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Be Very Careful When Choosing to use Nokia Care sy...

Up until the weekend of November 23rd, I had nothing but praise for Nokia after choosing their Nokia Lumia 720 Windows 8 Phone. I was wary of going with WP8 as it was less supported by third party software for apps compared with iOS and Android, but its functionality impressed me for its entry range standing as a model.
That weekend, after a series of Application and a phone update, the screen started experiencing issues with random movements of the screen making it unusable. Both soft resetting and resetting to factory defaults failed to resolve the issue, so on Monday November 25th, I contacted Nokia Care LIVE Chat via the support website to see if there was anything they could suggest to resolve the problem.
They advised me to take it to my locla registered Nokia Care Point, which was right near the train station I use to go to and from work, which I did the next day. Left the phone with them and was told to come back in an hour. I returned and they had managed to fix that issue, they had reloaded the phone's firmware and software to an "in the box" level, and for good measure replaced the screen and the speaker inside. I could not have been more happy with the service, it was quick and more then I could have hoped for.
Then sadly, during setting up the phone to use as it had been wiped, I noticed that the command buttons at the bottom of the phone were no longer lighting up as they had done before. I then noticed that the camera was not working, front or back, it was not being recognised by the phone and all I had was a back screen. I called the Nokia Care point and told them, they said no problem just bring it back and they will sort it. I did the next day, same thing, left the phone with them for an hour but this time, returned to the shop to be told "there is lots wrong with the phone, we need to send it back to Nokia and it could take one to two weeks to come back.
So my phone went in with one issue, not fixed 100%, returned to me broken and told "its all good" then within 24 hours my phone is made even more broken, so broken the registered and certified Nokia Care Point are unabe to correct the faults they made, and need to send it off for a full repair or replacement under the warranty.
Sounds simple doesnt it?  I took in a faulty phone, whcih was then made even more faulty by the Nokia Care Point, so when I contacted Nokia Care by LIVE Chat to say that I was unhappy with losing my phone, which was under warranty, for up to two weeks because of a botched repair attempt by their own certified Care Point and asked if I could have a replacement.
Then it got really messy. Was told that even though its under warranty, no replacement could be issued until the main repair centre had assessed the phone, check to see if they coud repair it, now for a 3rd time in seven days, before a decision would be made about if a replacement was justified. Even though it was their own Care Point which broke the phone requiring them to look at it in the first place. I was told to give it 48hrs for them to recieve the phone, which I did and contacted them on the Friday only to be told that my phone had not reached them yet.
Monday comes and I get a phone call from the Nokia Care Complaints team, which my case and complaint had been forwarded onto, telling me that my phone has yet to be assessed by the engineers. So no work had been done on the phone at all, so no decision could be made about a replacement. Tuesday ( today ) I get another call and this time the phone has been looked at but apparantly they are now waiting for a part for the phone, with no eta of delivery time, I repeat my request to have a replacement phone, saying that it should not be me as the customer that has to keep being patient for Nokia Care to rectify an issue with my phone that they created in the first place and that the very least they can do is offer me a replacement so I can carry on as normal whilst they sort out how the repair went so wrong in the first place, aso that the compensation offer of a £10 Nokia Music voucher for a service that is already free to Lumia users and then the offer of a bluetooth headset which the 720 doesnt have was equally pointless and that they should do better. Was told they would put the request in but again cant make a promise it will happen.
An hour a go I took a phonecall from the Nokia Complaints team asking me, which is redundant as I have no choice in the matter, to give them 24-48 hrs for them to complete they investigation or review of my case, so thar brings it to the end of this week meaning any replacement or return of a refitted repaired phone wont happen till at least next week, taking it to two weeks of not having a working phone since taking it to them on the 26th November.
So far, I have never been made to feel more worthless and valueless as a customer by any company whose products or services I have used. From the point at which my phone was made even worse by a failed repair by a certified and registered Nokia Care point to the utter nonsense of endless Nokia Care Customer service which hides behind policies designed to protect Nokia rather then the customer when it comes to repairs and faults. 
I am left with no faith in any part of the Nokia Care system from the Care Points, to the service you receive via LIVE Chat on the Nokia Support site to using their Twitter support via @Nokiahelps to even speaking with their non UK Call centres. I have no faith that I will get a replacement phone even though the phone will have had so many new parts it might as well have just replaced instead of multiple repair and software reloads in the two weeks the phone will be out of my posession (factoring in the next week as I dont expect to see it returned or replaced)
I say to anyone looking to use Nokia Care, which your phone still in warranty, especially in the UK, is to go through the network provider your contract is with rather then direct with Nokia Care. I have encountered nothing but poor service and atrocious customer care in every regards for a problem that was originally a fault due to software updates but led to the Care Point taking the phone apart and creating new faults, something which Nokia Care still wont accept is a viable reason to replace the phone.
If you do have your phone repaired in a Nokia Care Point, make sure you test every aspect of the phone before you leave, but I suggest sending back via your contract provider. I hope what I have been through and continue to go through with this experience of Nokia's idea of Care, is enough warning to others and that no one else suffers similar issues.
A No longer happy with Nokia Customer

