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Connecting external Screen with Toshiba DynaDock U3

I have the following issue:
Bought two external Screens (Dell U2412M)
Notebook: ASUS Zenbook
Dynadock Station U3
Now, I connected the first Screen with DVI to the DynaDock and it works perfectly.
The Dockstation has only 1 port for DVI, so i had to connect the second Screen through HDMI, but unfortunately my dell Screens do not have HDMI Connection, but displayPort. so I bought a cable which can connect Displayport to HDMI. And i connected the Screen displayport with HDMI to the DynaDock.
Unfortunately my device do not recognize the second external Screen.
I have no idea why it is so.
Hope some kindly Person can help me.
Kind Regards,

>I have no idea why it is so.
Possible its not Dynadock issue
You should firstly check if the cable you bought is OK and would work without the usage of Dynadock
Connect an external monitor to HDMI port using this cable and check if it would work properly.
and just to confirm: the Dynadock U3 can handle up to 2 external monitors simultaneously.


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I have a scenario XI-to-IDOC.  I created a Service Interface and publish them as a Web Service.
I created a WSDL file from the Integration Builder(Configuration) and When I test the WSDL with the XML Spy, I got a following error message,
CO_TXT_OUTBINDING_ERROR , No standard aggrement found for , ...
But when I test with PI tool (the Component Monitoring>Integration Engine>Test Message)
The message is processed successfully.
And there is a differences between the two messages in the message monitoring. The Receiver Namespace and The Receiver Interface are different.
Message with Successful: The Receiver name and interface are name of IDOC
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Thanx for your help..

Hi All,
my scenario is Mailadapter to file in which i need to read a attachment through payload swap bean
i am following these two scenario  : one is wiki page and one is michal's blog;jsessionid=(J2EE3417500)ID0615736650DB10594827899314417350End?blog=/pub/wlg/2849
if i test this scenario through test  config, it is successful
if i send some payload trough runtime than also this scenario is successful
but if adapter pics mail with attachment from my mailinbox and swap payload
then it always throws error
  <SAP:P3 />
  <SAP:P4 />
  <SAP:AdditionalText>No standard agreement found for , Sys_Sample_One_D, , Sys_Sample_Two_D,, MailSend_Outb</SAP:AdditionalText>
  <SAP:Stack>Problem occurred in receiver agreement for sender -Sys_Sample_One_D to receiver -Sys_Sample_Two_D, No standard agreement found for , Sys_Sample_One_D, , Sys_Sample_Two_D,, MailSend_Outb</SAP:Stack>
i have checked rcvr agreement , its there.  suggest me any solution, how to overcome with this erro
sandeep sharma

How is it possible avoid the creation of a co-pa document for a particular invoice document type in a SD flow?
Many thanks
Edited by: vittoria Acquafredda on Dec 16, 2009 4:47 PM

It is normally the size of a full screen. While in use it suddenly shrank to 1/4 the size. Everything is there but it is so small you can read the writing

I have a *Cox Business* internet account (business accounts are *different from* residential accounts - different servers, etc) with a static ip address and I cannot send email from my iPad via wi-fi Airport network. (Wi-Fi only iPad, not 3G.)
There was a time when I had it working, but a simple one sentence email would take over 10 minutes to send. It was odd. Now it's not sending at all.
My incoming email is through my business email account (via GoDaddy) and it works well. No issues.
Currently, the outgoing settings on my iMac work great for my iMac, but don't seem to translate to the iPad. These iMac setting are:
*iMac Outgoing Email Settings:*
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Custom port: 25
Authentication: none
*iPad Outgoing settings* that previously worked (sort of):
Host name:
User: blank
Pass: blank
Use SSL: Off
Authentication: MD5 Challenge-Response (it will NOT set to password - will not "stick" or save on exit)
Server Port: 587
+Any help would be appreciated.+

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I have a number of color pdfs that I would like to convert into grayscale pdfs using Acrobat 6.0. How do I go about doing this? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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just gave my MDD dual G4 a birthday and installed an ATI 9800 pro mac edition card and moved from Panther to Tiger, however I have a problem:
first of all let me say, I have 2 monitors connected to my mac using 2 separate graphics cards, ie 1 screen per card, my other card is a PCI ATI 7000 32mb and the problem I am about to describe does not happen on the ATI 7000 card/monitor it works perfectly fine.
problem: iTunes displayed on the new 9800 pro card if I try to switch to coverflow mode my mac completely freezes, dead, requiring a reboot, however if I move iTunes over to my other monitor it works just fine which leads me to think that its a bug with the 9800 and Tiger?
needles to say I have rebuilt my iTunes library and loaded the latest drivers for my graphics cards, and OSX is bang up to date:
anyone else get this problem?

iMovie 10 has picked an inappropriate photo for the 'cover shot' or icon of my new iMovie. I'd like to change it but am not sure how.