which is definitely compatible with my phone) of about 20mbs & a mp3 file which i know of to be virus free via bluetooth, but i do transfers like these all the time and nothing like that has ever happened.
I'm doing a hard reset of the phone right now, but i would like to know what is causing it to avoid the problem in future. Anyone has something like that happened to their e72? Ever since i had it, nothing but a barrage of problems, but i have to stick with it for a good while yet. sighs.

Something weird is with my E72. I had been happily using the WLAN in my house for a few months now. Then yesterday it suddenly failed.
Unable to connect to the wlan. The default browser showed me "Unable to connect. WLAN not found"  and "Unable to perform operation"
But during a WLAN scanning, I can clearly search my house WLAN showing me "2WIRE*** found".
E72 had really give me lots of problem. Hope this will be my last problem I encountered with my phone. Thank is advance for any suggestion for this problem.

HI 2 everybody.
I bought an E72 some days ago, and I really suprised about the product quality.  Of course, in this case "quality" means some things very good, and some things VERY bad.  But the problem is, in this case, bad things.
It's incredible, I remember N95-1.  The main difference is N95-1 had 64MB, E72 doubles that! I cannot believe that after booting up, the phone left only 28MB out of 128!  I cannot load 2 big programs simultaneously, because the OS crash at any moment because of low free memory.  I never had this problem with my "oldie but goodie" E71. And I'm surprised that, after 2 firmware revisions, Nokia doesn't solve the problem!  Why??? It's so difficult to unload many unused processes?  Is so difficult to activate some type of virtual memory? AFAIK, N95-1had virtual memory. And, by the way: why E71 doesn't come with 192 or 256MB RAM???
Now, knowing the fact that Nokia doesn't want to solve this issue, well... Anyone has trying or tried to solve that?  Any Symbian expert? Perhaps killing unused or annoying processes?
Thanks a lot.
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