Same here I have Lumia 920, 3 days after I bought it the device had an overheating problem and once the phone is off, I have to work hard to turn it on again, from soft resetting and hard resetting it After that I brought the phone to Nokia Care Center (I'm Indonesian by the way) in the NCC Branch in my province. 2 days after that, they told me that the problem was solved and asked me to take the phone. When I got there and the Costumer Service want to give me the phone, she try to turn on the phone, but she can't. She take the phone to a room (I don't know maybe it's the repairman room or whatever) and when she got out she told me that the problem is still exist and they will brought my phone to the NCC Center in other province. I have to wait for 2 weeks. Can you believe it? 2 weeks WITHOUT ANY PHONE? I have to buy another low-end phone that time.
After that the phone back to normal, But Then another problem come, after update my phone to Amber, my phone can't use Nokia Pro Cam (at that time, before Nokia Camera out), Bing Vision, Maps, Glance Screen, Auto Rotate, and GAMES. at first I just have to restart the phone to turn it back, but then the problem is not solved after I restart, even then, I did a hard reset but the problem is still there. Last friday, I brought my phone to the Nokia Care Center, they asked to take it the next day, but AGAIN! The problem is not solved, and they said I have to wait until the newest software update to come so the problem can be solved. Today, still no news or information from them, I don't know if I can trust Nokia Care Center again after this
Another No longer happy with Nokia Customer


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My title says it all...  I've had this phone since sometime in August, and at the time we signed up, we were "upgraded" from the freebie phones into three of these phones, one each for myself, my wife and our daughter.  These phones are slow, laggy and do not perform well, despite being powered by 1ghz processors. - this article dated in MARCH says ICS for the Verizon Rhyme is coming, yet 9 months later we're still on the same version, which is extremely outdated software.  Verizon won't help us in upgrading to the Galaxy S3 without paying $650 per unit, and I'm not eligible for anything for a year and a half.  As a new customer, I feel VERY MUCH locked into a situation I don't like and I have no options to make it any better.  I can't get out of the phone making me unhappy...  the promised ICS update is lost in never never land... and it's forever and a day away before I'm eligible for an upgrade that's not gonna force me to take out a 2nd mortgage. 
I've read questions here about this phone and it takes 7-20 days for Verizon to even respond, which points out just how interested they are in addressing the many angry customers with this lemon.

Hello Experts,
Good day, I'm currently editing an old query, I am changing the Query Variables with new ones, but I found one variable that I cannot replace.
Please see the screenshot below, in the Query Properties Window [Variable Sequence Tab (right side of picture)] the Variable that I am trying to replace (Unit) is visible. But when I look for the variable in the "Filter Tab" (left side of picture) under Characteristic Restrictions, it doesn't exist in the list.
How can I find this Variable and replace it with a new one?
Other reports are still using this variable so it will impact the other reports if I simply edit the variable. So I need to replace it with a new variable instead.
Thank you for your time.

