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Ati Radeon 5770

Hi guys,
My graphics card has recently failed (8800gt) and am currently running on a nvidia gt210 (yes it's poor). This card is not a mac card and does not display the boot screen, but works when the machine has booted. So my question is what is the best card I can get for a Mac Pro 1.1 (2007)? Does the ati 5770 work correctly? Does it display the boot screen, because whatever I have read on it it says requires 2008 mac above... I have MAC OSX 10.7.5. I want all information possible as I don't want to spend £200+ on a graphics card that won't work correctly...

RE: Mac Pro silver tower (2006-2012) Replacement Graphics cards
1) Apple brand cards,
2) "sold in the Apple store" cards, and
3) "Mac Edition" cards ...
... show all the screens, including Boot up screens, Safe Mode, Installer, Recovery, debug screens, and Alt/Option boot screens. At this writing, these choices include:
1) Apple brand cards:
• Apple-firmware 5770, about US$250** works near full speed in every model Mac Pro, Drivers in 10.6.5
• Apple-firmware 5870, about US$450
2) "sold in the Apple store" cards
• NVIDIA Quadro 4000, about US$1200
• NVIDIA Quadro 5000, about US$2500
3) "Mac Edition" cards -- REQUIRE 10.8.3 or later:
• SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 MAC Edition, about US$480** Vendor recommends Mac Pro 4,1
• EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition, about US$600
The cards above require no more than the provided two 6-pin aux power connectors provided in the Mac Pro through 2012 model. Aux cables may not be provided for third-party cards, but are readily available.
If you are Meet ALL of these:
• running 10.8.3 or later AND
• don't care about "no boot screens" etc AND
• can re-wire or otherwise "work out" the power cabling, THEN:
You can use many more cards, even most "PC-only cards"


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I'm connecting to my N95 8GB via Bluetooth from a laptop running Ubuntu Linux. I had it working fine, but for the last few days whenever I dial out, it seems that the 'ATZ' command in the chat script is returning 'ERROR' instead of 'OK'.
I just can't see any reason for it. I've disabled/re-enabled Bluetooth on both sides, rebooted the phone, rebooted the laptop, turned any connectivity-related services off/on on the phone, but still no joy.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why 'ATZ' might return 'ERROR' on an N95?

I am using the small ATV to sync data from my iMac and also to buy some stuff in the iTunes Store, which is now obviously all on the ATV.
Now I'd like to get these downloads onto my iMac and also sync some stuff from the iMac to the ATV. The reason being is, that streaming the newly purchased HD Series does not play perfectly and instead I have to go back to the normal quality.
Can I change the settings to selective syncing instead of streaming without having to to a factory restore? Can I then still stream some other content?

I've ATV3 and connected to HD ready Samsung LCD. I'm getting 720p video since the LCD is HD ready and have no issue. Plus my ATV3 is connected to optical home theater DVD system.
I started getting a frequent issue with HDMI signal where there is no output but sound is still working from the optical output. The issue happens even on the main ATV3 menu not only when I play video!
Any suggestions?

Hi there,
just got my ATV3 exchanged, because the old new one has got this media-library-connection-error, however with the new one I am experiencing a strange behaviour via WLAN and via Ethernet.
Whenever I stream music and skip songs manually playback will start immediately from the beginning of each song.
Playing playlists or entire albums causes a freeze at the beginning of a new song and playback starts between 3 or 6 seconds later, from this length of gap on in the song, so not starting at the beginning. Often it plays a different track than the one displayed (most of the time the next in sequence).
Anybody else experiencing this?
Thanks for your help,

MacBook Pro to the Apple TV mirroring works fine for video but not audio.  The audio is from the TV speakers with mirroring but the ATV is connected to my amp and speakers via the optical audio output on the ATV3.  The ATV outputs to the amp / tuner / receiver all day for the radio app in the ATV but with mirroring it sends audio to the worthless TV speakers.  Any idea how to convince the ATV to send the audio to the amp with mirroring on?

Windows 7 user here using Apple TV 3.  Overall, I love the device, when it works right. 
When I first got it, using the Home Sharing Music Library feature from the Apple TV (in other words, pulling content from the computer) was broken in that it would play for a while, then suddenly stop.  There was a *huge* thread on this where many people seemed to experience it. 
I was so happy when the last AppleTV update fixed this (for me anyways, and I'd guess many others) - since then (months) it worked flawlessly until today, when the ATV prompted me for an update.  Now it's even worse than before and appears to play the first song, then immediately get stuck on the second.  =(  Anyone else having this issue?
Fortunately, my workaround works, which is "pushing" content from my computer, but this isn't nearly as convenient for a variety of reasons (including much less control via the AppleTV if I'm just relaxing and listening).
I truly hope Apple can resolve this quickly, since they had it nailed before...

What is the best way to hook up my new Apple TV3.  Just arrived and can't believe I have to wait and figure this out.
I do not have a HDMI slot available.  Our TV has one HDMI slot that is being used for our cable. 
What are the best options ot look at to get this all to work? 
Potential options include
1.  Splitting HDMI (if this works and is possible).  Best way to do this?
2.  Switching my cable over to component (not sure I want to do this). 
3.  What else?
Many thanks

I have a cinema sound receiver connected to Apple TV via optical cable.  When I have dolby digital set to Auto it doesn't come through as dolby digital when watching movies on netflix and iTunes (home movies).
If I set Dolby Digital to ON it works as expected, but the sound stops working through normal TV speakers (via HDMI).  This is the same for netflix and home movies.
I tried 16 bit setting, but it made no difference.
Any advice on how I can get this working - meaning Dolby Digital always on for when I turn my surround sound on and sound through speakers for normal operation?
Obviously I can change the setting when needed, its just a pain.
Thanks in advance.

Recently bought the ATV2, all working well until 2-3 songs played and it drops out and returns to the main menu.  I have rebooted/restarted everything, and checked the event log in my router which shows no drop outs in WiFi connection.  When I tested it with a movie, it worked, ran for the length of the movie, but when I put on music it did it again. Suspect problem is software, maybe the home sharing and the time until it drops out is close to the same each time.  I am at a complete loss, and at my wits end.  Please help

ATV2 keeps asking for payment verification, i verify on imac but atv still asks for verification.  I just updated to latest software on itunes and atv