1. Is this possible to add print button in the web page which we execute from Bex for the Report or Queries?
2. After Execution the display area is small within the frame , is that possible to extend the size of the frame and display?
Thanks and points will be assigned!

While using the Vanishing Point in CS4 64 bit, Photoshop shuts down when I attempt to move text or move a plane within a grid.
Does anyone know how to stop the crashes?
I am using a Toshiba PC, Windows 7, I7 processor and 4 gigs of memory.
I have attempted to solve the problem by doing the following but they have not worked:
I expanded Photoshops memory usage to 90%.
I have updated all of the critical Windows 7 updates.
I have updated Photoshop CSR to 11.0.2
I have received different Problem Event Names.  They are:
Details of my first BEX64 crash were:
Application Name:  Photoshop.exe
Application Timestamp: 48d38aa7
Fault Module Name: image_flow.dll
Fault Module Version:
  Exception Offset:           000000000001a06a
  Exception Code:             c0000409
  Exception Data:              0000000000000000
1 OS Version:      6.1.7600.
  Locale ID:           1033
Additional Information 1:             10f0
  Additional Information 2:           10f0d4ac53e068c0db93784baaf90d6f
  Additional Information 3:           29f3
  Additional Information 4:           29f3a8d1a654618fbfcedb430e6c7a63plication:
Video Card Driver: nvd3dumx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvd3dum,nvwgf2um,nvwgf2um
Driver Version:
Built-in memory: 4031 MB
Free memory: 2072 MB
Memory available to Photoshop: 3404 MB
Memory used by Photoshop: 60 %
Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled
Scratch volume(s):
  Startup, 453.9G, 278.5G free
Primary Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\
Additional Plug-ins folder: not set
Thanks in advance for any help you can offerBreeze 3

I created a query in Bex-Query Designer - 3.5.. Then publish that report in the Web by using Bex-Analyzer.
Suppose i have columns in the report like 'vendor' and 'PO Number'. When the cursor goes to 'vendor' column heading then im getting as <b>"Context Menu for vendor"</b> by default.
i dont want by default .. I want to make this by custome (like i want Vendor Analysis) . How can i get this
please let me know

Hi everyone,
                   I have an issue with Input Parameters in BEx Variable Screen. For Example, I have included Customer Name in the Variable Screen. Then , the user says, he does not remember the complete customer name. There will be thousands of names. Instead he remembers only a few Initial Characters. For example, if the  customer Name is ZSAMSUNG. He only remembers ZS out of the whole name.
In that case, he wants to enter ZS* in the Variable Selection Screen for Customer Name. But this is not working in BEx. It says invalid Parameters. I have created a Characteristic variable with Manual Entry.
Currently, I am working on BI7.0, Support Package 11.
Please provide your valuable inputs.
1) Is it possible create a Customer Exit Variable for the same with some logic.

Hi all,
When I go to the portal and open a BEx workbook from there while excel is already open, then the workbook does not open.
When I close excel and then open the BEx workbook it all works fine.
I do not get any error: just nothing happens.
Any idea how to solve this?
BI 3.5
Excel 2003
I found this only happens when excel is open with a cell in edit mode. Whenc I then open BEx from the portal I get the error 'please install suitable version'.
Let my know if you have any advice.
Message was edited by:
        Arjen de Ruiter

We are broadcasting a BEx workbook, which has more than 1 queries. We have a default variant to populate all the input variables. But while broadcasting, this default variant is not populated sometimes, So the query returns wrong results. It happens randomly. I have checked broadcast logs also nothing unusual found. Can someone throw some light.

Hi ,
When opening a BEx report from Portal 7.0,  getting the error.How to resolve.
BEx Web Application
Unknown Error
Exception occured while processing the current request; this exception cannot be handled by the application or framework
Log ID:  C00099589C2F31A00000000200001A75
Failed to process request; contact your system administrator
To facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page
We are sorry for the inconvenience
Thanks a ton